Illinois Congressman Apologizes to Islamic Students on ‘Behalf of This Country’

He did  not apologize for me. Big stinky Yutz..Oh and a Commie.
~Steve~     H/T  The Blaze.
The intrepid crew at RebelPundit is highlighting a key moment in the surprise appearance by Rep. Mike Quigley at the American Islamic College Conference in Chicago over the weekend.
The Illinois Democrat addressed the group.  RebelPundit was not impressed: “He rambled on about the typical racism and discrimination that the liberal left is so convinced America is rampantly infected with.”
Quigley then got to the point: “I think it’s appropriate for me to apologize on behalf of this country for discrimination you have faced.”
The apology comes around the 2:15 mark in this video:

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Dr. Eowyn

What is wrong with the state of Illinois? When did it become such a sinkhole?


Ah poor man, still hoping the alligator will eat him last. Good luck with that.


Jihadists don’t respect infidels who kiss their butts.


Illinois has spiraled downward ever since the clinton admin. with his passage of race norming and dumbing down now the democrats have gotten even dumber than they were before but because they vote more often they took over crook county (chicago) and somehow have managed to infest themselves into the downstate area as well. in yesterday mornings paper we have a talk of the county segment where regular people may voice their concern over any topic to wit a reader called in blaming bush for 911 saying because he had troops in iraq and afghanistan they attacked us on 911… Read more »