Implications of U.S. Troops Leaving Iraq

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Personally, I want the U.S. military out of all wars. But here’s the view of Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc.), a global intelligence company:

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0 responses to “Implications of U.S. Troops Leaving Iraq

  1. I would advise any US nationals planning on remaining in Iraq after our troops leave to change their plans and leave with them, as I see Iraq descending into chaos not long after we’re gone.
    Though ignored by the MSM, the Obama administration’s failure to secure immunity for our troops in Iraq beyond the end of the year was a major foreign policy screw up on the part of the Dear Ruler – but I have to add that I doubt the voracity of their negotions, as I believe chaos in Iraq is what Obama actually wants.
    I hate to say it, but once again this nation has sacrificed thousands of its best and bravest for what will ultimately result in nothing, and I believe we are headed for a similar result in Ashcanistan.

  2. Hopefully not again… though it’s hardly an effective method.


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