Impeach Obama for Gulf Oil Disaster

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“You shall know them by thy fruits.” -Matthew 7:16

Today is Day 48 of the Gulf Oil Crisis. The devastation to the Gulf’s wildlife is now widespread. Yesterday, June 5, the AP’s Holbrook Mohr and John Flesher report that:

“nearly seven weeks after a BP rig exploded and the wellhead a mile below the surface began belching millions of gallon of oil…the wildlife apocalypse along the Gulf Coast that everyone has feared for weeks is fast becoming a terrible reality.
Pelicans struggle to free themselves from oil, thick as tar, that gathers in hip-deep pools, while others stretch out useless wings, feathers dripping with crude. Dead birds and dolphins wash ashore, coated in the sludge. Seashells that once glinted pearly white under the hot June sun are stained crimson. Scenes like this played out along miles of shoreline Saturday.

[…] President Barack Obama pledged Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address to fight the spill with the people of the Gulf Coast. His words for oil giant BP PLC (BP) were stern: “We will make sure they pay every single dime owed to the people along the Gulf coast.” But his reassurances offer limited consolation to the people who live and work along the coasts of four states – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida – now confronting the oil spill firsthand.
In Gulf Shores, Ala., boardwalks leading to hotels were tattooed with oil from beachgoers’ feet. A slick hundreds of yards long washed ashore at a state park, coating the white sand with a thick, red stew. Cleanup workers rushed to contain it in bags, but more washed in before they could remove the first wave of debris. The oil is showing up right at the beginning of the lucrative tourist season, and beachgoers taking to the region’s beaches haven’t been able to escape it.
[…] At Pensacola Beach, Erin Tamber, who moved to the area from New Orleans after surviving Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, inspected a beach stained orange by the retreating tide. “I feel like I’ve gone from owning a piece of paradise to owning a toxic waste dump,” she said.
[…] With no oil response workers on Queen Bess, Plaquemines Parish coastal zone management director P.J. Hahn decided he could wait no longer, pulling an exhausted brown pelican from the oil, the slime dripping from its wings. “We’re in the sixth week, you’d think there would be a flotilla of people out here,” Hahn said. “As you can see, we’re so far behind the curve in this thing.”
[…] Federal authorities say 792 dead birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other wildlife have been collected from the Gulf of Mexico and its coastline…. Experts say the Gulf’s marshes, beaches and coastal waters, which nurture a dazzling array of life, could be transformed into killing fields, though the die-off could take months or years and unfold largely out of sight. The damage could be even greater beneath the water’s surface, where oil and dispersants could devastate zooplankton and tiny invertebrate communities at the base of the aquatic food chain.”

It took 13 days before Obama even made his first visit to the Gulf coast. All of us, liberals or conservatives, know darn well that if George W. Bush were still president, there would be cries for impeachment by now.
Obama has justified his administration’s inaction by seeking shelter in some unnamed law that purportedly makes the oil company — in this case, British Petroleum (BP) — which is responsible for an oil leak also solely responsible for its cleanup. 
The Oil Pollution Act (OPA) of 1990 gives the president of the United States complete responsibility for immediate action in cleaning up an oil spill. OPA, among other things, amended Section 311 of the federal Clean Water ActSection 311 specifies that:

(A) If a discharge, or a substantial threat of a discharge, of oil or a hazardous substance from a vessel, offshore facility, or onshore facility is of such a size or character as to be a substantial threat to the public health or welfare of the United States (including but not limited to fish, shellfish, wildlife, other natural resources, and the public and private beaches and shorelines of the United States), the President shall direct all Federal, State, and private actions to remove the discharge or to mitigate or prevent the threat of the discharge.
(B) In carrying out this paragraph, the President may, without regard to any other provision of law governing contracting procedures or employment of personnel by the Federal Government–
(i) remove or arrange for the removal of the discharge, or mitigate or prevent the substantial threat of the discharge; and
(ii) remove and, if necessary, destroy a vessel discharging, or threatening to discharge, by whatever means are available.

