I'll keep my FB profile, TYVM!

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Obama: Replace your Facebook profile picture with my gun control sign

Washington Examiner: President Obama’s grassroots campaign organization is pressing supporters to switch out their Facebook profile picture with a black and white gun control sign. Organizing for America is distributing the digital signs that read: “I am one of the 92 percent of Americans who support universal background checks.”
In an email, OFA said, “There’s another simple thing you can do right now to show the overwhelming support for universal background checks: Take this sign and put it somewhere folks will see it — in your window, on your desk, or maybe upload it as your Facebook profile picture.”
Where’d he get the 92% number from?
While I’m all for proper background checks, I’m not for the private sale of firearms. Besides, criminals won’t ever comply with gun control laws. In the meantime, I’m keeping my FB profile as it is!

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0 responses to “I'll keep my FB profile, TYVM!

  1. It would be a great way to thin out your friends list !

  2. 92%? Sez who? Besides, 87.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
    And Facebook? I’m not tellin’ nobody nuttin

  3. Funny. Shouldn’t he have said he only polled Democrat Liberal fear-mongers?

  4. Are you sure this is a conservative website? Maybe we need background checks for conservatives. With people like this author out there, we may well soon.

    • I’m trying to figure this out;
      “I’m not for the private sale of firearms.”
      How are people to obtain said firearms? Are we suppose to go to the government? Maybe we can snag some of those given to the drug cartels in Fast and Furious.
      I’m so confused.

      • racefish, let me translate what I think DCG meant
        “While I’m all for proper background checks,
        “I’m not for ( background checks)” for the private sale of firearms.
        That make sense. Trust me I know D and don’t mess with her 2nd amendment

    • What’s your problem with me exercising my 2A right?
      I’ve been shooting for 20+ years, have had proper firearm training, frequently go to the gun range, and have my CLP (which involved a background check & fingerprints on file w/the FBI).
      And get this – I’ve killed less people with my guns than good ‘old Ted Kennedy killed with his car.

  5. Doug, you lost me here. What are you trying to say about the author (DCG)
    So would you like to clear up the confusion?

  6. D.C. is well known for pulling arbitrary numbers out of their asses.

  7. Keep up the good work…


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