In God We Trust

I had never heard of Eric Horner before tonight until I saw this video on Twitter. The purpose of his mission is to  “Introduce you to our hearts and the work God has called us to do.”
This video and song will do exactly that. This video moved me with his words, “Men who sought freedom….and earnestly prayed. To worship and lead…continue to Bless me and you. In God We trust! He is the author of our liberty! Together We stand, united as One…Because of His great love for us, in God we trust.”
“He is our hope for what lies ahead. Our promise in uncertain days…But he is faithful and true, and He will carry us through…In God we Trust! For We believe! He is the author of our liberties! Together we stand, United as One…In God we Trust! He is the author of our liberties.”
“Because of His great Love for us, in God we trust. In God we trust. In God we trust!”
Amen to that!

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9 years ago

Thanks, DCG. A perfect way to start the Memorial Weekend.

9 years ago

Hi – who are you on Twitter? I would love to follow. A conserv friend sent me the link to your excellent blog this morning. I think Michael Savage mentioned it to his listeners.
As an aside – I noticed you included a wikipedia link about Twitter. I recently discovered wikipedia is liberal. I used instead.

9 years ago

thankyou DCG!