Image of Mary in a tree trunk

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mary in tree
From Codewit World News, Nov. 16, 2014:

The mysterious image of what many are calling a perfect likeness to the Virgin Mary can be seen on the side of tree located at the intersection between 3rd Street and Bridge Road in Polk City, Iowa. A Nov. 14 report by KCCI 8 News explains that the shape in the tree is about 6 feet tall. It has residents asking what it really means.
While many claim it is the likeness of the Virgin Mary … There are, of course, skeptics who claim the image on the tree is only an illusion. They claim people only see what they want to see.
According to a KEYE TV report, some are so taken with the image that they have begun to place flowers at the feet of what they believe is the image of Virgin Mary. In fact, some claim that this is a case of divine intervention. They believe that the image is a message from God.
Scientists and skeptics might claim the image is nothing more than a case of pareidolia where the human mind strives to make sense out of chaotic images and perceives them as something they are not. This typically means seeing human faces or human forms where none exists.

This is the iconic statue of Mary at Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France, where Mary had appeared to St. Bernadette and now a shrine of many miracles:
Lourdes, France
Below is a side-by-side comparison of the image in the tree (l) and Mary’s statue at Lourdes (r):
mary in tree
See also these other so-called pareidolia images:


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0 responses to “Image of Mary in a tree trunk

  1. I think it’s pretty amazing, God speaks to us in many ways.

  2. WOW!

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Part of the fallacy of catholicism is convincing followers to pray to representations of the mother of Jesus or statues of saints rather than to reach out to Jesus himself in prayer.

    • Kevin your lack of knowledge of Catholicism is definitely vast. We do not worship the statues, pictures, or any other representation of Jesus and the saints. They are a reminder to us, no different than a picture of someone that you love is a reminder to you of that person. We still are praying to Jesus, no different than you are we just happen to be looking at his picture while we pray. The Saints and Angels are not taking the place of Jesus and God but rather they lead the way to him always. They are helpers to the believers and through their examples we learn the way to seek and find Him.

    • Protestants like you never hesitate to spew your anti-Catholic bogotry, but I have never seen any Catholic on this blog do that toward Protestants.
      As Northerngirl explained so well, when Catholics ask Mary or the saints for help — always in the name of and through the power of Jesus — it’s no different than when we ask other humans to pray for us. Given your incorrigible prejudice, should you one day ask the readers of FOTM to pray for you — as countless have — I’d be sure NOT to accede to your request.

      • Thank you, huntingfororcs and Northerngirl, for your excellent remarks. I have always thought Christians of whatever denominations are my brothers and sisters in Christ, having more in common with each other than otherwise, and I treat them accordingly. Sadly, too many Christians are like Kevin — proud in their sectarian prejudices and ever ready to point a Phariseean finger.

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    I wonder if any one has receive so many down votes for a comment on FOTM? I did not expect so much hostility. I only thought it better understood or accepted what is said in John 14:6. Jesus says; ” no man cometh unto the father, but by me”.
    If I am in error will ask Gods forgiveness.


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