Illegal alien kills Newman police officer, suspect on the loose in sanctuary CA

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Another American citizen permanently separated from his family.

From ABC 7 News: The suspect accused of killing a Newman police officer has been identified and is in the country illegally, according to authorities.

Police believe the suspect, who they have not named, shot and killed the police officer around 1 a.m. on Monday. The suspect’s truck was found outside the city of Newman in a mobile home park, but the suspect is still missing.

The victim is Officer Ronil Singh, a K-9 officer with the Newman Police Department.

Officer Singh is survived by his wife and his six-month-old son. According to friends and family, Officer Singh’s parents and brother currently live in Fiji and are making their way to California.

“Our Newman Police family is devastated by the loss of Ronil,” said Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson. “If anyone has any information regarding the identity of the suspect, please contact law enforcement immediately so we can get this cop-killer off the streets.”

Officers released pictures of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle Monday morning.

They were able to track the truck down to the 26000 block of River Road in Newman. However, the suspect is still on the run.


Here’s a screenshot of the suspect, from ABC7’s news video. The police is not revealing his name at the moment to secure an ongoing investigation.


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7 responses to “Illegal alien kills Newman police officer, suspect on the loose in sanctuary CA

  1. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are responsible for this officer’s blood because they instituted and continued policies that permitted illegal immigration (read: invasion) to continue and increase to the crisis point.

    And California Mental Patient-in-Chief Jerry Brown is also responsible, and directly so, because it was HE who declared California to be a “sanctuary state.” So which is it, Mr. Governor? Do we have the Rule of Law, Yes or No?

    It seems to me that the Democratic Party has such a lock on political affairs in this once-great State that it really should be prosecuted under the RICO Statutes for racketeering. We’re watching the parasites kill the host here.
    And this really does matter: Once the State signals it doesn’t really care about a police officer getting killed, then anything resembling law and order vanishes. Oh Yes, it looks as if INDIVIDUAL OFFICERS care: They’re looking for the killer. But it looks as if THE POLITICIANS really don’t, and that’s because it is THEY who are the parasites. We need more than lip service from them—we need real action and good policy here, totally absent, totally null and void in California. SHAME!

    • I’m sure most are tired of hearing it, but it isn’t “legal” for these state and local entities to simply declare themselves immune from federal law. It is more than interesting that more isn’t done and said about this.

      All states and localities receive funding in one form or another from federal revenues. They also have various reciprocal agreements. Further, their officials take oaths to abide by all laws.

      The higher the official renouncing allegiance the swifter the recourse should be. Governors and state and local elected officials should be particularly vulnerable. By ignoring this, or worse, acting as if they are powerless to do anything about it, is another nail in the coffin for our sovereignty.

  2. I believe this POS is not from Latin America, they are from all over the world. BUILD THE WALL and that includes CANADA, our inconspicuous foe from the north.

  3. Brown, you piece of scum. Here’s another murder on your head. No one else to blame. Governor Brown go to hell and your family. I pray and hope that the next victims’ family is YOU and yours. I hope a MS-13 gang, rapes and beheads you and your whole family. How well do you sleep at night?

    President Trump – shut off ALL MONEY NOW to the corrupt state of MexiCali. Let those SOBs sink in their own misery.

  4. When we look for who is responsible for the death of this young police officer, let’s not forget Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi. President Trump has threatened to close the southern border if he doesn’t get money for the wall. Let’s pray he carries through on his threat. Enough is enough. Build the damn wall!

  5. Yesterday, suspect Gustavo Perez Arriaga was arrested in Bakersfield, Ca. The sheriff said Arriaga is in this country illegally and was trying to flee to Mexico with the help of 5 people, including his brother, his girl friend and a co-worker — who have all been arrested.


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