I’m Telling You, It’s Dog Eat Dog Out There.

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10 responses to “I’m Telling You, It’s Dog Eat Dog Out There.

  1. Those are “Sirius” stars there.


  2. Redundant pun intended.


  3. dogs do not use knives and forks or other dinner utensils…

  4. This video creeps me out!

  5. it must of been their first day with hands instead of paws seems like they really didn’t know what to do with their hands and all i know is when food is placed before any of my dogs they don’t wait around to use a fork or play with a napkin their face goes immediately into the bowl.

  6. When I saw this for the first time three weeks ago, I wondered what possessed the people to make this video? As a sight gag, it’s the same as the old-time paintings of dogs playing cards, but as a video it feels odd to me. But what do I know, I’m only the carpenter-gardener!

  7. Many thanks to both of you for pin-pointing just what it was that creeped me out as well. All the paintings of dogs playing cards kept them as dogs, not weird chimeras made by even weirder scientists gone bonkers. Every time humans play at being God/desses we get it all-too-wrong, many times fatally so!

  8. That is so photoshopped!


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