“Illegal” is offensive, yet still illegal

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Massachusetts town bans term ‘illegal’ when referring to those here illegally

Examiner: Last week, the Somerville Board of Aldermen passed a resolution, agreeing to refrain from using the term “illegals” when referring to people who are in the country illegally.

The aldermen took the measure after being confronted by a group of teenagers, many of whom are apparently here illegally. Their appearance was organized by the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities.

One of those teens who addressed the board, was 14-year-old Elis Melara who complained about her cousin’s deportation, and how he was referred to as “illegal,” which she claims has changed her life forever. “The way he said those words made me angry. The officer made him seem like a criminal. He was talking about my cousin like he didn’t matter. He matters to me. The word ‘illegal’ is a wrong way to describe a human being. A better word is ‘undocumented.’ I am thankful that I am an American and can do something about it.”

More teens addressed the board, telling similar stories, claiming the word is somehow ‘dehumanizing.’ Apparently, their tales of woe were well directed…

Ward 4 Alderman Tony Lafuente, exclaimed: “Undocumented or not, these kids are victims by circumstance and I think it’s important we give them some dignity and show some support. Undocumented or not, they want the same things we want, what other children want.”

Mayor Joe Curtatone then voiced his support for Obama’s so-called ‘executive order DREAM Act.’ and added: “In this community we’ve always been a city of hope for immigrants around the world. We made it clear here that whatever your status is, wherever you’re from, we are your mayor, we’re your aldermen, this is your city and we’re here to service you,” he said, hoping for some immigration reform after the elections”

Following the meeting, board president, Tom Taylor, apologetically told the Somerville Journal: “I hadn’t given it a thought until they brought to my attention how hurtful that term is, Some of their testimony is pretty heart wrenching.”

Of course, Somerville not only has a large illegal alien population, but is also suffering from the crimes which such an influx of basically, untraceable individuals so often brings.

In November 2011, Alfredo Romero Posada, 22, was arrested and charged with a string of sexual assaults which occurred over a two-month period in Somerville and Medford. According to Assistant District Attorney Ceara Mahoney, the first attack occurred on September 10, when Posada grabbed a 25-year-old woman’s buttocks and crotch on Wallace Street in Somerville.

Then on September 24, Posada allegedly grabbed a 19-year-old Tufts University student from behind, pulling her to the ground where he sexually assaulted her. Rhe last attack came on October 22, when a 24-year-old Tufts graduate student was reportedly tackled by Posada in Medford. Posada did so “grunting and grinding,” Mahoney said. On the same day he was arrested, Posada was positively identified by all three victims.

Posada was charged with three counts of assault with intent to rape and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. A few days after his arrest, Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that Posada is in the country illegally from El Salvador.

I’m sorry if the term “illegal” upsets illegal immigrants. Call it what you want, they aren’t American Citizens. Maybe the children should take up the issue with their parents and convince them to become honest and legal citizens like so many immigrants before them have done.


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0 responses to ““Illegal” is offensive, yet still illegal

  1. I still feel the best description is “illegal alien”. I don’t like the use of “illegal immigrant” as it denotes an acceptance of the situation and I don’t accept their offensively blatant abuse of a system meant to help citizens of this country. We are the ONLY country in the world that allows illegal aliens to live here without green cards, visas or work permits with access to a plethora of services paid for by citizen taxes. To hell with PC and our legislators who continue to ignore the Constitution and Federal laws!

  2. we have to stop giving them our jobs, welfare, free housing, medical care, and they wouldn’t have the means to stay in this country unless some of their relitives would like to donate their pay checks to support them. when your a criminal it doesn’t matter if you don’t like being called a criminal you still are and need to be sent back where you came from till you can get here legally.

  3. a side note to my last post, anchor babies are not citizens and don’t have any rights other than being sent home with their parents.

  4. Changing the law on “anchor babies” would make an immediate correction to the situation. Tracking the expired green cards would also help.(maybe Zeituni and Onyango wouldn’t still be here). Deportations at the cost to the home country would help our balance sheet too. If every business had mandatory EZverify we would have fewer illegals entering. The costs to society are staggering and affect education, hospitals, auto insurance, penal system, and the welfare system. Something must change.

  5. So, if Jeffrey Dahmer said he’s “offended” by the label “Mass murderer” we would change it to, what, “population control practitioner”? ILLEGAL is “ILLEGAL” IS “ILLEGAL”! There are Laws and procedures to live in America LEGALLY – use THOSE procedures and you won’t be called “ILLEGAL”!

  6. This is nauseating, like how I heard they started calling welfare recipients “clients” which is a load of bs since they’re not working!

  7. Unfortunately that was a long time ago in an America far far away.


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