I'm confused…

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The "husband and wife", er...transgender lesbians

Two men who divorced their wives, came out as gay, became transgender lesbians, now Marry after one has a sex change

The Daily Mail:  A pair of transgender lesbians today told of their joy at becoming man and wife, and also wife and wife, on the same day – after one had a sex-change.
Jenny-Anne Bishop, 65, formerly called Paul, and Elen Heart, 68, who was once named Alan, initially got together as a male gay couple in 2004.  The pair, who are both divorced and have five grown-up children between them, lived together in Clwyd, Wales, for six years as transgender lesbians.
But the couple decided against surgery due to the associated risks at their age until last year – when Jenny-Anne went under the knife for a gender reassignment op.  Father-of-two Jenny-Anne went on to have a breast augmentation procedure this January followed by facial feminization surgery.  The couple have now officially tied the knot as ‘husband and wife’ after opting for a private civil ceremony in North Wales.

The "groom" is in the red dress

Retired graphic designer Elen, who takes herbal hormones to make her appearance more feminine, took on the role of groom and wore a silky red dress and bright red high heels.  The couple refer to father-of-three Elen – who started living as a woman in 2004 – as the ‘groomness’.
They were officially announced as husband and wife in front of four close friends, who attended as witnesses.  The retired newlyweds then had a gay wedding service at the Metropolitan Community Church in Manchester, where transgender friend Gabrielle was their bridesmaid.
Jerry-Anne, who has a granddaughter, added: ‘The law has seen us go from a gay couple – to a lesbian couple – to a heterosexual couple who can get married, but basically we are just two people who love each other and wanted to publicly declare and celebrate our relationship.  ‘We want to encourage other transgender couples to celebrate their relationships and uniqueness.’
I’m still confused…

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0 responses to “I'm confused…

  1. this makes me sick! glad I’m not them when they meet their maker.

  2. Since co-habitation has been the new normal for the past several decades, why go to all that bother?

  3. Sage, it’s “where transgender friend Gabrielle was their bridesmaid”

  4. The title of the UK news article alone confuses me. Let’s see:
    1. There are these two men — biological males — who were married to two women.
    2. The 2 men decide they’re gay.
    3. But they’re not gay men, but gay lesbians (isn’t that redundant?), which makes them gay women.
    4. Then one of them has a sex change, and becomes….what? an anatomical female (but not DNA/chromosomal female).
    5. The two marry.
    So, does it mean the two who got married are a gay man and a gay anatomical woman? But if the man is gay, wouldn’t he want an anatomical man? And if the sex-changed woman is gay, wouldn’t “she” want a gay woman.
    You’re right, Debbie. I’m confused….

    • Lol, I tried figuring it out on paper (stick figures) and finally gave up. My figures were, well, I don’t know what they were 🙂

  5. Even with all the transgender medical stuff, if I were choosing up sides to play Rugby, I’d want all three of them on my team. They all look bruisingly athletic.

  6. Slainte!

  7. Huh. what?! (Ask me when my head stops spinning.)

  8. Perhaps this might help to clear this up. The bible says that God is not the author of confusion. So, should the strange behavior described in this article be deemed confusing, then you can be certain of one thing, it is not godly. The bible also mentions that after God has given everything we need for our well being and all that other good stuff, then if his efforts are disregarded then he gives those who just don’t agree with his word over to a depraved mind. So we are left to make our choice what we will think, do and say, with the consequences clearly spelled out in principle for us to take into account.
    Even Allah Akbar might scratch his head.

  9. You’re right, just threw it in as a politically correct ugh!
    aside. Tongue in cheek junk, sorry ’bout that. According to the Book of the Acts of the Holy Ghost, the ecclesia, the church of Jesus Christ was born on the day when Pentecost was fully come, when the believers were assembled together praying with one accord, when there came as a sound of a rushing mighty wind……………
    he is the same yesterday today and for evermore……..
    whatever anyone may say.

  10. ha, ha, ha, ha, is it for real?

  11. I don’t understand why you are all being so hostile. If they want to live a different life, so what? It doesn’t affect any of you so leave them alone. It’s not Christian to be so nasty.

    • I re-read DCG’s post and I see NOTHING that’s hostile or nasty. Your groundless accusation and your wielding of the “Christian card,” however, is your effort to silence DCG. Shame on you.


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