Imam opens House of Representatives with prayer to Allah, again

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America is going to Hell in that proverbial hand basket, and here’s just one of the reasons.
Did you know that, about two months ago, on November 14, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives invited an imam to open its sessions with a prayer to Allah?
CSPAN reports that the prayer was offered by a Muslim cleric from the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, Monmouth Junction, NJ.

Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli, a native of Lebanon, said:
“The name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. Praise be to Allah, the cherisher, the sustainer of the world. The most gracious, the most merciful master of the day of judgment. Thee do we worship and thine do we seek. Guide us to the safe path. The god of all the prophets and the messenger says in the Koran, he does not place a responsibility on you greater than you can bear. Everyone will receive the good they have earned and vice versa. Let us pray. O god, bless us as we begin a new day. Bless this assembly. Bless the people and nation it represents. O god, at this time in our history, the challenges for our nation and the world are many. O god, grant these men and women the wisdom, the guidance and the strength to pursue compassion, justice and sound judgment. O god, in your wisdom, you have placed upon them great responsibility and honor. O god, please help them with your guidance and your light. O god, O god, improve the well being of all inhabitants of this great nation and beyond. Amen.”
The blogosphere is alight with news of that. But Nov. 14, 2014, was not the first time House Speaker (and leader) John Boehner (R-Ohio) saw fit to invite a Muslim to offer a prayer to Allah. Here’s a video I found from July 31, 2013:

The Florida Senate did it too, on March 18, 2014:

And at Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives too! – on Dec. 12, 2011:

Those are just a few I found in a quick search on YouTube. I’m sure there are many other examples.
Of the 55 delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, 51 were Christians (49 Protestants and 2 Roman Catholics). Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were anti-clerical Christians; Thomas Paine was a deist. NONE was Muslim.
As historian John Fea observes, “If . . . the United States was not ‘founded on the Christian religion,’ then someone forgot to tell the American people . . . . The idea that the United States is a ‘Christian nation,’ has always been central to American identity.” (For a more detailed treatment, see Bill Flax, “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?,” Forbes, Sept. 25, 2012.)
It’s bad enough that the United States of America, founded by Christians on Christian principles, now has a Muslim do the invocation prayer at the House of Representatives, considered and designed by our Founders to be the government body most representative of the People. But did you know that Islam’s Allah may in fact be a pagan moon deity demon called Hubal or Baal?
There is an ongoing debate as to whether the Allah of the Qur’an is in fact a pagan Arab moon god of pre-Islamic times. The idea has been mentioned in literature for more than a century, but only recently has the theory been seriously promoted. See:

Now you know one of the reasons why America is so screwed.
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0 responses to “Imam opens House of Representatives with prayer to Allah, again

  1. Baby steps. We are being conditioned to accept everything they toss at us. But, they are peaceful we are told? Really, I don’t hear them standing against the radicals, to me silence is the same as agreement.
    Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    If there were any true God fearing believers there they would have walked out. Wish I could have been there, so I could have, with protest.

  3. Does Boehner (and others) know that one day he could have his head removed for knocking back an adult beverage distilled from his neighbor’s (Senate leader McConnell) state?

  4. DR. E., My publicly staked out position is clear on Islam and its Third Jihad:
    The War has begun and The West is losing, horribly.
    The whole of Civilization is at war with Islam whether it desires to acknowledge it or not.
    The Common Man of each society, our focus is on Western-Civilization but not exclusive to, has been betrayed by the Emasculated Political Class, Corporate Houses of Greed and Anti-Christ Christian Religious.
    Examine language:
    Obama: Europe must better integrate Muslims
    (Y 1.16.15)
    This is no mis-statement on his part and should be understood correctly by the Common Man of Western Societies. Ask yourself, Systemic Forced Migration, Population Dilution…Why? (4.16.13 K2 Global Communications LLC) to what ends if he most recently called for ‘Integration’ vs. ‘Assimilation’?
    U.S. President Barack Hussein is NOT calling for muslims to assimilate into Western-Civilized Societies he is calling for Sovereign Western Nations and their societies to capitulate, willingly subjugate themselves to The Global Islamic Caliphate!
    The Global Islamic Caliphate has already captured the U.S. Government with key position stacking in the White House, Congress (sensitive committee assignments), Department of Justice, the Military and so on. If you do not believe this statement, look how Islam/Muslims have been integrated into the U.S. Government NOT Assimilated into; a Shadow [Islamic Caliphate] Government is in place.
    “Islam belongs in Germany,” Ms. Merkel said after a meeting with her Turkish counterpart Monday. “I am the chancellor of all Germans; this includes those who live here permanently, regardless of their origin or where they were born.” -Thousands of Germans Rally in Pro- and Anti-Islam Protests WSJ 1.12.15 Europe Section
    “Dresden police said Sunday they had received information from federal and state counterparts indicating a “concrete threat” against the right-wing populist group “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”.
    There had been calls for would-be “assassins to mingle among the protesters… and to murder an individual member of the organising team of the PEGIDA demonstrations”, police said in a notice on the 24-hour ban.
    This was consistent with “an Arabic-language tweet that called the PEGIDA demonstrations an enemy of Islam”, it said.” -German police ban anti-Islamic rally citing terror threat 1.18.15 AFP/Yahoo News.
    The pro-Islam media pundits and apologist-propagandists, includes Agent of Progressive Globalist Elite Super-State Pope Francis, have shown the Common Man their true face with their comments but more importantly the political class participation in the ‘Paris Peace March’. This march was little more than an empathetic ‘Islamic Integration’ push. The childish charade of Obama not participating was intended to draw attention away from his pro-Islam, anti-Western-Civilization policies.
    Again, we must point out; Global Society has, as it displays with current history and events, succumbed to the great lies of; self-emasculated itself:
    Limited Warfare [if it is limited it is not warfare, it is for profit naked violence]
    Surgical Strikes [nice sentiment]
    Proportional Response [leave the enemy operational]
    Political War [it is a]
    Democracy [mob rule]
    Humanitarian Assistance [cover for weapons shipments, supplies]
    Stop the Genocide [misused language]
    Boycott The Apartheid State [which worldview decides]
    Impose Economic Sanctions [never work]
    The Global Community Condemns [by what relativistic worldview of good vs. evil]
    *Total War vs. Perpetual Violence: Language and Concept of War.
    Vlad The Impaler spoke the [Military] language muslims understand, he spoke it well as he learned it from them as a slave.
    Then there is the the history lesson provided us from the 13th Century Genghis Khan on how Western-Civilization must deal with Islam: Total Annihilation.
    Total War IS the only Winnable War. The Common Man in the West has unwisely followed the political class manipulations in two faulty options at their own peril 1. Anti-War (subjugation without a fight) 2. Pro-War (fake war designed to weaken the West); all the while ignoring the third and only effective option in the war for its survival.
    There is a Mongolian proverb that goes as this,
    “Do not scorn a weak cub, he may become the brutal tiger”
    This is exactly what Western-Civilization has done with Islam. It has left too many weak cubs that have grown into brutal tigers {allowed for injection into the west] and now the West is too weak to fight with financial, military and manpower resources squandered for nought, cept the profit of the few. If you, Western Common Man, believe Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron are not agents of the ‘Shadow Global Caliphate’ then you are really part of the problem, a collaborator in the demise of Western-Civilization.
    The West has not fought and won a war, only battles. Until the Common Man in the West comes to the realization that Total War, War of Annihilation, IS the only winnable war, the forces in motion will have subjugated it, assimilated or chopped off the heads, for the Islamic Global Caliphate.
    The War, The Final Battle has begun and The West is emasculated by ignorance and fear. Unless the West learns to speak the language of Vlad The Impaler, Genghis Khan and Attila The Hun, it is not going to survive the onslaught of the Islamic Savages.
    Only implementing full out Attila The Hun-Genghis Khan Total War on every muslim man, woman and child annihilated, livestock and wealth plundered, scorched earth-mosques-cities/villages in ashes, buried, will The West have saved itself, remember…
    The Weak Cub HAS Become the Brutal Tiger [Islam] to be Reckoned With!
    Thank you for the space. -Greg