A sin of omission is failing to do something good when you know you should. The legal dictionary defines a sin of omission as the “failure to perform an act…where there is a duty to…the public to act (including omitting to take care) or is required by law. Such an omission may give rise to a lawsuit in the same way as a negligent or improper act.”
In Obama’s case, his many many days of deliberate inaction with regard to the BP oil volcano in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are more than a sin of omission. His inaction is a dereliction of duty, in violation of a federal law: Section 311 of the Clean Water Act. 
Fellowship of the Minds hereby calls for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama.

Another oil-soaked bird, found dead on the Gulf coast

~Eowyn & Steve

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0 responses to “Impeach Obama for Gulf Oil Disaster

  1. Steve, I’ve read the CWA and while I can see the president has certain obligations regarding and requiring his immediate attention, I do not see an impeachable act on his part. The President can be impeached for high crimes and acts of treason and dereliction of duty but how would that be proved under the current Congress and how would we get a new Congress to even look at it?
    The act specifically states it his responsibility to appoint and direct but beyond that there is little he can do to alleviate the problem. No one will convince the democrats that this man is inept, incapable, and unwilling to execute his duties as President.
    I agree with you and many others calling for the impeachment of this fool but you and I preach only to the choir; it’s the Democrat Congress that has to be convinced –I don’t think we’ll ever get the issue to the floor. There are some democrats willing to argue the point but they’re staying in the back ground keeping their mouths shut.

    • If congress votes to impeach/convict, it votes to impeach/convict… technical definitions of what “high crimes and misdemeanors” are regardless. Congress remains a political body with a certain flexibility at its level. If the F-up is big enough and people are angry enough, …

  2. Sounds like a plan!! This, however, will never happen. On a slightly different subject, I have been wondering where are ALL the Hollywood types who jumped to the rescue of Haiti and other countries when they have a disaster? We in the South need help, but they aren’t around because it is not PC to help the Republican, un-PC southern states. I plan to remember this with my movie-going.

    • DW and Ron,
      I know full well we don’t have control of the Senate to actually move to impeach the Punk. But we can get the word out —
      * that he lied when he said federal law makes BP SOLELY responsible for the cleanup and prohibits the govt from acting.
      * that, on the contrary, he is obliged by federal law to clean up due to Sec. 311 of the Clean Water Act.
      As for Ron’s point that the CWA does little to actually empower the president, I vehemently disagree. Read Section 311 (B) of the CWA again, please. Besides, even if I grant your point, which I don’t, that does not excuse the Punk from doing nothing for days and days and days.

  3. DW,
    I definitely do not patronize any Hollywood star that advocates his ideas in support of liberalism; like Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, none of them—They used this country to get rich and then complained about those who made this country great. They do not deserve my support and they do not get it.

  4. You people are so god damned stupid there aren’t three IQ points among the lot of you.
    1. Absolutely nothing about the Gulf response even comes within a mile of a high crime. To even be willing to waste your time thinking it does shows a total lack of reason.
    2. Stupidity? Incompetence? Yeah. Those aren’t “high crimes and misdemeanors”.
    3. If BO was caught on tape handing over state secrets to Osama, the votes aren’t there to impeach.
    4. Get over it. We can beat him on issues. This crap simply memorializes TheBoyPresident.

    • To the most grandiose mpecker,
      “We can beat him on issues.” Isn’t the Gulf oil disaster an ISSUE?
      As for the rest of your namecalling rant, I’ll leave you to stew in your own cauldron of hate. But if you REALLY want to compare IQ score, I’d be most happy to!
      Have a good day on this most glorious Sunday, our Lord’s day.

    • As I was reading the comments,I came across Steve’s, unfortunately I had just taken a drink of coffee,It’s taken me awhile to clean off my computer screen-ROTFL! and Eowyn,you make me proud every day!

  5. Eo,
    I am not disagreeing with you. I fully understand his obligations in the matter. I’m just saying that with the Congress we have and the RHINO’s that follow them an impeachment is impossible to attain. I think, while I agree with you, that we could never get a conviction because no one will push the issue.
    Those who think him a deity will offer every excuse possible for his inaction.
    I know it took him fourteen days to even talk publicly about the problem but how do you prove that to be dereliction of duty if he mentioned it privately in some committee or to his organized group of goons. All he has to do is say, ‘We were looking into the matter from day one,’ and our beliefs become mute.

