"Improve our relationship with the community"


Multnomah County Sheriff to begin releasing undocumented immigrants illegal aliens with deportation holds for low-level crimes

The Oregonian: Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton is on the cusp of changing his detention policy in favor of releasing undocumented immigrants illegal aliens jailed for nonviolent misdemeanor crimes.
Staton has been drafting the change for the last several months with Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen. The new policy is a sharp turn from the current practice of holding undocumented immigrants requested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency requests that some immigrants be held for deportation even after their original booking charges have been cleared.
The immigrant rights community has been pressuring Staton to reject the immigration agency’s demands. Cogen and the rest of the Board of Commissioners have been echoing that disapproval.
Cogen said the new policy could potentially save the county millions of dollars, as it would free up jail beds for inmates accused of felonies or violent crimes.
But the biggest benefit is it will improve our relationship with a significant portion of the community,” he said. “We will no longer have families torn apart. This will be a more just policy.
The board is scheduled to vote April 4 on whether to endorse the policy. Their endorsement does not affect whether the policy becomes official.
Ah, the liberal mind. Change the wording (undocumented immigrants) and pretend to be doing it for the children (families torn apart). How about they deal with the laws instead of creating their fantasy “just” policy?

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deport Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton

sage_brush sagebrushsays
sage_brush sagebrushsays

North American Union. The gibberish about “protecting our borders,” is a decoy for what is taking place right before our eyes. Why worry about “illegals,” (a mere technicality) – when they are as much citizens of the NAU as we are? It is here – NOW! No president or congress will do anything meaningful about the border problem – because there is no border. Not since NAFTA. Excited Republicans gush on that they’ve “come to an agreement,” about illegals living here now. #%@^$#!!!
Congress = patsy


Better yet ; CONgress = pu….s