Improper legal killing? Belgium launches first criminal investigation of euthanasia case

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Try and process this statement: “Among Belgians euthanised for mental health reasons, the most common conditions are depression, personality disorder and Asperger’s.”

From The Guardian: Belgian officials are investigating whether doctors improperly euthanised a woman with autism, the first criminal investigation in a euthanasia case since the practice was legalised in 2002.

Three doctors from East Flanders are being investigated on suspicion of having “poisoned” Tine Nys in 2010. The 38-year-old had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, two months before she died in an apparently legal killing by a doctor.

Belgium is one of two countries, along with the Netherlands, where euthanasia of people for psychiatric reasons is allowed if they can prove they have “unbearable and untreatable” suffering.

Among Belgians euthanised for mental health reasons, the most common conditions are depression, personality disorder and Asperger’s. Many experts – in Belgium and beyond– dispute whether autism should be considered a valid reason to be killed.

Last year, the Associated Press reported that after Nys’ family filed a criminal complaint, alleging numerous “irregularities” in her death, her doctors attempted to block the investigation.

“We must try to stop these people,” wrote Dr. Lieve Thienpont, the psychiatrist who approved Nys’ request to die – and one of the doctors now facing charges. “It is a seriously dysfunctional, wounded, traumatised family with very little empathy and respect for others,” the message read.

Sophie Nys, one of Tine’s sisters, told the AP that the doctor who performed the euthanasia asked her parents to hold the needle in place while he administered the fatal injection, among other fumbling efforts. Afterwards, the doctor asked the family to use a stethoscope to confirm that Tine’s heart had stopped.

Belgium’s chamber of indictment “presumes that there are sufficient indications in this particular case” and the doctors involved have been referred to the court of assize in Ghent. They will now face trial “due to poisoning”, said Francis Clarysse, a Ghent prosecutor.

Concerns have previously been raised about whether Thienpont, Nys’ psychiatrist, too easily approved euthanasia requests from patients with mental illness.

The AP previously published documents revealing a rift between Thienpont and Dr. Wim Distelmans, who heads Belgium’s euthanasia review commission. Distelmans voiced fears that Thienpont and colleagues may have failed to meet certain legal requirements in some euthanasia cases – and wrote that he would no longer accept referred patients from Thienpont.

In the 15 years since doctors were granted the right to legally kill patients, more than 10,000 people have been euthanised. Only one case has previously been referred to prosecutors; that case was later dropped.

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13 responses to “Improper legal killing? Belgium launches first criminal investigation of euthanasia case

  1. So, here in CA now, like in OR, is euthanasia an acceptable “treatment” for chronic pain? Now that opiates are no longer considered a valid treatment modality (did I use the term correctly?) for chronic pain, when SSRIs, SNRIs, or NSAIDs don’t work, is euthanasia preferable (for the doctors/government, that is) to opiates?

    Disgusting. When we de-value life, our compassion goes out the window, too. (Wait, I don’t think I’m allowed to say that…)

    • You are, of course, absolutely correct. This too, just like every other element of our collective culture is being reengineered. For some, those with no faith or traditions, this is an easy transition. For others it will be impossible, but they don’t care.

      Notice I said “they”. Whoever “they” may be they have no authority to do these things. Again, it is The State as a substitute for God.

  2. You got it, Lop: the State has usurped God (well, not the real God, or even a lesser “god”), just as Father Samuel (The OT prophet) warned the Israelites about.

    The REAL God showered us with gifts (including plants like tobacco, cannabis, and opium poppies) to help us manage our physical maladies; the State, in turn, has, in practice, taken everything effective away from us (or taxes them into extinction).

    Life is sacred because we are created in His image by Him. Without God, we’re nothing more than semi-conscious animals, to be put down whenever most expedient. The State (and its countless affiliates and “stakeholders” [not us] is truly the Beast system: a perversion of God’s creation.

    Depressing, but I’d rather know. And I’m glad to be among friends.

    • I’m sure most are tired of my repetitive rants about going to the oppressors and asking permission. It only encourages them and helps perpetuate an evil system.

      • Fwiw, I never get tired of anyone’s rants here, except maybe my husband’s on gun control (he’s wholeheartedly AGAINST gun control, which I agree with but I’m sick of hearing about 🤫).

        I re-read my comment and it didn’t make as much sense as it seemed at the time. FTR: God=good, State=bad.

        • It made perfect sense to me. I rant about gun confiscation too. You watch, they are going to wag universal health care at everybody after inflating insurance through the roof. Then, in order to get health care you’ll have to give up your guns. Who works for who here?

  3. Abortion, Euthanasia, “assisted suicide,” …whatever. You “make these legal” under any circumstance & subsequently WHINE when this slippery slope keeps adavancing down down down???? Give ME a BREAK. WHAT PLANET ARE WE ON??? I think I’m on planet Earth where human behavior is pretty damned predictable & universal & sliding down that slippery slope is to be expected. ALL of this is a part of the “human condition.” Unfortunately, thousands of years of human observation tells us so. The “low road” is the easiest to take. The “high road” takes more time, more care, more resources, and more committment from person to person…to care and to support… these recent cases….it seems more a matter of putting a person “out of YOUR misery” rather than helping a person out of THEIR misery (which has other alternatives, after all, in opposition to death).