  6. Their aren’t words to discribe this mans inability to do anything.He and his stupid dems only speak about their talking points,it’s someone elses fault.He is less than zero.I wasn’t crazy about Bush but he was better than this idiot.

  7. Mbecker908. I’ll have you know my IQ is not in question here. And I resemble that remark. I just got tested and my IQ is 14, so there.
    We know Obama cannot be charged and we know that no one will do anything about him. We also know that the more we point out his inability to run this country the more people will realize we must get rid of him.
    So don’t be so hard on us. This is just a blog where honest people express honest opinions, some of them are quite factual, maybe not yours but some of them.

  8. aprilnovember811

    Did you know that the CEO of BP, and Goldman Sachs all sold stock days before this thing blew? They knew of this leak prior to it blowing, and told no one along the Gulf Coast. It is criminal, and it would I’m sure be a high crime, and misdemeanor. Add this to the bribery offers made. Obama is a monster, and is responsible for the death and devastation along the Gulf Coast.

  9. Why is everybody always pickin on me? I know I’m not the most elegant but I only went to seven years of Colleges and Universities. Damn! I at least read Plato’s Republic. I’ll bet mpecker.0908 never did.

    • THANK YOU, Ron, for manning the fort while I was away at Sunday Mass, followed by grocery shopping. You and Steve and Tina made mincemeat of the trolls. LOL

  10. I agree with your call to impeach obama. What makes his action even worse is that he knew from the start that the oil spill would take months to stem and did nothing. Question, what are the next steps. To take to start the impeachment ball rolling?

  11. Unfortunately, Terry,
    Someone in government has to do that. We can make a lotta noise but it takes real power to get the bum out of the ring. Currently there are over 200,000 web sites and blogs calling for his impeachment. Certain high ranking officials including some 30 Republican Senators are looking into the possibility. I suggest we keep making noise and hope the right individuals listen.

  12. I notice a lot of ugly animosity toward Obama. We need to be clear about all this. Most of us do not like him or his policies but he is not the end of our world. It is better to keep him in office than to make him a martyr and have someone like Biden or Pelosi take his place.
    Let’s just keep working to get him either in the ballot box or by some legal means.

  13. Well jackass, you can now feel free to join the legions of idiots at BannedatRedstate.
    Enjoy your dozen or so fellow fools.

    • You consider yourself more intelligent than us here at Fellowship, but you certainly have NO class. I have no way of knowing, but I would be willing to bet that the average IQ and education here just might be higher than yours, Mr. CRUDE.

  14. You don’t have to be quite so nasty,peckerhead!

    • Agreed. As someone (Mark Twain, I think) once said: “It is better to be considered an idiot than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

  15. Well, mpeckerhead.000908–I might be a jackass but as I recall that’s the mascot of your democrat liberal nut-cases in the white house. Too bad you’re so ignorant–I would have enjoyed a good one on one with you but you have a nice day anyway DS.

  16. Man-o-man, Am I glad I’m a conservative–At least I can tell right from wrong. Now I know why our founding fathers warned us against the idiots promoting change.
    Right back to the slavery of England if we’re not careful.

    1.) Start by denying that any real or potential problems exist and call anyone who thinks otherwise an “alarmist.”
    2.) Complain bitterly about government efforts to apply prudent safeguards to the non-existent environmental challenges.
    3.) When the environmental problem proves to be undeniably real despite every previous effort to deny it, start by claiming that it’s not as serious as the government and “liberal media” claim it is.
    4. When that strategy is forced to yield in the face of gut-wrenching visual proof of disastrous consequences, complain bitterly that government isn’t doing enough to resolve the problem. You know—the same government that was formerly supposed to ignore the “alarmists” and trust industry to manage its own affairs with no oversight.

