Illegal alien booked for raping woman, had previous arrest for DWI

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Illegal alien Ala Asaf

Illegal alien Ala Asaf

The Times-Picayune: Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office authorities arrested a Metairie man accused of raping a woman at his apartment. Investigators took Ala Asaf, 34, of 3901 Division St., into custody on Monday (Sept. 14), an arrest report said.
The unidentified victim, an acquaintance of Aasf’s, told investigators she went to his residence Monday after he asked her over under the guise of having important news, according to the arrest report. After the woman arrived, she told deputies she went to the restroom.
When the woman walked out of the bathroom, she found Asaf naked and blocking the front door, the report said. He is accused of dragging her into the bedroom, holding her down by her throat and aggressively kissing her, leaving bruises on her neck and chest, the report said.
He ripped off her clothing and forced himself onto the woman, the report said. After Asaf raped her, she put back on her clothes and left.
Deputies arrested Asaf at his apartment Monday afternoon. He was booked Tuesday at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna with forcible rape.
Asaf was also booked with being a fugitive from the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the arrest report said. No information was available about that charge. Asaf was being held without bond Wednesday at the Gretna jail.
ICE Spokesman Bryan Cox confirmed that the agency obtained an immigration detainer for Asaf. “ICE issued a request that local law enforcement notify us prior to his release,” Cox said.
Few details were available, but Cox said Asaf is in the country illegally. Any action ICE takes will come after the resolution of the criminal charges in Jefferson Parish, according to Cox.
According to Breitbart, this wasn’t Asaf’s first run-in with the law. In January, police arrested him for a reckless operation of a vehicle and a DWI. He didn’t kill anybody, though, so the charges made no blip on the media’s radar. Nor was he identified as an illegal alien.

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0 responses to “Illegal alien booked for raping woman, had previous arrest for DWI

  1. That name sounds rather Muslim to me ! No ! , that can’t be possible . Could it ? Another man from the ” religion of peace ” acting like an a-hole . What’s the world coming to ?

  2. So what’s the fuss? Sounds like a typical Muslim date night. There will be no follow up on this report, but wouldn’t you imagine his attorney or the judge will compete to see which of them can cut this guy loose? Illegally here? What the hell does that mean anymore? This person is not an illegal he is a refugee suffering from PTSD.

  3. Lawless America all enabled by a lawless pseudo-president and a willingly feeble Congress.

  4. Um, why was this woman at a stranger’s apt?
    Why was his first arrest not red flagged as “Illegal” ?

    • The woman was identified as an “acquaintance” of his. On the first arrest, I don’t know why he want identified as illegal. Yet that doesn’t men squat these days…in fact you are free to stay!

  5. I’m certain all he needed was a cold shower. The effects of which could be replicated with a .45

  6. The DOJ is creating a new category for sexual misunderstandings between Muslim warriors and infidel pigs and women in general.
    It may have been collaborative between DOJ and that group that were partying it up in the hot tub the other day at the White House.
    It is called “Attack with a Friendly Weapon” and will carry no penalties but rather rewarded.
    You get vouchers for two free hahal meals for you and your victim at McMohhammeds.
    It doesn’t even cut into the 72 virgin allotment so no worries there either.
    America Truly the Land of Opportunity

  7. This is far from the last we will hear of these crimes, sadly. Things will get out of hand in the near future. Look what happened when Holder made the announcement, “I don’t prosecute my people.” Same here.

  8. As usual….the “Obama Illegally Dreaming System” is a day late, and a dollar short.

  9. sign of the times people, sign of the times…this is where that ‘2nd Amendment’ thing comes in handy.


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