I'm Proud to be a Teabagger

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As noted in my post, “Obama Uses Gutter Word for Peaceful TEA Partiers,” the expression “to teabag” originated in the homosexual “community” and refers to the disgusting practice of a man dunking his testicles into the mouth of another. The repeated dunking motion mimics the up-and-down motion of dipping real tea bags into a cup of hot water.
Obama, being a Chicago Alinsky street punk, knows full well the meaning of “tea-bagger,” which is exactly why he deliberately uses that obscene word to refer to TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Partiers.
The best way to foil those who mean to hurt us by calling us derogatory names is to appropriate the demeaning label. Just as I am proud to be a “birther” because this means I actually respect the Constitution and its specification on the necessary criteria for the presidency, I’m proud to be a teabagger. I’m proud to stand on the gigantic shoulders of the original Teabaggers — the Patriots of 1776!

H/t NewZeal!

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