Illegal alien gets prison for raping 12 year old girl & forcing her to have an abortion

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More like war on teenagers

More like war on teenagers

Everson rapist gets prison for impregnating girl, making her get abortion

Bellingham Herald: An Everson man illegal alien who impregnated a preteen girl and forced her to have an abortion must serve a six-year prison sentence, then leave the country.
Luis Gonzalez-Jose, 31, raped the girl at a home in rural Whatcom County while her mother was in the shower, according to charging documents filed in Whatcom County Superior Court.
He brought the girl to a Planned Parenthood clinic in August 2012. She told staff members that her 14-year-old boyfriend impregnated her, but she couldn’t give the boy’s name or address.
Six weeks after the abortion, the girl told a detective how she had really become pregnant. Gonzalez-Jose had insisted “it would be best for her” to not have the baby, according to the documents.
Gonzalez-Jose pleaded guilty to second-degree rape of a child in April. The girl’s family refused to cooperate with prosecutors, according to a Department of Corrections report.
The department evaluator agreed with the plea bargain, recommending a sentence of six years and eight months in prison, but only on the condition that Gonzalez-Jose can never return to the United States afterward. Otherwise, the report stated, a longer sentence would be appropriate.
Superior Court Judge Charles Snyder approved the plea deal this week.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement will ensure that Gonzalez-Jose is deported upon his release (yeah, right). For now, he’s locked up at the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton.
Here in Washington State, no parental requirement is needed for an abortion. Apparently even for a minor. Shame on Planned Parenthood for being complacent in this crime.

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0 responses to “Illegal alien gets prison for raping 12 year old girl & forcing her to have an abortion

  1. Justice is served. Now, how to wipe the memory and fear out of her mind.

  2. So they are only going to give him six years and then let him out to do it again, people are dummer than rocks. He should be dead.

  3. Chalk up another crime to an illegal . Hopefully he’ll get the Dahmer treatment in the big house . Put him in amongst “The Arayan Nation ” . I’m sure he’ll enjoy his 6 years of ” indentured servitude ” !!!!!!!


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