Immortal Words

“I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.”

Patrick Henry, (Virginia Convention, March 23, 1775), US orator, patriot, & politician in American Revolution (1736 – 1799)

When Patrick Henry spoke these words 235 years ago, the Revolutionary War had not yet begun, Paul Revere and William Dawes had not made their famous rides, and George Washington had not yet been named Commander in Chief. These words sparked the rallying cry “To arms! To arms!” Less than a month later, the Minute Men and the redcoats clashed at Lexington and Concord — “the shot heard ’round the world” — and thus the war for American Independence had begun.
Skip to the present, our country is under siege from within by an America-hating president, a corrupt Constitution-shredding Congress, and a liberal lapdog media. The American people over the past year have organized the biggest grassroots movement in our country’s history, but despite our best efforts to get this administration and this Congress to listen to the people, we have been ignored, mocked and ridiculed. False charges of racism have been directed at us and repeated ad nauseum by the media with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Our intelligence and sanity are constantly brought into question by the same individuals who claim to represent us.
When Rick Santelli called for a Tea Party on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange last year, it had much the same effect as Patrick Henry’s immortal words in that it has rallied America to take a stand against the policies of this government to STOP out-of-control spending, STOP government growth, STOP socialism, and STOP over taxation. A year and literally thousands of TEA Party protests across this nation later, the Democrats, who usually live and breathe by the polls, no longer care for the opinions of the vast majority of the American people. We have become to them just a nuisance, our voices just noise to be tuned out, our rights and laws to be trampled in their rush to achieve their Marxist agenda and to hell with us peasants.

When Nancy Pelosi, with the oversized Medicare Gavel in her hands, and the other Demonrats walked to the Capitol building on their way to voting for socialized healthcare, past the TEA Party protestors who were chanting “KILL THE BILL”, she set a dangerous precedent. The message that she sent to the American people was nothing less than oppression, the only thing missing was the sickle reminiscent of the old Soviet Union. For all the violent rhetoric that the left accuses us of, the image of Pelosi’s “in your face smile” while holding hands with her fellow Demonrats, is the one picture I will hold in my memory from now on and will represent the tyranny of this government. If you ever need a reminder of what we are up against, just remember that image and then remember our forefathers and how they faced down tyranny.
None of us know what will happen in the run-up to the elections in November, but we do know we cannot trust the Demonrats one iota. They are all corrupt and hate this country and everything it stands for. They are overseeing our destruction and accelerating it. We will not just stand idly by and watch it happen, we will defeat these Constitution-shredding bastards one way or another, once and for all!
The Second American Revolution is brewing and will come to a boil in November. We will be cleaning House and draining the Senate Swamp. LET THE ELECTORAL BLOODBATH BEGIN!!!!!
Attero Tyrannus,

~Tom In NC  

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Yes we will!


Excellent post – and there are so many who join you who aren’t “Tea Partiers”. We come from all walks of life, every religion and color. We are the melting pot and we are in lock step with you.


Tom, you have accurately communicated and reiterated our crisis, which I believe is out and out spiritual warfare against true evil. The people of this country are being treated as though they are invisible-non-existent idiots we are seen to be, and there is no use of reason, intellect, morality or truth by Obama, his robots and Czars and advocates. We will defeat this evil, but only with Our Lord’s help. Our country must come back to God and Trust in Him alone, before we can beat this evil plague of destruction.