Illegal Aliens Attack Newspaper for Calling Them Illegal

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Illegal Alien Activists in California One Step Away from French Newspaper Terrorists
By Warner Todd Huston, Publius Forum, 1/9/15
With their vandalism of offices of the Santa Barbara News-Press this week, activists for illegal immigrants in California have proven themselves to be but a single step away from being just like the terrorists who killed 12 members of a French newspaper.
The media has been filled with news of the attack by Muslim terrorists on the offices of the left-wing French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in which 12 staffers of the paper were killed. The Muslims attacked the paper and murdered the publication’s staffers because the Muslims felt that the paper had committed blasphemy against Islam.
Now, a newspaper in California has been attacked by illegal alien activists because it dares to use the word “illegal” to describe the criminals who have broken our laws to come into the United States.
Illegal alien activists vandalized the offices of the Santa Barbara News-Press over use of the word, spray painting such things as “the border is illegal, not the people who cross it” and other slogans on the walls of the paper’s offices.
With this sort of attack on the free press inside the USA, we can see that illegal activists are now becoming ever more militant. It is clear that they are not too far behind the terrorists who murdered newspaper staffers in France.
Obviously these illegal alien activists are attempting to intimidate the newspaper into eschewing the phrase “illegal alien” even though the phrase is perfectly descriptive and proper to use.
For its part the paper is refusing to stop its proper use of the term, and good for them.
But if the paper continues to ignore these activists for lawbreakers, how long will it be before they step up their hate-filled tactics? How long before they graduate from merely defacing private property to destroying that property? And then how far are they from killing people with whom they disagree?
In the end, what makes these activists for illegal immigrants much different from the terrorists in France?

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0 responses to “Illegal Aliens Attack Newspaper for Calling Them Illegal

  1. I prefer the term ‘Criminal Aliens.’

  2. Another group that needs a one way ticket out of the United States.

  3. Give them an inch, they’ll take a yard. So now criminals, aided and abetted by both political parties and the media, actually want to censor our language and speech. Still wonder whether we’ve lost our country?

  4. I wonder how many of the illegals even know they’re not only becoming Criminals as their first act in America,they’re becoming FELONS. Now,if the Cops would only be as diligent in arresting THESE FELONS as they are in arresting drunk drivers……

    • Like the urban ghetto negro they came from primitive savage lands, where death, destruction, rape, etc are the norm and the main way to get things done. they are also convinced they are a superior race to those evil white devils. The muslims, hispanics and negroes are the perfect poison pill to destroy the West. Anyone else find it curious that these groups have been storming Europe, Canada, the former USA and Australia. There are powerful globalist demonic forces behind it all
      In ending those groups do not feel they are criminal they believe we are the evil ones for not letting them storm the border unchallenged and when they line up to exhaust any and every “gibs me” welfare program that resident Lucifer promised them

  5. This is tragic. I actually love the America I grew up in. But this version of America is a hideous third world monstrosity, filled with corruption on all levels.

    • During the 60’s when I was in the US Navy, every time we pulled up to the dock in home port, after having visited some savage 3rd world shitholes, we would kiss the ground 3 times and give thanks we were back in the USA.
      In a scant 50 years we are now getting to be no different from a 3rd world hell hole

      • My daddy was a Navy lifer aboard destroyers, Korea & Vietnam Vet. I stood many, many times on the docks awaiting the ship to pull into port. I never, not once, saw a military man do this. Nasty!

  6. This is what happens when you have a loser of a man as president and another loser as Attorney General and both were on a mission to give this country away to foreigners. This is why Americans need to be armed because this government will not protect you from this kind of garbage. We need to ship out EVERYONE that slid down the chimney instead of coming in the door. Amazing how illegal even should THINK they have any rights in this country but the golfer in chief has assured everyone that he’ll give them their nonexistent rights.

  7. So glad this is the kind of “people” we are letting in by the thousands. Just what this country needs is more lawless savage free loaders!! It’s why I get up and go to work every day… they will never have to.

  8. I fully expect my comment to be deleted but I will go ahead and post it anyway. Multiculturalism is a divide and conquer technique, plain and simple. White guilt suffering liberals and the bleeding hearts are not solely to blame. It is not only the corrupt so-called leaders we have elected or the endlessly greedy businessmen who hire the savages. A great deal of the responsibility falls on you! Yes you! when was the last time you contacted your local media and ask them why they do not write about or televise the atrocities these third world animals commit on a daily basis in this country. I should say the Jewish run media in this country. Call me you’re racist call me whatever you will but the fact remains the same that this country is willfully being turned into a third-world toilet and most of you do nothing about it.shame on all of you who refused to protect the culture that created the greatest nation this world has ever known. And to my many detractors I say this. Go f*** yourself as your opinion means nothing to me.

    • “most of you do nothing about it.”
      We’ve only been writing post after post for the last 5+ years here on FOTM. For all your blubbering outrage, you never once bothered to go to our “Illegal Immigration” page to see all the posts we’ve done.
      As for your rude crude injunction to us to go F ourselves, since I’m a polite person, I say: “Please, you go first.”

    • I consider f-cking myself an art form. I have been working on this art form since I was 12 years old. I’m very good at it. Maybe you should suggest something else? Like jump off a bridge? Go blow yourself up! !!!! I have NOT tried that one! Wonder if I can still reach!

    • Ah, yes, Edward, and when was the last time you ran for office?

    • ” when was the last time you contacted your local media and ask them why they do not write about or televise the atrocities these third world animals commit on a daily basis in this country” Well, where’s the list of when/who you contacted?
      Maybe you should ask this admin about the “Jewish run media” and their connections.
      “as your opinion means nothing to me” Ditto.

