If you have any type of weapon this vid is scary

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Do not ever, ever give up your second amendment.
~Steve~               H/T the ever vigilant Miss May

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0 responses to “If you have any type of weapon this vid is scary

  1. A catapult with small steel ball bearings, works a treat on varmints with four and two legs!

  2. f##king bastards. i knew it was coming no way this is going to be quiet
    i know hundreds of gun owners and no one i know is going to willingly give up their weapons…i would hate to be the lackey that has to go door to door to retrieve weapons because they are going to get shot in the head.. wearing body armor will do no good against a head shot. i guess i had better start doing more practice with my desert eagle damn thing kicks like a mule

    • Yep igor, every gun owner I know will not submit.
      Heck, how’s the government even going to know if some have guns or not? Many can keep a secret 🙂

    • Head shots are iffy things. Lots of stories about people getting shot point blank in the head and not suffering any really debilitating injury – just messy wounds.
      That’s why center mass is taught. More likely to incapacitate.
      Body armor won’t stop rifle bullets unless it is specifically designed to do so…

  3. The way our economy is going, I would imagine that people in the public eye would be a little nervous and people like Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, George Soros, Charles Schumer, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and many, many more Liberals/Progressives are probably super nervous. If they were sincerely honest people, they would have nothing to fear but the selfish, self-centered people of the world are always hounded by guilt so if the population is disarmed, not so much to worry about, except the Mexicans we are arming. If we have no guns, they can walk right into our nation and take what they want. Maybe the drug cartels are offering money to officials that we will never know about!

  4. The time is comming like a runaway freight train to nourish the tree of liberty.
    I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees as a subject of the NWO.
    Semper Peratus!
    Acta Non Verba!

  5. Yeah, who needs an actual bill passed by two house of Congress and signed by the president, when an executive order declaring privately-owned firearms to be a “public health emergency” or some such will do.

  6. Shoot first and worry about it later.
    If you should shoot second, you may not live to worry later.


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