      1. Talk a good talk about how much you care about the environment, wildlife, Gaia, etc. etc.
      2. If your name is Al Gore, make multiple millions of dollars and a Nobel Peace Prize and an Academy Award for the good talk — but buy yourself FOUR huge energy-consuming/wasting mansions, fly around in carbon-spewing jet planes to your book signing, and talk silly talk about the polar bears going extinct and the Himalaya ice melting, all debunked.
      3. If your name is Jeremy Irons, preach down to the plebians about how we must live simply & frugally for “sustainability,” but own SEVEN homes, including a pink castle in Ireland.
      4. For ALL liberal environmentalists, scream bloody murder about Republicans/conservatives (NOT IDENTICAL) raping the Earth, but when YOUR “Chosen One” is POTUS and does nothing for 48 days to stem the roiling oil volcano that’s killing pelicans, dolphins, and other Gulf wildlife — sound of crickets…..
      FYI, I’m CONSERVATIVE but doesn’t mean I don’t care about the environment. I began recycling since 1970 before it was fashionable or convenient, hauling my newspaper, cans, glass, and plastics miles away to industrial recycling plants before there was curbside recycling. How about you? What do YOU do for the Earth? Or are you as much of a hypocrite as your bloated guru Al Gore?

    • johninlibland….Nice attempt to slam conservatives instead of addressing Obama’s inability to provide leadership on this spill. You do realize that this disaster happened under HIS policies that have been in place for over a year? Maybe HE should have been more focused on drilling policies and regulations instead of spending a year cramming HCR down our throats, appointing czars, designing “stimulus” packages, taking over banks and auto manufacturers, and playing golf and basketball!

    • And, for the contrasting Liberal Environmental Policy, don’t forget to add: “Burn conservatives at the stake for heresy against Mother Gaia (or at least banish them to exile) and demand carbon credits for your three- or four-person Ford Excusion SUVs because you’re still saving on carbon footprint in the long run because of that.”

  18. While I respect mbeckers conservatism and his writings at redstate, I do not agree with his comments in your home. But stop and think about this for a sec if you will.
    We have an uphill battle in getting as many leftist scumbags out of office this November and in over two years. If one of the fired guys is not Obama, we will have failed. It is a battle that can be won, but it has to be done the right way.
    The problem with this article is the impeachment cry as it subjugates the argument into kooky status along with our cause and all the people stating it. Same goes with the birther and truther movements. We look that parts of nuts. Even allowing for the fact that one of the three arguments or even all the arguments have merit, the reality is that none of the three can or will produce results. No way there is enough votes now or even after November to get an impeachment, so it is pointless to bring it up. Same goes with the birther and truther crap.
    In order to get the leftist out and their leader Obama, we have to win the hearts of the middle folks and the independent vote. They are the key to winning freedom from the leftist agenda. And in order to not only get those votes, but to keep them as well, we have to distance ourselves from conspiracies and useless rhetoric. We have to keep banging on the real issues and keep these issues in the faces of normal America. That is the only way we win. Once we start harping on conspiracies and calling for impeachment, which we all know will not happen, we start looking the part of a fool, most voters will get irritated and shut us out, Obama starts to be seen as the victim of rightist kooks, and in the end we lose, he wins, and we get many more years of seeing our country get screwed by Obama and his leftist cronies.
    The oil issue is a big one and will serve our cause. But only if we keep the issue legitimate, clean of BS, and stick to real issues concerning the spill. Take what is important from the spill, keep on reminding America of Obama’s many failures, but leave the dumb stuff out. It does nothing but hurt our cause.
    We can win and we can win big. But we have to do it the right way by distancing ourselves from things that will turn off the majority of voters.
    Basically what I am saying is keep up the good work, but stick to realism, not fantasy!

    • How interesting it is that it is YOU and pecker who decide for the rest of us just what is “realism” vs. what is “fantasy.” Who made you king?
      Have you ever considered this:
      If you, pecker, et al. had given your support behind the birth eligibility issue, then the issue would not be marginalized. EVERY TIME this blog has a post or even a comment about O’s birth eligibility, in a matter of minutes some Obamabot shows up to trash that. And they NEVER give up. Even when I ban them from posting comments, they get a new e-address and come back to post their comments. I’ve had two individuals doing this, each going to the trouble of acquiring 4-5 successive e-addresses to bypass my ban. Of course, I don’t give up either. So as they acquire yet another e-address, I ban that one as well.
      And their comments are all the same, as if they’re writing from a prepared script — which I have no doubt they are, taking their directions directly from the Oval Office.
      That tells me that to Obama and his little army of Obamabots, it is the birth eligibility issue they most fear, which means that’s his Achilles’ heel.
      Think about it: You and pecker are taking shots at him on this policy and that policy, this “issue” (pecker’s term) and that issue. But if he’s ineligible to be president, then that means EVERY ONE of his policies, issues, and decisions are illegitimate and invalid.

