I'm Burnt Out

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No posting from me for the rest of the day, and tomorrow too.
I’m so burnt out I’m ready to scream….
Please hold off on your e-mail newstips, or be a tad more discriminating as to what you send me. I have a truckload of e-mails I’ll never be able to wade through. AARGH!!!
I need to take time for myself, or someone will have to institutionalize me.

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0 responses to “I'm Burnt Out

  1. You deserve the break, enjoy!

  2. Only one day? Forget that… take the whole weekend!
    BTW, thank you for all the articles. Enjoy reading them very much.

  3. Well you’re just no fun, Eowyn.

  4. Dear Eowyn,
    You need prayer. Please, dear Lord, surround Eowyn with your peace. Comfort her with your strength. Dear Holy Spirit, abide in her and let her anxiety be eased with your loving presence.
    Dear Angels of the Lord protect her and the ones she loves. PEACE!

  5. Rest, Eowyn. May God bless you. Thank you for all your efforts!

  6. Eowyn–take a break and forget all this. Do only things that you want and that will relax you. This crazy bunch here will still be around. I really appreciate all that you do, and look forward to your posts each day.

  7. Eowyn,you are such a warrior. Your love of Country is proven everyday. You cannot take it on 24/7 without a break. Please do something that is good for your mind,body and soul. You will be the one to know what that is. Please just know,your tireless effort is appreciated by so many. You are truly a Patriot. We love you. May God speed health and happiness.

  8. Hope you enjoyed your “cyber sabbatical” and return less burdened.

  9. THANK YOU, all, for your kind words, wishes, and prayers. I so so appreciate it. You guys and gals are simply THE BEST.
    God answered your prayers by sending three new writers to the Fellowship! Bless them! 😀

  10. Eowyn, Thank you for adding joy, laughter and sanity back into my life over the past months. Before I found “Fellowship” I was a freaking mess watching my country go to hell. I felt alone and lost.
    I appreciate all of your hard work and that The Fellowship posts are ALWAYS checked out first everyday. Thank You and I get it. 😉 Lori
    I am dyslexic writing is very difficult ALL please be kind.

  11. Chill. Enjoy. Don’t sweat it. We’re okay.


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