I'm on a roll. Don't mean to be , but it just keeps coming.

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OK, well we’ll be boycotted real soon. Let the death threats roll. You have just found out I do not care anymore. You try and mess with our children you will get eaten by Mama and Papa Grizzlies.   ~Steve~ ——————————————PS, I have one more great one to post. Piss me off and I will. I know this sounds like Gay bashing central, usually not.  Till you play this Crap. I/We do not play PC games.-
From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
A new Liberty Counsel client, a high school student in
Fort Worth, Texas, was recently suspended for merely
      stating his
Christian view on homosexuality – while
      his teacher had posted a photo
of two men kissing in
      the classroom, telling students that
homosexuality is
      becoming more prevalent in the world and that
should just accept it!
——————————————————–No he should not accept it!
      This sort of double
standard in public schools is
intolerable!  Across the nation,
impressionable minds
of school children are being FORCED into accepting
“alternative” lifestyles and being subjected to
anti-religious bigotry. While anyone with a Christian
worldview can be
disciplined for merely expressing
their opinion, radical
pro-homosexual groups are
freely advancing their agendas behind public
Liberty Counsel is aggressively
defending the rights
of students, teachers, administrators, and others
are literally being persecuted for their Christian
beliefs and viewpoints as pro-homosexual groups subvert
Constitution! Please read my vitally important
message below – Mat.
This Tuesday, high school freshman Dakota Ary was
given in-
school suspension for stating in class that he believes
homosexuality is wrong because of his Christian faith.
Counsel is representing Dakota in this case,
demanding full vindication
and a full retraction of
the suspension. If the school board does not
a lawsuit will be filed for violation of Dakota’s
First Amendment rights.
The teacher charged Dakota with “possible
bullying” and
indicated, “It is wrong to make such a statement in
++”Accept it”?
Liberty Counsel will not tolerate this outrage!
We recently defended
Teacher of the Year Jerry Buell in
central Florida after he was suspended
for a comment he
made outside of class on his personal Facebook page,
expressing his disapproval of legalized homosexual marriage
in the state
of New York.
After Liberty Counsel’s vigorous intervention and a
long “investigation,” the Lake County School Board fully
and reinstated Buell!
Buell’s attorney, Senior Litigation Counsel Harry
commented on the new case in Texas:
The double standard
advocated by homosexual activists
is mindboggling. Jerry Buell was
suspended for opposing
same-sex “marriage” outside of class. This
teacher in
Texas is actually bullying his students into accepting
the homosexual lifestyle inside the class, and yet it
is his
student, not him, that gets suspended. We will
vigorously defend and
restore Dakota’s constitutional
++Our cases in Florida and Texas are not just isolated incidents.
steve, the tragic fact is that
leftists are stealthily
indoctrinating our children and grandchildren. The
homosexual agenda is being advanced in school systems all
across this
country due to overt manipulation and threats
from powerful, well-funded
radical groups like the ACLU,
Lambda Legal Defense Fund, the so-called Human
Campaign, and other associations formed by activists to
bully our
culture into accepting their perverse lifestyle
as “normal.”
Tragically, many Americans feel at a loss as to how they can
these issues head on.
That’s why I want to send you – free of
charge – the
“Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public
Schools” simply for reading and endorsing our powerful
Statement on
Religious Freedom in Public Schools.
This booklet should be in every
home and school in America!
It will revolutionize the way parents,
guardians, and students
view their public school system, administrators,
curriculum, extra-curricular clubs, activities, and
Click here to get your free copy:

The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public
covers the following topics – and more…
*What are students’
rights in public schools?
*What are educators’ rights in public
*What about religious liberty at graduation and other
seasonal activities?
*What about religious groups meeting on school
*What are your rights as a parent or guardian of a student?
*What about public access to school buildings?
My legal team
at Liberty Counsel has developed this valuable,
pocket-sized resource
compiled from decades of experience
defending the rights of educators,
students, administrators,
and community members from the attacks of radical
who want to squash freedom of religious expression in
public setting, including schools.
The “Patriot’s Handbook of
Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
is yours – free of charge – when you
endorse Liberty Counsel’s
Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools.
Click here
to endorse this important statement and to receive the handbook:

++The fact is, our civil rights ARE NOT left at the
This weekend, as a guest columnist in the Orlando
newspaper, Senior Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet
explains the principles he used to defend Mr. Buell and
him reinstated in the classroom.
The article is written as
a counterpoint to another
column written against Mr. Buell by a
from “Equality Florida,” a pro-homosexual
“Equality Florida” fought against Florida’s Proposition
which defined marriage as being between one man and one
woman in the state of Florida, and which passed by a
wide margin a few
years ago.
Click here to read Harry’s inspiring column – and to get your
free “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in

++This is Liberty Counsel’s call to action!
As expected,
now that the new school year has started, Liberty
Counsel’s caseload
involving such issues is rapidly growing.
As Harry said in his
public statement on the Texas
situation, and I now say for added
emphasis, “We WILL
vigorously defend and restore Dakota’s
In fact, Liberty Counsel will
vigorously defend Dakota, Jerry
Buell, and the civil rights of anyone else
being trampled
on by leftists and anti-religious organizations like
ACLU. We will not tolerate their bullying of school systems,
teachers, educators, and parents through unlawful
“consent decrees,”
intimidation, or any misrepresentation or
This is
the disturbing pattern of things to come unless
concerned citizens
take action! Knowing and understanding
our rights as Americans is a
crucially important first
I believe “The Patriot’s
Handbook of Religious Freedom in
Public Schools” belongs in every household
and school in
In fact, we want to distribute hundreds
of thousands
of copies of this valuable resource to school systems,
educators, students, and citizens nationwide.
After you
request your copy of the handbook, I hope you will
also prayerfully consider
making a special gift to Liberty
Counsel as we diligently defend students
like Dakota and
teachers like Jerry.

God bless you,
Mathew D. Staver, Founder and
Liberty Counsel
P.S. Leftists are indoctrinating our children
and grandchildren
as stealthily as possible. Knowing your rights and your
ones’ rights will help stop the advance of this sinister
Please sign Liberty Counsel’s Statement on
Religious Freedom in Public
Schools and get your free copy
of the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious
Freedom in Public
Schools” by clicking here now:

I also hope you will take time to read Harry’s outstanding
article, as well.  God bless you!

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  1. Reason no 1,000,000,000 to home school.
    I’d sue their arse!

  2. And thank God for these people:

  3. Punishing anyone who doesn’t agree with them is the left/liberal way… it’s only an opinion if you agree with them.

  4. It’s no surprise America’s youth is falling behind their counterparts around the World. Public education is out of control with imposing agendas on students and violating their rights, for starters. If only our teachers were allowed to teach academic subjects, instead of serving as indoctrinators of degeneracy and agents of the thought police.


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