    • Okay-how about telling us what great battles YOU’VE fought to set the Country straight? With someone as powerful and worldly as you THINK you are leading the charges,why is the US STILL in this condition? Don’t even presume to shame US until you can prove yourself “better” than WE are.

    • Edward. Social Media died, as far as being social years ago. G+ was the last bastion of thoughtful reasoned discussion until FB, Twitter users infected it. Blogs remain the sole survivor for thought and reason in civil public discourse. With that said please understand the following:
      1. There is a definitive historical distinction between The Barbarian and The Savage. The Barbarian found in the lore of Norse, Celt, Germanic, Olde English, French and the Cossacks. Acknowledged for their centrality of Warfare and Virility, some argue fertility, The Barbarian could be dealt with, participated in the formation of Western-Civilization not solely as a destructive brutish force as revised history presents. In fact, The Barbarian even opened up new routes, opportunities for trade, commerce and acted as a transmission vehicle for cultures.
      In stark contrast stands The Savage, often for nefarious agenda purposes, used with lazy, dishonest intellectual interchangeability with The Barbarian.
      Yesterday a colleague presented to me The Savage is man in a primal state . This may have been applicable in antiquity however I am suggesting The Savage witnessed of modernity is perhaps of a lower base. [another colleague just the day before discussed Genesis 16:12 KJV]
      The great apes exist in a primal state, as do the lion, bear, wolf. The brutality of the animal kingdom in its primal state is for survival of the species, meeting the primal needs of food, safety and reproduction.
      The Savage of modernity commits acts of brutish violence; rape, murder, riot-theft merely for the acts themselves not for the survival of the species or any other primal needs requirement nor the construction of a civilized society.
      Man with all his technological, scientific advances, exponential explosion of knowledge, access to, it has not progressed at all rather having returned to his ‘BC’ state as in the days of Noah, Genesis 6:1-7 KJV.
      The essential question to ask is why The Savage of modernity is groomed by, injected in and protected by, the system of a supposedly civilized society, western-civilization?
      2. Without making excuse for illegal activities, lawlessness and the specific actions targeting this newspaper, we are still dealing with imperfect humans as ourselves and that not all the ‘incoming’ is self-inflicted if you were to understand: “Systemic Forced Migration, Population Dilution” in its totality by whom and nefarious purpose of Western-Civilizations Deconstruction.
      Systemic Forced Migration; Population Dilution:
      The purpose of systemic forced migration; population dilution is a multi-purpose pogrom implemented under the false pretense of humanitarianism. This false humanitarianism historically has followed manufactured Socio-Economic Political disasters such as war, famine, and environmental. Since the 1990’s however governments have shed the pretense.
      The god of multiculturalism is designed to eradicate homogeneous peoples from their ancestral lands, dilute populations that would otherwise reject the rape and oppression of globalization.
      For the Globalist Elites, Nationalism is the disease. To cure the disease of Nationalism they must affect a significant demographic shift away from the protectors of ancestral lands to those with little or no interest in the preservation of the land, people, history and culture as a national entity.
      Ask why Amerika and Western Europe sponsor South Asian, Middle Eastern, African population shifts to their nation states? Provide them with taxpayer supported housing, medical, education and income for life when indigenous populations are homeless, starving, denied medical attention and cannot afford University.
      Why is the Blood of our Brothers and Sisters shed in South Asia, Middle East, Africa and our Veterans denied care? Suffer the highest rates of homelessness and unemployment? Targeted by government as the Premier Threat to National Security along with Rural White People and Christians?
      Now the question to ask is so what nation states have experienced immigration before what makes it so different today? The obvious answer is intent in conjunction with the cancers of moral and cultural relativism; lack of assimilation into the indigenous society, legal system. In essence setting up miniature foreign states within pre-existing city, state and nation systems.
      So you see Edward, there is a proper, civilized way to express oneself instead of making oneself a case study himself of the savagery you lament.

  9. Dear FOTM, If I may, I originally intended to work in this post with my understanding of ‘The Old Miner [Immigrant] Vs. The New Miner’. However I fear I have wasted too much space having to respond to the knuckle draggers. Please excuse this link drop. Remove it if it is inappropriate and/or a breach of protocols. I attempt my best at staying within the protocols of the civil public discourse platform you run.
    New Miner Take Heed, The Canary has Drawn its Last Breath

  10. After reading the article, and the comments, I am led to wonder this:
    Is this action (by the felonious illegals) a result of Obama shipping them all over the country, so they can respond to any editorials (or anything else the administration would disapprove of) in whatever area the POSPOTUS secretly planted them? Does anyone out there know how many of them there are, where they are now, and what they’re doing?
    We do know that our laws mean nothing to them (which qualifies them for membership in the Democrat Party by itself), so what’s another felony or two. Just add another tat to their body somewhere…..
    It’s all just …… Fundamental Transformation.
    Now, let’s all sing another chorus of “You’ve Got A Friend”…..

  11. Dear Ones…for a decade in my So Cal classroom, we’ve dropped saying the “Pledge of Allegience” down to one day a week, and even then… a spare 10% of the classroom stands and pledges. Many times when you come to the place where you should say “United States of America,” half the class shouts out “MEXICO!” My students graffitti my room all over–desks, counter tops books, with the words “Brown Power.” Lately, I am an art teacher and 75% of the time, for whatever project we are doing, somehow, someway the students find a way to incorporate the Mexican flag into the art project. I’m guessing that half the time, the kids were born in the USA…the “anchor babies” of news reports….the bodies who allowed their illegal parents to remain here. You are paying for this and men and women of our armed forces have died to provide this forum to public school children in America today. Are you getting your money’s worth…are you getting the worth of a soldier’s life out of this?

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