If Ya Can’t Beat Em..Join Em.

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I Wonder if this would work? I sure do miss that video. 


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~Steve~                               H/T    The Short Fella Who Lives With Me

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0 responses to “If Ya Can’t Beat Em..Join Em.

  1. Do ya have to file a FOIA for that? Cause…
    btw where do you get all of those great gif files?

  2. Don’t you sleep either..LOL
    You would have to ask my 13 yr old son about the FOIA on that as he gave me the joke last night.
    .Gif’s believe it or not are getting harder to get and I don’t know why. Matter of fact just rt click the one in post and “save image as” That’s how I get a lot of them.
    I then have a folder on desk I keep em in.
    Or I google “animated .gif whatever” and I don’t know why, but it seems like less and less.. . Check your mail in a few..

  3. Ya bro, fixing to head that way. Thanks for the tip on the gif’s. I don’t use google, I use http://www.startpage.com they use a proxy server so your searches are out of gimmenment reach. Once again thanks bro and i’m off to the rack.

  4. Or whatever search engine you use. I just sent you some. Check your spam. Rack time too

  5. Ya got em just haven’t opened yet. Thanks. You guys keep me busy…

  6. Just had to forward this. It’s too good.


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