Implicit bias? Uproar over black man asked to leave yogurt shop after loitering there for 30 minutes

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On November 7,  Menchie’s frozen yogurt shop (in Kirkland, WA) owner, Ramon Cruz, received a call from two teenage girl employees who said there was a suspicious man at his store. The man had been there for 30 minutes and didn’t buy anything from the store. He was looking at his phone a lot and also watching a woman and her child.

Ramon called Kirkland Police and they came to remove the man as an “unwanted subject.” Ramon says that in the past his store has been robbed and the man’s activity wasn’t normal for a customer (technically he WASN’T a customer).

Police came and asked the man to leave. The loitering man told officers the request to leave was “not necessary,” but he left the store without incident or complaining.

Turns out the man, Byron Ragland, is a court-appointed supervisor and was watching a visit between a mother and son. He was sitting at a table by himself without buying anything. He had not informed the store employees of what he was doing there.

Fast forward to today and all heck has broken loose with this incident.

Now the “victim,” Ragland, is making all kinds of demands. From

“The victim of the incident, 31-year-old Byron Ragland, suggested at a press conference last week that proper reparations would be for the yogurt shop to fire the two girls, for the shop owner to lose his business license, and for Byron himself to get hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy all the restaurants currently operated by the yogurt shop owner. Oh, and he called the business owner, who is by the way a Filipino-American, a white supremacist.”

Also, from the Seattle Times:

“Ragland, a University of Washington, Tacoma student, called for a boycott of the yogurt shop during a protest outside the store Tuesday, the same day Menchie’s said employees were undergoing their own training. “That’s how you punish white supremacy and anti-black behavior,” he said. “You hit it hard, and you hit it fast right in its pockets.”

The City of Kirkland has issued an apology. Excerpts from their statement:

Mr. Ragland left Menchie’s feeling that he was unwelcome in Kirkland based on his race.  We want to reiterate our sincere apology to Mr. Ragland and all parties for the result of this encounter.  On November 17, we initiated an investigation of the incident.  In reviewing preliminary findings, we have determined that the arriving officers missed the opportunity to mediate between Mr. Ragland and the shop owner to a better outcome.

The incident at Menchie’s has caused us to ask ourselves many difficult questions about race and inclusion.

In times of difficulty, we turn to our values to guide our path forward. In Kirkland, we value being a safe, welcoming and inclusive city.

While our investigation of the incident is not yet completed, we know that this issue goes far beyond the Kirkland Police Department.  We want to assure the public that all employees of Kirkland are committed to our values of keeping Kirkland safe, welcoming and inclusive.  All of our employees are equally committed to fixing problems when they occur.  We do not want to see an incident like this occur at any other business, at City Hall, in our parks, on our sidewalks or at our community centers.

Most importantly, we recognize that achieving a safe, welcoming and inclusive community requires all of us.  We need ideas and innovations from our entire community in order to improve.  We will be launching a new community outreach strategy that starts with many of the groups that worked closely with us on our previous welcoming and inclusive initiative, and our gun safety and community safety initiative.

Also it turns out that the city has mandated that ALL employees will receive “implicit bias” training. The City Council will partake in the training as well.

The City is also reviewing their policies and practices related to “unwanted person” and “trespass” dispatch calls.

Just my two cents: If you are going to do “supervisory/surveillance” work, you might want to blend in and not call attention to yourself. If you are going to be hanging out at a private business it wouldn’t hurt you to buy a drink so you aren’t considered “suspicious” or accused of trespassing/loitering.


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21 responses to “Implicit bias? Uproar over black man asked to leave yogurt shop after loitering there for 30 minutes

  1. If there’s one thing that makes my blood BOIL, it’s an ignoramus lecturing me on history, or, on how to think!
    Ragland, Thy name is Mud!

    (Can’t they lock this goon in a cage with Barbara Streisand???)

    • Actually there’s a lot to be said for “Ragtime’s” idiocy. If you have a business and allow blacks to stand around loitering and leering pretty soon YT won’t come there anymore and you lose your business. Then they have to move back to the alley and buy dice.

