Illegals who can't get drivers licenses face "unfair burden"

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Mayor Villaraigosa working hard for his citizens....

“Sanctuary City” status taken to new heights in Los Angeles

Examiner:  In a move that’s sure to disturb Americans seeking a solution to the illegal alien problem, California’s “City of Angeles” is taking its sanctuary title more seriously than most by ordering police officers to stop enforcing a state public safety law because it creates an “unfair burden” for illegal immigrants, according to a report by a top Washington, DC-based public interest group.
A few weeks ago, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ordered the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to stop impounding the vehicles of illegal aliens who are unlicensed drivers for 30 days as per California state law, according to Judicial Watch, a non-profit organization that investigates and exposes government corruption and abuse. 
The state law is intended to keep potentially reckless drivers off the road and therefore protect the public. It applies to unlicensed drivers as well as those who have had their license revoked or suspended.  In other words, under the LAPD guidelines, citizens will have their vehicles impounded at their own expense, but illegal aliens will retain their illegally driven cars.
Under the law illegal immigrants make up the majority of the drivers who have their cars impounded because they can’t get licenses in California or most states. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told the local newspaper that this presents an “unfair burden” and “disproportionate blow” for illegal aliens, who he refers to as a “valuable asset to our community.”
The city’s police chief has ordered his officers to give unlicensed drivers a chance to avoid having their vehicles impounded by calling someone with a license who would then be allowed to drive the car. The chief says it’s a “fairness issue” because there is a “vast difference between someone driving without a license because they cannot legally be issued one and someone driving after having their license revoked.
The Los Angeles police union is outraged and is charging the mayor with putting politics above public safety. “This new policy will result in innocent people being injured and killed,” the union said in a statement posted on its website. “It is a sad day for Los Angeles residents because the Mayor is directing the LAPD to purposely not enforce a state law designed to protect public safety.”
The union further points out that the new policy exposes officers and the city to potential legal liabilities stemming from any damage or injury caused by an unlicensed driver’s continued operation of a vehicle that should have been impounded under state law. It also “substantially reduces the disincentives against the unlicensed and unlawful operation of a vehicle.”
According to the JW blog, the LAPD has a decades-old policy (Special Order No. 40) that prohibits officers from initiating police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person. This prevents officers from inquiring about the immigration status of an individual and from contacting federal officials about an individual’s immigration status.
In what other country in the world would this be allowed?  I lived in Mexico City for a year.  I could never have lived and attended college in that city without valid documentation, much less obtain a driver’s license (at that time).   And this is an “unfair” burden to illegals?  Since when did people who break the law get advantages in their favor?  But I would expect nothing less from the liberal, oh so progressive, politicians in Los Angeles.

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13 responses to “Illegals who can't get drivers licenses face "unfair burden"

  1. Unfair burden… like coming here legally?

  2. Well then….
    Is there a problem osisfer…his..I’m …hic …an illegal alien and I don’t need no stinkeen license.

  3. All an illegal alien needs in Washington State is a utility bill naming his account and address to prove they’re a resident of the state of Washington.

  4. an screw everyone this illegal, unlicensed, and uninsured motorist has an
    accident with. insanity follow the laws everyone else had and has to no shortcuts and special privileges for certain groups of people..

  5. No more pandering to illegals!! They are ILLEGAL!!!!! They are UNLAWFUL! They are not here as lawful abiding citizens, and they must cease and desist kissing their rear ends immediately! I’m so sick of this. Wow, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I shall never, EVER step foot in the state of California ever again in my lifetime. It is the biggest piece of garbage. It may still have some nice qualities, but I am not interested in the least bit. Words capped for emphasis, I promise, I’m not yelling. I’d like to, but I’m not. They just make me so angry.

    • I think we should boycott anything California – and have the so-called illegals – with their alleged spending money as economic contributors – support that State.
      But I guess that would be too harsh – because we need Food sources from California – and wine.

  6. This remind about a story i heard that is supposed to have happened during the sixties. The mounties ( In case you Americans do not know who or what that is, they are the Canadian police) entered the factory approached a feller asked for his papers.he could not provide them! They put him in the car and toke him straight to the airport and send him back to from were he came from. They even did not take him to the place where he was living to pick up his personal belongings.I like that Straight forward no legal wrangling no pandering and no years of appeals. He was illegal in this country. Have A BLESSED CHRISTMAS

  7. This happened earlier this year. Right now, I’d say that one has more rights as an illegal than being a citizen of the USA. Considering that they can vote – either by obtaining fraudulent ID, when they obtain a drivers license there’s the possibility that they can register to vote, also by joining a union (many do accept them), they can help to sway the public opinion and pump money into a liberal candidate. Not to mention that they can acquire a mortgage, get medical treatment and there is nothing to levy against them for not paying, get instate college tuition (in some states), get free social services (welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies) while a citizen who is low income does not (preferential treatment, because most work off the books, therefore showing $0 income). Look, we see what’s happening – Obama wants to give 300,00 work permits (with at least 25,000,000 citizens out of work), lowering the number of National Guard by the border to a few, having an unmanned port of entry from Mexico, handcuffing (figuratively) Sheriff Joe and making it almost impossible for him to do his job, this insanity in California re not impounding the cars of unlicensed illegals, and on and on and on… There will come a moment when the call will be heard to surround the White House, and make them understand what we want. Believe me, if this continues, that moment will not be far off, it might be sooner than you think.

  8. An illegal alien driving in my city, rear-ended someone – and when trying to drive off = hit-and-run,
    he crashed through the front window of a clothing store – and hit an employee in the store who is pregnant.
    The other illegals in the vehicle with him – took off running – never bothering to help the pregnant lady that they ran over – IN the store.

  9. “ICE agency report puts Serious Dent in Eric Holder’s DOJ case against Arizona Sheriff Arpaio” =

  10. There are a couple of things that the anti – immigrant lobby cannot understand about this issue NOR wrap their heads around:
    1) It is NOT illegal to come into the United States nor be in the United States without papers. It is, in and of itself, a civil violation of the law, not a crime and
    2) The way into the United States “properly” begins with a Visa. Our system simply does not anticipate the reasons that millions of people end up here as guest workers with no papers. What I’m saying is that no Visa applies to their situation.
    We demand that people do something “legally,” but fight tooth and nail to make sure no “legal” method is created. Secondly, we do NOT need these people as citizens nor do they seek citizenship. What kind of citizens does the anti – immigrant want if people are forced into citizenship simply to work a job as a guest worker? How many liberals do the “conservatives” want to import?

  11. It’s way past time to have another Operation Wetback just like Esizenhower did back in the 50s but the Congress and the Senate want the taxpayer and the unemployed to take care of the criminals! All the while they are rasing our taxes and stealing everything they can get their hands on! Semper Fi.

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