Obama gives Muslim Brotherhood some more F-16s. This dude gets it.

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glad to see the muzzies have figured out they are being used by the NWO dark cabal=bush,clinton,obama. Just like the “useful idiots” here, they will kill you when they are done using you.

alice wolf
alice wolf

This is bribery. They are not at war they don’t merit these planes. The same guys are now being allowed to cavort around in Libya and they are slated to take part in the new government the Administration and Fabuis had in mind for Syria. The problem with Mali and Algeria was the progression of the “liberation” of Egypt and Libya, both of which “liberations” or “rebellions” were condoned or sanctioned or backed by NATO the UN and any other organization the oligarchs and the rest of the oligarchical puppets presidents and parliaments and congresses were sold as a bill… Read more »


Oh god , that would be classified as HATE SPEECH in the good old U.S.A….I don’t think Chris Matthews would have that tingling feeling running up and down his leg if he saw that …….