  2. Ragland is an attention whore and deserves to be ridiculed.

  3. Murphy Brown, I heard, C A N C E L L ED !!!

    🥴🥰 Yeehawwwww!

  4. I agree with your sentiments on this. No matter what one thinks, “white supremacy” is not “illegal”. It is merely a judgment. While most are aware of “their” likes and dislikes, that doesn’t compel others to “obey” them.

    Thought of another way, are they saying that simply being “black” (for example) grants some special privilege? So a “white” guy can loiter, but NOT a black guy? This sounds an awful lot like “people of color cannot be racist”. I don’t believe that either.

    • What gets me is that no one (at least all the proggies commenting on the Seattle Times article) is talking about the concern of the two young girls who worked at the store. Are we not to believe that they were frightened or concerned for their safety?

      Aren’t we to #believeallwomen?

      • No, they were supposed to fall to their knees and say “kill me black man, I am so unworthy”. We are no longer dealing with any type of sanity (if we ever were).

        In the ’60’s they talked about “equality for all”. Now it is “YT must die”. All is division. There is no unity. The more divided and chaotic the better they like it. There are different standards for everybody.

  5. Another one with a chip on their shoulder looking for evidence of his “oppression”. Gawd I get sick of this. It is looking as if Blacks as a whole will never get on with it and just be like everyone else. They are perpetual victims who demand perpetual special rights. Committing the most crimes per capita and per race if I am not mistaken, we are supposed to ignore those stats and on top of it give them a free pass when they commit crimes anyone else would be accountable for because, “it be racis”.

    • It doesn’t work with me. The first mention of their “blackness” (or any other racial characteristic) results in a version of “so you think I should give a rat’s a** about your blackness [Asianness, womanhood, queerness, you decide]?”.

      It usually shuts them down pretty quickly. I remember once having this girl butt into my conversation with “well, I’m Jewish and I ……..,”, to which I said, “who cares, do you think you should win a prize? I don’t remember asking what you thought”.

  6. Niggeress murders White baby girl.

    “‘I hate this little b****’ Eight-month-old baby thrashed her legs in desperation as daycare worker smothered her to death with blankets”

    “Horrifying CCTV captured the moment Leah Walden smothered the tot at a daycare centre in Baltimore, Maryland

    HORRENDOUS CCTV footage showed an eight month-old baby girl thrashing her legs as she was smothered with a blanket by a daycare worker.

    Reese Bowman could be seen writhing as she was murdered by 24-year-old Leah Walden.”

  7. Another source I’d checked had this description:

    “Assistant State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said Walden had told a co-worker, ‘Girl, I’m frustrated. I’m sick of this little b****. I hate this little b****. She makes me want to punch her in the face.’

  8. There are more black racists than any other ethnic group. They’ve been brainwashed by the MSM. They told they are equal and then told they can’t make it on their own without help from YT. Well which is it? The dems have used/fooled negros/colored/black/african americans for so long it may be impossible to get them to be responsable for their own behavior.

  9. He failed in his job and needs a scapegoat to cover his sheer incompetency.

  10. I’m wondering if any of the yogurts in the shop were affected
    by the events that took place, and what flavours were not affected.

  11. Yummy youghurts but are they organic?

  12. After all this big to-do, the police found no racial bias in this incident. YET, Kirkland employees will still have do undergo implicit bias training. Good grief…

    • Wow, I wouldn’t do that for any amount of money. I’m not even sure they have a “right” to make somebody do that. Who sets these “standards”? Somehow the UN decides how everyone in the world is going to “think”. Then they set out to enforce it.

      I refuse, period. Everyone has the right to be respected, that’s not the same as “worshipped”. I keep most of my opinions to myself. If I’m asked I may tell someone what I think. I have an absolute RIGHT to do that. It doesn’t have to MATCH anyone else’ opinion.

      As a matter of fact, I often say “you don’t want to hear what I think about that”. If they insist I tell them. Then they get angry. It blows my mind. I say “I told you you wouldn’t want to hear what I thought and I guess I was right”.

      If we all simply refused to go along with this social engineering, it wouldn’t work.


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