      • Its not about being king, it is about being a realist. If there was a water drop’s chance in hell of getting Obama gone due to his birth place, it would have been long accomplished, period. We have on our side, the right, some of the brightest minds in the business of law, yet not a one has seen the ability to challenge Obama based on his birthplace. In fact a very bright lawyer who was a Ms Clinton supporter tried to challenge Obama’s nomination on those grounds and lost at every turn. Since then, no less than a dozen suits have been filed in multiple federal courts, all have failed. And each and every one of these people have been subjagated to Ron Paul status.
        Whether or not you want to listen or want to see reality, we can rid ourselves iof Obama. But it will not be done with kooky calls for impeachment, especially when the reasons have no basis in law, or for more calls based in conspiracy theories. And even if you want to lay claim that they have merit, there is no where near enough support in Congress to even have a shot at accomplishing your goal.
        We have to win the hearts an minds of the average voter, keep them mad, and keep them focused on real issues that are affecting them day in and day out. Very few want to even bother with kooky theories or calls for impeacment. In fact as soon as they hear that kind of nonsense, they tune out and you lose them!
        He produced a birth certificate, it was certified as legitimate by the Hawaii authorities, no chance it ever will or ever could have produced an end to his presidency. Meanwhile, all of those who participate in those types of calls, are rejected by all sides.
        Stick to your guns, that is your right. But we will continue to stick to the things that will actually produce Obamas departure. And it works as we have already seen and will see in the next few months. It is not I or Mbecker who decide what is reality, it is reality itself and the majority of reasonable Americans. And that is why nearly every conservative movement has removed the conspiracy cancer from their ranks and that is why they have been so successful!

  19. Steve–I totally agree—Have you noticed how many libs are entering the blog with their save the planet nonsense? I think ole Gore made a dent in the grey matter of some of those Oregonians. I left that state because it was being Californicated -and I mean badly.

  20. Wow! They banned you? On what grounds?
    That pecker sure is thin-skinned.

  21. Steve,
    I’m really sorry to hear that you can’t play with the little kids anymore. Lucky for you that Eo lets you play here, huh. Just kidding—I’ve never heard of Redstate–I stick to the places I like. I’ve noticed that other conservative blogs are more hate sites than actual knowledge sites. I know I get accused of being hateful but I’m really just a nice guy saying what he believes. I can’t help it if I get a little out of line once in a while. That’s why we have Eo….she keeps me in line.

  22. Well, like I said. I never heard of it and have never been there. Most likely will never go there. If Mr. PH is an indication of the bloggers, then I have no reason to go there and enter my useless opinions.

  23. Please tell me you are not getting your numbers from Wenzel Strategies and their polls. If you are, they are the same ones who claimed over 50% of those polled believe the 9-11 attack was an inside job. That would sort of be like people believing the KOS poll that over 65% of the country support Obama. Neither is correct and neither is reliable. But then again, I guess you could be getting your numbers from that of so reliable polling group AOL. Come on!
    The birther movement is a fringe group and does more damage to getting Obama out of office in 2012 then anything else. People do not like conspiracies.

    • People do not like consipracies? Surely, you jest, man! The illuminanti, the Masons, the Kennedy assassination, Area 51, the Moon landing, AIDS and (if we’re to believe some of Al Sharpton’s supporters) Sarah Palin being behind Michael Jackson’s death… people love conspiracies some much, they’ll make stuff up just to talk about it.

