Illinois Mayor Is a Birther!

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Jerry Schweighart is the mayor of Champaign, Illinois — Obama’s home state. Unlike so many politicians who are intimidated into silence by the liberal MSM’s derision, the good mayor uses his brain cells and speaks plain good common sense:
“If you’re not willing to produce your original birth certificate, then you’ve got something to hide.”
I propose that we take a leaf from the Left’s own playbook. The way to neuter the MSM’s derision is to “own” the label they concocted for us.
I’m a birther, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! In fact, I am proud to be a birther because that means I have not been brainwashed but actually still think for myself.

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One response to “Illinois Mayor Is a Birther!

  1. Damn, left/libtards must be fighting over who gets to call him “racist” right now.


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