  4. During the post WW2 years and after, the State Dept. was (((packed))) during FDR, American monies were going into Europe to promote communism and socialist concepts – while all the time the American taxpayers were told that it was going to “fight communism”. We now see the effects from that all around us. Liberalism as it once existed is almost completely dead. It’s followers today follow slogans which are intended to help those in the world who are trying to kill them – and the rest of us.

    Stop – “The Suicide Cult”.

    “Communities and societies, like individual persons, are alive, and like all living things in creation, can die. To remain alive, an organism must be constantly regenerating itself, growing new cells to replace the old ones that are dying. This is true of a society as well. The cells that make up a society, its people, are constantly aging and dying. For the organism that is a society to survive it must replenish those cells. It must be constantly reproducing itself.

    A country with a liberal immigration policy accepts considerably larger numbers of immigrants than a country without a liberal immigration policy would. A country with a liberal immigration policy will also accept far more immigrants from cultures and populations radically different from its core culture and population than a country without a liberal immigration policy. Indeed, a government with a liberal immigration policy, although it will nominally be a non-discriminatory policy, may actually encourage immigration from cultures and populations that are further removed from its core culture and population over immigration from cultures and populations that are closer to its core culture and population.

    When a government implements a liberal immigration policy in a period of dangerously low fertility this indicates that a society has moved away from reproducing itself and towards replacing itself. It has started to commit suicide.

    During this period of low fertility and high immigration, several movements and ideologies have sprung up encouraging Western societies to embrace aspects of this culture of death.

    What all of these ideologies and movements have in common is that they place the physical pleasure or the emotional “fulfillment” (or some such nebulous concept), of the individual or a group within society, over the good and even the survival of society itself. They are all also manifestations of the general ideology known as liberalism.

    Liberalism’s orientation towards death can be illustrated by comparing its positions on capital punishment and abortion.

    To see oneself as being a member of a race and other people as not being members of that race is the racism which anti-racists oppose. They insist that we see ourselves as individuals who are members of the human race and to attach no importance to groups intermediary between the individual and the species.” [More]

  5. Legalizing euthanasia leads to abuses that require criminal investigation?
    Surprise! — Not.

  6. It has long been suspect that many diseases and mental problems have been caused by our governments, whether it be injections, gasses, toxins or other means, the same government that now wants to erase the people they destroyed.
    Could that be construed as tampering with evidence?

  7. It looks like Europe has been on a downward spiral for a while now. There’s legalized prostitution, where the “ladies” sit in store windows, there is legal abortion, and now this, euthanasia. (This, along with Angela Merkel’s suicide cult of importing as many barbarians as the Continent can contain standing up).

    We live in the Age of Satanism Rising, and these effects and events are the fruits of exchanging Moral Man for Sociological Man. Sociological Man is the Marxist collectivite man, reduced to mere functionalities, amoral and carnal. It would turn all of humanity into a beehive of Bethamite utilitarianism, where the old and infirm would be expected to fulfill their duty to die. It has already established a toehold and a foothold. Now it seems to be establishing a STRONGHOLD. Quite Simple, actually: All we have to do is to pretend there is no God, no Afterlife, no reward and no punishment. This, of course, requires the narcotizing or killing of the SOUL.

    The postmodern world is an ugly world of moral and aesthetic STERILITY. The only norms tolerated will be those established by the ruling ideology, and everyone will hide not by concealment, but by CONFORMITY. We have been and are witnessing what C.S. Lewis has called “The Abolition of Man.”


  8. Going out on a limb here…. I suspect that SUICIDE (the plain old fashioned type) is down in Belgium…….
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  9. Lately here in the USA, in the “autism spectrum, ” asperger’s has been omitted from present DSM V diagnostic materials. The interntional community uses an older ICD-X code for diagnostics. This killing is so sad and, of course IMO, obscene in the face of our humanity. It appears, in this instance, geography determines your destiny for cases like this. Which means that, even IF assisted suicide were nationally upheld legally in this country….a diagnosis of “asperger’s syndrome” would not qualify… it apparently did in Belgium.

    Aside, I’ve had many autistic kids in my art classes, b/c that’s the ONE “general ed class” that they can usually tolerate well and even achieve in. Some participate on a minimal level, but always produce. OTOH….I’ve had at least 2 severely autistic kids in my art classes over the years who were almost “savants” with artistic skill and expression—one of them I have yet this year. Additionally, she is a “selective mute.” Yet, her art is (in 7th grade) almost professional quality, and I understand that THIS is the way that she “speaks.” I understand that in our days, this artistic talent is not respected or valued by many, but I KNOW that this is her gift and the world will NEVER EVER miss another computer hack or math or language teacher….always abundant….but they would be poorer for silencing her art.


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