    • Steve, while you raise some important issues and the fact that there are people, maybe even a lot of people who want answers, it still does not change the fact that nothing you have raised will be the thing that gets Obama out. Let me give an example:
      The Obama forced health care plan. Over 60% of this country want it gone. But lets look at some of the ways people are trying to get it removed and which ones will work, if any work.
      Illegally passed. This is akin to your impeachment call, or similar to the birther and truther calls. Is there validity to the call it was passed illegally, maybe to yes. But if we dwell on that, 10 years from now we will still be governed by socialist HC. Why? Because there is not one shot in hell of getting it overturned based on issues such as it was passed illegally or that Obama bought votes. Most people understand this and are looking for other ways to stop it. Dwell on the illegal issue, we are doomed.
      Government has no right to mandate HC on states and their citizens. Now this is working. Multiple state attorney generals are lining up to sue. While it may not completely win, it will slow down this abomination.
      States blocking, through laws being written, their citizens being forced to buy into the plan. Again, this is where the victory will be won. It has a reasonable chance of stopping the plan.
      Voting in people willing to repeal the law. May be a short term longshot, but hands down the best way to stop it.
      We tried to impeach Clinton and failed. While he may have been impeached in the House, it failed in the Senate and cost this country a fortune in money and made our party a joke. Clinton got victim status, we got asshole status. And at the end of the day nothing was won, but a ton was lost.
      You are right that many would love answers, but even if they got them today, not a chance in hell he gets removed or impeached. It is a failed effort before it even starts and does nothing to move towards getting obama out of office. Now his lying on the application for aid, there is a hot issue but it is still not one that will do anything to get Obama out of office.
      We need to rid this country of Obama and his cronies from both parties, but that can only be done by keeping viable issue in the face of voters. People are angry about how much debt Obama is adding to this country, they are mad about cap and trade, TARP, the bailouts, the lies, the incompetence, etc. Most do not put any sway on conspiracy theories or impeachment calls as they know nothing will come of it.
      I agree that many many thing about Obama do not add up and that he is nothing more than an arrogant liar. I want him gone and would not shed a tear if he dropped dead tomorrow. But I also know that if we get sidetracked on issues that will not produce a new president in 2012, we will have this bum for another 4 years.
      Got to stick to issues that can and will produce results. If your goal was to heighten membership with the article, great. But to argue it as a viable plan to rid ourselves of Obama discredits your efforts.

