I'm Tired of Hearing How "Sweet and Innocent" This Little Punk Was

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Second Trayvon Martin Twitter feed identified

Published: 1:59 AM 03/29/2012
By David Martosko – The Daily Caller

Executive Editor

This image is the photograph the late Trayvon Martin used to represent his Twitter identity in late 2011, under the screen name “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3.” Although the Twitter account was deleted, The Daily Caller retrieved it from the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr. The upper-arm tattoo in the image matches one in a close-up photograph on Martin’s MySpace page. (Image: Twitter)

This image from the late Trayvon Martin’s MySpace page shows an upper-arm tattoo that matches one seen during late 2011 on the youth’s Twitter account. The Daily Caller has brightened this image to show greater detail. (Image: MySpace)

This tweet, retrieved via the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr.com, shows the late Trayvon Martin tweeting a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!” He was using the handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3” near the end of 2011. (PeopleBrowsr/Twitter)

The Daily Caller has identified a second Twitter handle that was used by the late Trayvon Martin during the last weeks of 2011.  Tweeting in December under the name “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3,” Martin sent a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”
This tweet, retrieved via the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr.com, shows the late Trayvon Martin tweeting a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!” He was using the handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3” near the end of 2011. (PeopleBrowsr/Twitter)
It’s unclear who Martin intended the message for, or whether he intended it to be taken literally.
The photo Martin chose to represent himself on Twitter as “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3″ depicts him in a black Polo cap, looking into the camera and extending his middle finger. The photo’s file name on Twitter’s server indicates that it was taken on the afternoon of June 17, 2010.
At least one website issued a retraction this week after mistakenly linking Martin to a middle-finger-salute image on a Facebook account corresponding to a Georgia teenager who shares Martin’s name. This image, however, was uploaded to Twitter by the teen himself.
On Tuesday TheDC published 152 pages of  Martin’s Twitter activity that were retrieved using the social analytics product PeopleBrowsr.
Additional searches via the same website yielded the Twitter handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” whose activity spanned just one month and ended shortly before Martin began tweeting as “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.” His Twitter activity under that newer screen name began with the tweet: “NEW NAME, NEW BACKGROUND, NEW TWEETCON, I MAKE CHANGS B4 NEW YEARS!”
Although The Daily Caller has not confirmed with Martin’s family that the earlier Twitter handle belonged to the 17-year-old, there is significant evidence for the conclusion.
A basic Google search for “@T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3″ on Wednesday indicated that corresponds to a defunct Twitter account once used by someone named “Tray.” The same name, entered into the Google Images search engine, generated the photo of Martin flipping off the camera.
Upper-arm tattoos visible in that photo match those depicted in the Trayvon Martin’s MySpace page, which TheDC has also identified. That account includes numerous features, including photos of family members, indicating that it belonged to the slain teen.
Update #1: By noon EDT Thursday, a new Twitter account appeared using the handle “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3.” It features a photo lifted from this article, complete with The Daily Caller’s logo. It’s unclear who has control of the account, but it’s likely that the name became available when Martin switched his handle to “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” in December. Twitter did not immediately reply to a request for comment.
Update #2, Thursday, 5:25 p.m. EDT: The Daily Caller has received a tip that the image above, showing Martin with his middle finger extended, also exists in a different form without the hand in the foreground. It’s likely that the two images were successive photos shot from the same camera at roughly the same time. It’s also remotely possible, but less likely, that Martin himself added the hand before posting the image to his Twitter account in 2011. In any event, the version of the image with the hand is the one that Martin used when his Twitter handle was “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3.” That image, with the hand, was archived in 2011 both by Twitter and by PeopleBrowsr, the social analytics website whose database was the source for the material described in this article.  
Update #3: As of 6 p.m. EDT, the new account described in Update #1 (above) was no longer available on Twitter.

