Impeach Obama for breaking federal law exchanging 5 jihadists for deserter Bowe Bergdahl

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On June 30, 2009, Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl went missing from the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, serving in a remote military outpost in Paktika Province on Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan.

He was captured by the Taliban and imprisoned for 5 years — the only U.S. prisoner of war in the Afghan war.

The Obama administration made a deal with the Taliban. On May 31, 2014, without consulting Congress as required by Section 1028 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, Obama released five prisoners from Gitmo — the U.S. detention camp for terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — in exchange for Bergdahl.

Deserter Pfc Bowe Bergdahl

Deserter Pfc Bowe Bergdahl

Here are 9 things you should know about the Bergdahl scandal:

1. Obama broke a law requiring him to consult Congress

Section 1035 of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) requires Obama (via the secretary of defense) to:

(a) Notify Congress 30 days before releasing anyone from Guantanamo Bay;

(b) Ensure that the released prisoner(s) cannot engage or re-engage in any terrorist activity.

House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Buck McKeon of California and Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma said Obama had “clearly violated laws which require him to notify Congress thirty days before any transfer of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, and to explain how the threat posed by such terrorists has been substantially mitigated.” (Source: Daily Mail)

For his part, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Obama “clearly broke the law. The law says 30-days’ notice. He didn’t give 30-days’ notice.” Obama’s opinion expressed in a signing statement “is not law. The law is on the books, and he didn’t follow it.” (Source: Mediaite)

2. The 5 men who were released are some of the most dangerous of jihadists

Mohammad Fazl, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mullah Norullah Noori, Mohammed Nabi and Abdul Haq Wasiq were the most senior Afghans held at the Gitmo detention facility in Cuba, having been captured in 2001. The 5 jihadists were released to Qatar and received a hero’s welcome. A Taliban commander gloated that the exchange was the first time its “enemy,” the U.S., had “officially recognized our status. Once we confirmed the arrival of our five heroes back in Qatar, celebrations started everywhere in Afghanistan and the neighboring Pakistan.” (Source: Daily Mail)

3. The Obama administration has something to hide

  • Many of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers — from his squad to the larger group that comprised the 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division — signed nondisclosure agreements to never share any information about Bergdahl’s disappearance and the efforts to recapture him. (Source: CNN)
  • The White House “inadvertently” outed the CIA station chief in Kabul to silence him?

4. Bowe Berdahl is a deserter, not a hero

  • That’s what the soldiers who had served with Bergdahl say. (CNN)
  • A soldier claims Bergdahl mailed home his valuables mid-tour. (IJReview)
  • Bergdahl had carefully planned to leave his platoon. We now know when he went “missing,” he had taken with him a soft backpack, water, knives, a notebook and writing materials, but left behind his body armor and weapons — startling, given the hostile environment around his outpost. (New York Times)
  • Bergdahl left behind a note in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life. (New York Times)
  • An official Pentagon report concluded in 2010 that Bergdahl was a deserter — “walked away”. (Daily Mail)

5. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam

The Taliban claimed in 2010 that Bergdahl had converted to Islam and was teaching bomb-making to its jihadists. (Source: Jihad Watch)

6. Bergdahl was anti-AmericaN, Complained about fellow soldiers, and wanted to renounce U.S. citizenship

This was reported for the Rolling Stone by the late Michael Hastings who died in a suspicious single-car accident. According to Fox News (via The Blaze), Bergdahl had written a note expressing a desire to renounce his American citizenship.

7. U.S. soldiers were killed while looking for Bergdahl

Nathan Bradley Bethea was an infantry officer in the U.S. Army from 2007 to 2014, had served in the same battalion as Bergdahl and participated in the attempts to find and rescue Bergdahl throughout the summer of 2009. Bethea writes for The Daily Beast: “For five years, soldiers have been forced to stay silent about the disappearance and search for Bergdahl . . . for fear of endangering him. He is safe, and now it is time to speak the truth. And that the truth is: Bergdahl was a deserter, and soldiers from his own unit died trying to track him down.”

The 7 U.S. soldiers who sacrificed their lives while looking for Bowe Berdahl are:

  1. Pfc Aaron Fairbairn
  2. Pfc Justin Casillas
  3. Pfc Morris Walker
  4. Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen
  5. Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss
  6. Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews
  7. Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey

8. Robert Bergdahl, Bowe’s father, praises Allah and Islam

  • Like his son, Robert Bergdahl is a convert to Islam who has called for the release of the jihadists in Guantanamo. (Source: Jihad Watch)
  • Appearing in a White House news conference with the beaming POS standing by his side, the first words uttered by Robert Bergdahl were these Arabic words, “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,” which mean “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.”

9. Obama is not ensuring that the released terrorists will not commit terrorism again

Speaking in Poland on June 3, 2014, Obama grandly declared that “the release of the Taliban who were being held in Guantanamo was conditioned on the Qataris keeping eyes on them and creating a structure in which we can monitor their activities. We will be keeping eyes on them.”