  24. Please see my formal rebuttal to mbecker and timetostop, “A Letter to RedState“:

  25. Could Obama Be America’s First Defacto President?
    Innocent Americans increasingly are sent to prison based on false evidence manufactured by police forensic crime labs. Now President Obama wants the power to incarcerate U.S. Citizens not on evidence, but for what they might do.
    Compare: Two days after the 1933 burning of Germany’s Parliament Building, blamed on communists, Hitler responded with a powerful speech before Parliament. Hitler asked Parliament to suspend sections of the Reich Constitution that protected Citizens’ Rights and Civil Liberties. Hitler said the suspension was necessary so government could protect the homeland from being destroyed by communists. Hitler promised Parliament the Constitution would later be restored. After Parliament passed Hitler’s Discriminatory Decrees and Hitler signed it February 28, 1933, Hitler immediately used the news laws to abolished Parliament. See Hitler’s 1933 Discriminatory Laws below:
    Obama gave a speech in May 2010, that proposed incarcerating in indefinite prolonged detention without evidence, any person government deemed a “combatant” or likely to engage in a violent act in the future; that would include U.S. Citizens “without evidence of wrongdoing.” With that amount power Obama could like Hitler arrest members of Congress, drag U.S. Citizens off the street and from their homes to be imprisoned indefinitely based only on Government’s claim they are a “combatant” or likely to engage in a violent act in the future.
    If Congress approves Obama’s categories of people likely to engage in violent acts, overnight millions of lawful U.S. activists could be subject to Indefinite Prolonged Detention. When you examine Obama’s speech, it appears Obama wants retroactive power to incarcerate anyone government claims (prior) supported violent acts on the premise, that person is likely to engage in violent acts in the future: U.S. activists would be vulnerable because no activist can control what other activists or groups might do illegally they network with domestically or overseas. Government would only have to claim a person; group or organization might commit a violent act in the future to order Preventative Detention of lawful participants with no evidence whatsoever. Americans would be afraid to speak out.
    It is foreseeable any “individual” who writes on the Internet or verbally express an opinion against or entity of U.S. Government or its coalition partners could be deemed a “Combatant” or likely to engage in or cause violent acts: government too easily could claim an author’s writings inspired people in the past and will in the future to commit violent acts. It is problematic that indefinitely detained U.S. Citizens not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings or allowed legal counsel; interrogated, will be prosecuted for ordinary crimes because of their alleged admissions while held in indefinite “Prolonged Detention.”
    Obama wants the power to override the U.S. Constitution. Obama wants the power to detain indefinitely without probable cause or evidence, any U.S. Citizen based on conjecture someone might do something violent in the future.
    Obama similar to Hitler is centralizing power in the federal Government by getting passed legislation that U.S. government potentially could use to intimidate and threaten businesses and corporations among others. Hitler got similar laws passed shortly before the burning of the German Parliament building blamed on the communists. Immediately after the fire, Hitler used his new laws to coerce corporations and others to support passage of fascist legislation that suspended provisions of the German Constitution that protected Citizens’ freedoms and civil liberties. Obama is now approaching a position where he can use similar new laws, including the Patriot Act and 200 asset forfeiture laws to seize any corporation or individual’s assets, force corporations and other institutions to support legislation that threatens or curtails the rights of Americans. This President not only intends to void the U.S. Constitution he is numb to the Majority Will of the American People.
    Note: Based on translations by State Department, National Socialism, 1942 PP. 215-17, and Pollak, J.K., and Heneman, H.J., The Hitler Decrees, (1934), pp. 10-11.7
    In virtue of Section 48 (2) of the German Constitution, the following is decreed as a defensive measure against Communist acts of Violence, endangering the state:
    Section 1
    Sections 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications, and warrants for house-searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.
    Section 2
    If in a state the measures necessary for the restoration of public security and order are not taken, the Reich Government may temporarily take over the powers of the highest state authority.
    Section 4
    Whoever provokes, or appeals for or incites to the disobedience of the orders given out by the supreme state authorities or the authorities subject to then for the execution of this decree, or the orders given by the Reich Government according to Section 2, is punishable—insofar as the deed, is not covered by the decree with more severe punishment and with imprisonment of not less that one month, or with a fine from 150 up to 15,000 Reichsmarks.
    Whoever endangers human life by violating Section 1, is to be punished by sentence to a penitentiary, under mitigating circumstances with imprisonment of not less than six months and, when violation causes the death of a person, with death, under mitigating circumstances with a penitentiary sentence of not less that two years. In addition the sentence my include confiscation of property.
    Whoever provokes an inciter to or act contrary to public welfare is to be punished with a penitentiary sentence, under mitigating circumstances, with imprisonment of not less than three months.
    Section 5
    The crimes which under the Criminal Code are punishable with penitentiary for life are to be punished with death: i.e., in Sections 81 (high treason), 229 (poisoning), 306 (arson), 311 (explosion), 312 (floods), 315, paragraph 2 (damage to railroad properties, 324 (general poisoning).
    Insofar as a more severe punishment has not been previously provided for, the following are punishable with death or with life imprisonment or with imprisonment not to exceed 15 years:
    1. Anyone who undertakes to kill the Reich President or a member or a commissioner of the Reich Government or of a state government, or provokes to such a killing, or agrees to commit it, or accepts such an offer, or conspires with another for such a murder;
    2. Anyone who under Section 115 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious rioting) or of Section 125 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious disturbance of the peace) commits the act with arms or cooperates consciously and intentionally with an armed person;
    3. Anyone who commits a kidnapping under Section 239 of the Criminal with the intention of making use of the kidnapped person as a hostage in the political struggle.
    Section 6
    This decree enters in force on the day of its promulgation.
    Reich President
    Reich Chancellor
    Reich Minister of the Interior
    Reich Minister of Justice