    • The state of MN has a Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison who used a Qur’an to swear his oath of office, it belonged to Thomas Jefferson’s who got a copy; not because he respected Islam as Congressman Ellison would like us o believe but because he wanted to understand his enemy the Muslim Pirates operating off the Barbary Coast wreaking havoc on Merchant Ships extracting large sums of money from several countries including America. A long story short Jefferson sent the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and the Marines that sent enough of them to their 72 virgins that they were no longer a threat. The story is Ellison demanded that Jefferson’s copy be loaned to him from the Library of Congress, Demanded? that scenario does fits well with these seventh century Barbarians when their numbers are high their demands go higher. Islam is a Fascist Political Ideology that cannot coexist with any form of Democracy. Islamist are doing Stealth Jihad in America and have been for several decades this is reflected in the large number of Muslims holding key positions in our government, especially the chief Muslim occupying the White Mosque in D.C All Moslems must do some form of struggle whether sending money to the Violent Jihadists, becoming school teachers, just pretend you are a Muslim and what every way you can help establish or spread Islam you are struggling which is Jihad, all Jihadists aren’t violent but must if push comes to shove support violence. I have studied Islam in depth beginning late 1999 in 2000 I bought a Qur’an, believe me America is in danger from them and other nefarious men and women. But tell this to a Liberal and you’ll be told that you’re paranoid, a racist or that Islam is no different than Christianity and we worship the same god. As I stated America is in danger and here is the real danger Muslims are having children something close 8-2 their favor, in a generation using 18 years plus their recruitment of Muslims it wont be long before they are the majority. Will someone prove me wrong please.

      • Jack; I am in no way or manner advocating violence towards Muslims by individuals in society. I am rather pointing out, in historical context, what a waste of resources to fight Islam and not Fight To Win The War. Anything less is Violence for Progressive Globalist Elite Profits. American Political-Military History.

  5. I don’t feel the prayers from the books and lips of our proven enemy have any right being said in ANY chamber of our US government. It’s bad enough we have a Muslim running the circus from the Oval Office which now more resembles one of the three rings from aforementioned circus.

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  7. This increases my disgust with John Boehner’s actions. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, for blowing the whistle.

  8. Ever heard of the Fifth Column? Ours is in the House and the Senate.
    …. and the White House.
    The next step will be taking up the carpeting in the House chamber and replacing it with a lot of little prayer rugs.
    America’s new ‘culture’ belongs in a petri dish.

  9. I know it’s a small detail,but the spelling of God as “god” shows what the imam thinks of OUR religion.

    • truck,
      The transcript is from the imam’s oral invocation. I deliberately typed god with a lower-case g, because the dude was referring to their moon-demon allah.

  10. THAT makes sense;I HAVE heard a person speak the word God with an audibly perceptible small G though. I agree,though,the fact remains that this type of “prayer” has no business in a Christianity-based political arena,not even ONCE.

  11. I hope the House chamber gets infested with a gazillion insecticide resistant camel fleas.

  12. I’m disgusted but not surprised at this. Perhaps soon a Satanist will offer the opening invocation. It’s heading that way!
    Being here in socialist New England, the majority all parrot the new age mantra “America is not,and never was a Christian nation” Trying to reason with these lefties is like trying to tell your dog to stop chewing on furniture legs or digging holes in the back yard

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