I'm a Terrorist 'Cause I'm Poor!

By now, we Conservatives have figured out that the Left peddle lie after lie:

  • They care about the poor and needy. Not! Conservatives give more to charity than libs;
  • They are pro-women feminists. Not! Look at how the Left savaged Sarah Palin and one of their own, Hillary Clinton;
  • Polar bears are dying! Ice is melting! The globe is warming! Not! Use your heads and think: If they really believed that — if they really believed the world would come to an end if we don’t do something quickly about gobal warming — would Al Gore, Prince Charles, Gordon Brown, Barbra Streisand, et al, fly around in private jets and live in humongous energy-gobbling mansions?
  • People become terrorists because they’re poor, which of course is our fault! Not! The 9-11 terrorists were all from the middle class. American terrorist and Obama pal-and-ghostwriter Bill Ayers grew up in wealth. His father is Thomas G. Ayers, former Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison (1973 to 1980), Chicago philanthropist and the namesake of the Thomas G. Ayers College of Commerce and Industry.

The latest example is the Nigerian Muslim dude who tried to blow up a Delta translantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day by detonating 80g of explosives sewn into his underpants. We are now learning that 23-year-old Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab comes from great wealth and privilege:

  • He’s the son of Nigeria’s former economics minister who recently retired as the chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria but is still on the boards of several of Nigeria’s biggest firms.
  • He was educated in one of Britian’s leading universities – University College London.
  • In London, he stayed in a £2m flat in a street lined with Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes cars. 
  • He “had the world at his feet – able to choose from a range of futures in which to make his mark on the world.”
  • His fellow students were shocked! just shocked! and described him as “quiet and unassuming – a devout Muslim but not radical.” 

But Abdulmutallab’s father knew better and reportedly had informed the US embassy of his son’s activities because he had become so concerned about his religious views. In fact, the US had known for at least two years that the suspect could have terrorist ties. Abdulmutallab is on the US National Counterterrorism Center’s list of people with known or suspected contacts or ties to a terrorist or terrorist organisation! AND THIS IS THE SAME U.S. GOVERNMENT THAT IS NOW BENT ON TAKING OVER OUR HEALTH CARE, AFTER IT HAS ALREADY BANKRUPTED MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY. 
Airport security, intent on searching and removing the little sandals from FellowshipOfTheMinds’ Doc’s Wife’s blond blue-eyed grandbaby, also overlooked the following suspicious signs:

  • Abdulmutallab purchased his KLM ticket with cash.
  • He had only one piece of hand luggage and none in the hold – unusual for someone who was allegedly planning a two-week stay in Detroit.

To read the UK Independent’s article on this, go HERE.

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