Trayvon Martin was not the “sweet and innocent little boy” the the race baiters want us to believe, he was a gangsta wannabe and I firmly believe that when he was spotted in that area that night, he was casing the area for a future opportunity. I also believe that when he jumped Zimmerman he had all the intention of doing great bodily harm and if he could have gotten Zimmerman’s gun he would have used it against him.
Tom in NC
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0 responses to “I'm Tired of Hearing How "Sweet and Innocent" This Little Punk Was

  1. One thing I haven’t heard anyone discuss: If Martin was supposedly just going home, why was he going into a gated community he didn’t live in?

    • Media accounts say Trayvon was returning to his dad’s girlfriend’s rented condo. Whether the condo is within the gated community is not clear.

  2. This is ludicrous! It might have been better for Zimmerman’s own sake to have charges brought up in the beginning. At least they wouldn’t have had as much time to “doctor” pics. This story is proving just how the media actually works.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    If the Zimmerman case goes to trial, I think most juries would have reasonable doubt and he’d be found not guilty.

  4. He was a punk.

  5. Pardon the continued “bird sightings” but Conservative Treehouse has one with the gold grille and wife beater;
    Part of their coverage.

  6. There is so much of a stink going on about this thing that what is really happening is getting twisted. No one seemed to care a jot about the murder of Qadaffi, and he was so much more brutally attacked and killed, and not one black person I know of marched for him. It makes me want to throw up.

  7. So flipping a bird, having a tatoo, and being an “ill-perceived gangsta wannabe” makes a young man, in an area he had a legal right to be (which means he was inside the gated community of his father’s girlfriend’s condo}, with a hood over his head while walking in the rain, and holding a bottle of tea and skittles in his hands, deserving of death from the hands of a “neighborhood watchman”? Wow, this is a twisted world we’re living in.

    • Twisted? Yes, when a young punk slams your head on the sidewalk and you are arrested for self defense. To be expected under this community organizer’s Department of Injustice.
      Yet I’m sure the NBP, Skippy, and Holder know much more about this case than you and I will ever know. / sarc

      • Well, we shall see what the autopsy reveals about Trayvon’s hands, fists, and body. And the transcript or recording of the phone call with his girlfriend – it should reveal a lot.There are so many facts that haven’t come out yet. And yes, I’m sure they do know ALL the facts about this case that we haven’t heard or seen yet.

  8. If it was a gated community, why was there so much crime there as Zimmerman said? Thought gated communitys were supposed to be safer.

  9. folks, you have to understand that teenagers are joking and speaking slang. if every kid who whipped the bird in a photo — was just a terrible person — ummm… many, many kids do that. You should see a pic of my son. He purposely made himself look like something he’s not — and posted it. I’m his mom — and it’s a joke ppl. A lot of what ppl see on twitter and stuff is posing — and it’s not meant to be taken so seriously. I’m not judging anything on the basis of his twitter or pics. RATHER — just the incidents of that evening. Those are the facts that matter here.

    • Laura-
      It’s a joke? Well, I do not know how old your son is…but FYI, these social accounts are examed for everything now. For example…a future job. It’s been said that “a picture’s worth a thousand words!”
      I’m not naive, of course our children will make the same stupid mistakes we made growing up, but parents need to realize the difference is their mistakes will be posted for all the world to see, unlike ours. I will be the first to admit I know that my children will mess up and do things that will disappoint me, all kids do, its part of growing up, but when they do try something stupid (like flipping the camera off and posting it for all the world to see) you can bet your sweet bippy that I will NOT be responding in laughter and acceptance.
      Don’t want to be judged by a Facebook or Twitter pic….don’t put it out there for everyone to see…the above article is a perfect example of how you can never take back a “just joking” picture. Kids that flip off the camera and throw it out there into cyberspace are screaming for attention if you ask me. I desperately hope when my kids do scream,and believe me, they will, I pray that I will be strong enough to be their parent instead of trying to be their friend.
      IMO, this situation could be a great opportunity for parents to talk to their own kids about the consequences of posting something like this….cause like it or not these pictures will be used in trial. Why do you think they are trying so desperately to change this poor child’s past?

  10. I don’t have much time but Gordon Duff at http://www.veteranstoday.com has covered the anomolies of the case pretty well…


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