"Impeach Obama" in Berkeley!

Today, something extraordinary happened in the People’s Republic of Berkeley.

BIG posters of Hitler-moustached Obama appeared in front of the Post Office in North Berkeley in a precious section known as the “gourmet ghetto“.

Berkeley is the far-left college town in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the city council makes foreign policy and, if it weren’t for budget constraints, would have approved taxpayer-paid sex-change surgery for “transgender” city employees.
The posters are the work of a small band of LaRouche-ites, who are urging “Dump Obama” and “Impeach Obama”.

They are protesting about the trillions of dollars in debts “foisted on the U.S. taxpayers” that are “obliterating and destroying the economy of the United States and its people.”
LaRouchePAC.com wants a return to the original Franklin Roosevelt Glass-Steagall standard “to separate commercial from speculative banking, thus freeing the nation from obligations to Wall St. and the City of London, and re-establishing a credit system for rebuilding the nation.”
They urge us to support H.R. 1489, the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011, which is now before the House of Representatives. The bill aims to “revive the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, in the manner provided in the Banking Act of 1933, the so-called ‘Glass-Steagall Act’.”
For more information, visit www.LaRouchePAC.com/glass-steagall, or call 1-800-929-7566.
Here are some more pics that I took just half an hour ago:

I am not a LaRouche-ite, but I applaud them for having the guts to do this right in the heart of the most liberal/socialist/commie city in our disUnited States of America. Bravo!
I shook this guy’s hand and gave them a $10 donation. LOL


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I feel the same.
They used to be set up in front of the Post Office here on my little island outside of Seattle….I think they wanted to impeach Bush, as well.
I wish they’d come back, I love the poster and their new sentiment, especially on an otherwise lackluster working hard to feel super cheery day
Thanks, E

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

Be careful giving your contact info to the LaRouchies. They use every political issue as a recruitment tool. Like all political organizations, they’re looking to expand their mailing list and they’re very tenacious.


Geesh! this is an absolute shocker! I would have a hard time believing this from anyone but you Eowyn! Sure hope they don’t turnaround and send it to the illegal. Did they say who they would support? just out of curiosity?


I’ll have to give it to the guy, as it takes guts to do what he did where he did it.
I’m surprised he didn’t get arrested for being a public nuisance.


Be very careful associating with LaRouche- his background is Marxism. I suspect some of his policy statements are in an effort to co-opt the Tea Party; his people were often the ones pointed out at Tea Party rallies as “infiltrators.” Some suggest there is a distinct anti-Semite line as well as anti-gay to his message.


Wow, I’m shocked! Bout time…


I encountered these impolite individuals over this summer at UC Berkeley. They were very aggressive and rude. At one point, they were yelling at passerbys: “Hey, get off your f—ing phone and talk to us!” and “Hey, a–holes, don’t you care about your country?” With such hostile and impolite behavior, they did not win many individuals to their cause. They only succeeded in alienating the passing students. Regardless of your political beliefs, you should show common courtesy towards other people.