But Reuters reports that a senior Gulf official said Qatar has moved the five men to a residential compound and will let them move freely in the country. The five men are expected to return to Afghanistan in a month.


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0 responses to “Impeach Obama for breaking federal law exchanging 5 jihadists for deserter Bowe Bergdahl

  1. traildustfotm

    Here we go again. With Obama, good is evil, and evil is good.

  2. As to # 2 , # 6 is the current usurper in the W.H………Is this the same guy the people in Idaho were so happy to have back home ? I can’t see how this flies in Idaho . ……..And that piss-ass excuse for a father . I guess the adage is true : THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE . Spineless jellyfish

  3. Robert Chaney

    “President Barack Obama” is “an Arab-backed imposter” who should be tried for fraud, dereliction of duty, murder and treason!

    • Agency Head [or Freedom of Information Act Officer]
      Name of Agency
      Address of Agency
      City, State, Zip Code
      Re: Freedom of Information Act Request
      Dear ______________:

      This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

      I request that a copy of the following documents containing the following information be provided to me, at latest November 1, 2014: Brigadier General Kenneth Dahl’s June 2014 report concerning his assessment of the circumstances of how Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl came to be held by Haqqani terrorists in Afghanistan in 2009, which was concluded on October 9, 2014.
      I am an individual seeking this information for personal use and not for a commercial use; the information from this report is needed to help citizens of The United States of America in making informed decisions when casting their ballot this November 4.

      I request a waiver of all fees for this request. Disclosure of the requested information to me is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government and is not in my commercial interest.

      Thank you for your help with this request.


      City, State, Zip Code
      Telephone number [Optional]

      * * *

      NOTE: If you do not know the location of the information you are
      seeking you should write to the Department of the Army Freedom of Information and Privacy Office, 7701 Telegraph Road, Suite 144, Alexandria, VA 22315-3905. To submit an electronic FOIA send your request to the following email address: [Excerpt from “A Citizen’s Guide To Request Army Records Under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)” -]

      * * *
      This is something I’ve been fashioning for far too long in & for times all too recent; as a minor, I can’t send it myself, but I can call those who can and need to do something about this with us. I will be ringing up and connecting with Senators – my personal commitment being a dozen a day – and alerting them to this. You can too (contact list here:; Capitol switchboard number 1-202-224-3121), but the foundation for this is you signing and sending, and sharing so more can. Thank you!

  4. This makes me wonder if the rumors are true and if the President really is a Muslim sympathizer. He certainly knows how to pick his time to do stuff like this. When the senate is on vacation.

  5. All those terrorists and senior Bergdahl with beards may cause a sudden increase in sales to the Amish people in razors and shaving cream. Will the Bergdahls join many in the current administration in a haj to Mecca in 2017?

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this thorough and comprehensive post. Clearly, we have a king, not a president, wherein the law does not apply to him, which is also a symptom of narcissism. It is my hope that his deliberate violation of the law will carry the proper consequences as set forth in this post.

  7. As usual, nothing will happen. The rats in DC don’t care about the stinkin laws…

  8. Treason. The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by ‘consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.’

  9. Just read where folks at the White House are surprised by the public outrage at this swap. And every time Hillary weighs in on rescuing Bergdahl, and not leaving him behind, Benghazi will come back to bite her in the a**

    God does indeed frustrate the ways of the wicked!

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  11. Guess who is heading one of the ant–Bergdahl FB sites? Why one of our hero’s squad leaders! This character Bergdog is a real piece of work, just like his parents.

    Greg Leatherman, the creator of the group, was actually one of Bergdahl’s squad leaders before he disappeared and allegedly abandoned his post.

    The page was created last Saturday, the day Bergdahl was released, and has become a gathering place for fellow soldiers to air their many grievances against Bergdahl, whom they consider a deserter both directly and indirectly responsible for the lives of dozens of soldiers. While many of his former squad members have told their stories to the press, the level of animosity on the 8,000 member-strong Facebook page is vitriolic, to say the least.

    The FB page is here:

    • Bowe Bergdahl’s fiercest detractors are precisely his fellow soldiers who know him best.

      Incredibly, however, according to my friend John Molloy, who heads the Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition, there are veterans who are singing Obama’s praises for freeing Bergdahl, a deserter. Unbelievable….

  12. They’ll find someone in his administration to take the blame for the action while bo feigns ignorance to the whole thing. Seems bo is beyond reproach or impeachment…what does he have to do for congress to step up and stand for this country instead of cowering to him?

  13. As public anger increases, many democrats will have to distance themselves from Obama, at least in appearance. Needless to say, 2014 and 2016 should be good years for republicans, but because both parties are on puppet strings, I don’t see things getting better. It will just be that one party is not as bad as the other.