  26. RWOLF,
    I see your point and what you say has been brought to light previously. You most likely will not get any arguments from conservatives about this but you will run into opposition from the left.
    Here’s a problem that might arise.
    The American conservatives are about 40 million strong; add in a few Independents and the number might reach 45 million. Most of these individuals are peace loving quiet Americans.
    It would be an interesting clash of power if any president suddenly declared himself supreme chancellor over an independent free people. You have to remember the Germans were in dire straights. They were a beaten people their economy was on the brink of failure and their government full of corruption. It was easy for Hitler to mesmerize the people into believing they could conquer the world. He played on their ignorance about his invincibility, and the power of the country.
    I can see that happening here except the American conservative is well educated, not poor and not easily brainwashed.
    The American liberal, on the other hand, is easy prey for a marvelous teleprompter reader like BO.
    You are quite right in your analogy about them but if what you claim could happen did happen then all hell would break loose and this country would quickly fall along with the government. That would not be to the betterment of Obama’s plans for change. He wants to bring about a social democracy like the one in Europe–a socialist state, do away with capitalism. He would not accomplish his goal by bringing 45 million Americans down his throat.
    Subversion against complacency and apathy are his weapons and they will win the day for him as long as we remain asleep, sippin our beer and watchin the boobs on the boob tube .

  27. Timetostop.
    If you come back to our blog. You are partially right in your assumptions. However, I reserve the right to attack Osama Obama at or on every level until we kick his worthless butt out of office.
    You want to take the gentleman’s way, that’s fine. I want to take every legal avenue there is to get rid of him and if it means attacking his birthright then let’s do it.
    Now, do I believe any of this will actually work…no, not really. I just simply believe the more people we get involved in getting rid of the man the better off we are.
    I would bet money you called the tea party a bunch of fringe kooks. but you were wrong and you’re wrong in this one.
    To date there are over 5 million web sites calling for Osamas impeachment. There are over 3 million web sites calling for his assassination–What does that tell you? Do you think these are fringe idiots? Idiots, maybe but these are people who are fed up and they’re demanding action. I believe we’re here just building his coffin.
    You seem to think that all we do is complain…Not so–Most of us belong to a number of organizations working to get rid of this nut case.
    Believe me there are any number of ways to attack this man and I believe we should use them all. make him out to be the fool he really is.

  28. Removing Islamist Barack Hussein Obama is now an urgent necessity for the safety of the citizens of the United States. All of Obama’s connections to enemy fifth column organizations operating inside theUSA should be imvestigated thoroughly and there should be many, many prosecutions resulting from these. The Obama administration behaves not like a governing body as it is constitutionally mandated to be, but as a syndicated crime organization led by radical Islamist, organized crime, and Communist personnel and whose goal is the destruction and pillaging of the United States of America and the remainder of western civilization. The Gulf oil spill disaster is merely frosting on a very rancid cake.

  29. RinoState, like LGF, is headed for irrelevancy in the coming battle to save the “real” America.
    Erick Erickson is a RINO sellout to the conservative movement, and I expect whatever influence he once wielded will soon begin to wane.
    We are in a war for the future of America as it was founded, and it isn’t going well for our side, primarily because the republican “leadership” has failed to lead the charge against a man that is hell-bent on destroying our free market economic system, and is far closer to doing so than many republicans think.
    Once that goes, our hard-won freedoms and liberties will go with it – and will never be recovered. I don’t care how many republican fannies you then put in congress
    Those who elected to rebel against King George and thus found this nation were in the minority at the time, and were considered on the “fringe” by most people living in the New World.
    Freedom is ultimately paid for by the sweat and blood of patriots, not by playing kissy-face with the enemy.
    In this case, the “enemy” is the Marxist democrats and their RINO enablers.
    Remember, this country would not be teetering on the very brink of its existence if it weren’t for the help of RINOs who were more concerned with what the other side thought and said about them then actually doing what was right for America.
    A total national debt nearing $100 Trillion dollars is not what is right for America, and may yet soon destroy it.
    The country-club repubs had better understand that this is not a polo match, and playing by “gentlemen’s rules” simply isn’t going to cut it anymore.
    No, it’s time to stop compromising at any level with those who seek to destroy this country.


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