If you’re on Medicare, you need to watch this!

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Obamacare is costly.

Some of the funding for Obamacare comes from cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

The largest cut to Medicare Advantage will begin in about a month, on October 15, 2012, but seniors won’t feel the full impact of those cuts until well after the November 6 election.

~Eowyn & Joan

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0 responses to “If you’re on Medicare, you need to watch this!

  1. Whether he is re elected or not Obama plans to leave our country in ruins

  2. Here is a good video on Gerald Celente’s predictions on up coming economic events..Gerald Celente makes predictions based on Economic trends and has been amazingly accurate over the years

  3. The government has robbed medicare and social security as well…the money taken from SS trust fund is a large portion of our national debt…you cannot trust the government to look after your retirement funds.

    • Social Security– they got those 174,000 rounds of ammo because, sometimes, illness and Death Panels just don’t reduce those dang costs enough! (Wanna bet some left/libtard has already thought of that?)

  4. I heard now that Obamacare is starting to show up, people are liking what they see. I don’t know what people they’re talking about. I have a friend who is 70 who had a liver biopsy two weeks ago (they went through a vein in his neck). Now he is very ill with an infection and a large knot at the site where they went in; he had to be hospitalized. They are on Medicare. Deductible is now $225 per day. The hospital now employs a person to come to his bed daily and inform him “We take Visa and personal checks, how would you like to pay today??” Disgusting way to treat a person, especially when it was probably their negligence that made him sick.

    • Wait ’til the hospital folk require “gifts” of money or just food to provide care… then we’ll be just like a third-world country!


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