  14. Only Barry Insane Obongo would trade five top level talibastards for a traitor.

    It’s time to send this traitorous Kenyan fraud packing.

    -And yes, I do mean T*R*A*I*T*O*R.


  15. Why is anyone surprised about what Obama does, he has decided to destroy the USA as promised and will continue daily to hurt every American citizen. Whoever he works for must be very proud. Why are the Democrats in this with him surely they have families that are being affected by all his Dictator Policies.


  17. Did you ask to impeach Reagan for trading missiles with Iran for the lives of soldiers? The GOP was in favor of his release until Obama got him released, now they are against. Anyone who wants to leave a US soldier in the hands of the enemy is a traitor!!_1-2014-_PJ_Media_Encourages_Readers_to_Sign_Petition_to_Free_Bergdahl_By_Any_Means_Necessary

    • Reagan was cleared in this incident, he didn’t have full knowledge of the operations.

      Who gives a rat’s arse what the GOP wanted. People knew of Bergdahl’s desertion, including renouncing his citizenship. The traitor is Bergdahl.

    • Little Green Footballs?

      LOL – Is this some kind of a joke?

      UpChuck Johnson went all David Brock about five or six years ago.

      I guess you must have missed it.


    • Anyone who wants to leave a US soldier in the hands of the enemy is a traitor!

      And anyone that supports a deserter in a time of war deserves to be thrown up against a wall and shot right along with the said traitor.


    • And for future reference, any American soldier that deserts his comrades and willingly turns himself over to the enemy is no-longer a US soldier once they cross that line.

      If you wish to defend traitors, then go do it somewhere else, as you make me want to f’ing puke.


      • Well said, Dave!

        To add to what you said to LukeNotSoBrightBlade: Not only is Bowe Bergdahl a deserter, at least 7 soldiers died searching for his sorry ass. Bowe deserves to be court martialed for treason.

  18. Reagan had his time of fervent opposition (some well-deserved), he took his shots. This reminds me, one was an actual bullet fired by a member of a family that is friends of the Bushes. Obama’s motivation, if I am right, goes beyond a release of terrorists. He may well be following the Koran’s teaching that one is not to attack, make war, against fellow Muslims. It may also explain his apparent friendship with the B-B family. A major strength of our government is the right to criticize one’s opposition, for without that, we would have been destroyed long ago. It is the duty of all who see a need to criticize the opposition in power. Democrats had their opportunities, and for the time being, the republicans have their chance. Democrats will have to wait their turn again.

  19. He isn’t getting Impeached. You will have another 3 years to deal with it. Get over it. After him, will probably be Hilary Clinton and after her will probably be M.O. Get use to change. I have family members that are from the swamps but man, the people in the comments are a real definition of “dumb rednecks.” Thank goodness I went to college because even with my red hair, I would hate to be confused for one of you guys.

    • @Jimmy, in Marietta, Georgia,

      Your tired old malicious stereotype of conservatives being toothless, uneducated, “dumb rednecks” just identifies you as a supercilious delusional typical Leftwing socialist. I’m your worst nightmare. I’m a woman, I’m not a redneck, my IQ is in the 98.96 percentile, and I’m way way way more educated than you — with a Ph.D., a Full Professorship, and four singly-authored well-reviewed books published by the best university presses.

      Nor am I unique among conservatives. In fact, a survey in 2010 showed that Republicans (not that conservative is synonymous with Republican) are smarter and more knowledgeable than Democrats.

      You make me svomit_100-121

    • My advice to you , go back to the swamps and make sure your family tree looks like a telephone pole . Where did you attend college , Sam Houston Institute of Technology ?

      • Jimmy Bob went to Billy Bob’s Online auto repair University. Got him a gradyeeation certificate and all. Has it hanging in the outhouse so all his close relations ( cue banjo music ) can see it and be proud of him. Right Jimmy Bob?
        sbathroom_toiletoutside_100-101 (2) .

        • He may be on of the Clampetts . I think his real name is Jethro Bodine . Hell Bubba , I gradeeated the 6th grade twice !!! But wuth me self – esteem classes , I feel good about being a moron

    • Looks like you mastered Alinsky 101 in college. Great way to debate the facts presented. Thank goodness college taught you something of substance.

  20. BO is an internal terrorist. His goal is to destroy the US.

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  24. Impeach Bush

    • Earth to Arthur:

      1. George W. Bush is no longer president, which means he can’t be impeached.
      2. Your idol Obama has now been president for more than 5 years, and you’re still blaming Bush? Too funny.

    • Bush Derangement Syndrome still alive and well I see…

  25. Coming to a theater near you: “THE DEVIL’S DUO” starring Obaba Black Sheep (pulling the wool over our eyes) and Eric Holedirt (always being backed up by Obaba). Surprise ending when they disappear !


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