Obama's Mentor Was a Satan Worshipper, What Does That Make Obama?

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Many of us know that Saul Alinsky, the leftwing guru of community organizers such as Barack Obama, had dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.
Lucifer was the name of the fallen angel who rebelled against his Creator and so became Satan. In other words, Alinksy dedicated his book to Satan.
Worse than that, in a 1972 Playboy interview before he died, Alinsky so admired Satan he professed he’d rather go to Hell than Heaven. (See “Obama’s Mentor, Saul Alinsky, was a Luciferian“)
Reverend/Dr. James David Manning, of Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, makes a thought-provoking observation in the video below. He points out that, in his many years as a pastor, he’s met many sinners who had fallen away from God but also many who worship and praise God. But Manning had never met anyone who actually praises Satan.
So it is noteworthy that Alinsky openly proclaimed his admiration and praise of Lucifer as “the first radical…who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”
Here’s a screen shot of Alinsky’s dedication from Rules for Radicals:

Manning asks what does this say about those on the Left, especially the President of the United States, Obama, who admire and look up to Alinsky who praised and worshipped Satan. Are they not also Satan worshippers?

Sobering thought….
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0 responses to “Obama's Mentor Was a Satan Worshipper, What Does That Make Obama?

  1. I hope Alinsky got his wish… and found that Satan didn’t provide any K-Y.

  2. Pastor Manning always informs and entertains. Alinsky should be in his corner of Hell with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Idi Amin

  3. You have to wonder if lefty’s ever considered the ludicrous nature of Alinsky’s wish, to spend ETERNITY in Hell. That’s a long time! Do you suppose he (Alinsky) ever considered that Satan didn’t create his own kingdom but was banished to a life of eternal Hell by God the Father. I also find it interesting that there’s no mention of the lake of fire, the judgement for all of this life’s non-believers. I believe that Mr. Alinsky and his followers have only rude shock and awe in store for them, a unique and fair end for a lifetime of sin and disbelief. Very sad way to spend eternity.

  4. Anyone that counts themself a Christian and a follower of Christ, who truly understands the terrible nature of eternity in hell and separation from God, would not revel in the loss of any soul to eternal damnation. Anyone who understands the nature of the Father’s love for humanity and His grief for every lost soul would not smugly find satisfaction in anyone ending up in hell. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

    • Geoff,
      Instead of addressing the substance of my post, you’ve chosen to deflect the focus from Saul Alinsky and Obama onto imaginary faux Christians who “revel in the loss of any soul to eternal damnation” and “smugly find satisfaction in anyone ending up in hell”.
      I certainly don’t do any of that. You are making a conjecture that is as repugnant as it is mistaken.
      Lastly, since you are a Canadian, I suggest you try minding your (Canada’s) own business.

      • Geoff, the problem with the views you express here is that you presume that Dr. Eowyn “revel[s] in the loss of any soul to eternal damnation.” I see no such statement which could be construed as such,

  5. I love Dr. Manning, and was so entertained when I watched his video “Satanic Church Watch” because he brought attention to Andy Stanley’s false teachings. I attend Dr. Charles Stanley’s church regularly and I love him, but like Dr. Manning said his son Andy Stanley is a lot like the story of Absalom. I went to Andy Stanley’s church a few times and he is such a liberal bucket of puke. You can tell he is frustrated that the bible condemns homosexuality because of the way he dances around the issue and coddles the stupid gays. Andy Stanley had praised Obama and said something to the effect of he should be called our first pastor for speaking in support of the victims of a tragedy. This being in spite of Obama’s support of abortion and homosexuality.

    • Dressage Rider

      I also love Dr. Charles Stanley. I do not like the son at all.
      But in answer to the original question about Omoron’s mentor, think of it this way, “he’s a chip off of the old block.” The “apple does not fall far from the tree.”

  6. james d manning tells it like it is he has barry figured out! i like brother james d mannings boldness!

  7. While I agree with your views of Alinsky as a thoroughly despicable and even evil character, I do think you’re taking him a little too literally. Alinsky was an atheist. I hardly think that a man who doesn’t believe in God should be said to have believed in the devil. Alinsky was a communist, an atheist, and a misanthrope who lived to make money by stirring up trouble. If Saul Alinsky were to come back and declare his belief in the God of Abraham and swear on a stack of Bibles or a scrolled Torah, I wouldn’t believe him.

  8. Just read this, great post, great sermon, much needed today. What is wrong with so many pulpits?

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  10. For those who study the Bible, and pray for Godly understanding on a regular basis, this is yesterday’s news. Because of our disobedience of God’s law’s(worshipping and resting on the day of the “sun god” and pagan holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas/Saturnalia, instead of the day God created for rest and worship: The Sabbath[Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; Mk. 2:27-28]and His Holy Days[Lev. 23; Deut. 16]through the years). Obama is nothing more than God teaching us by allowing us to see what we can expect when we leave Him and His Laws out of the picture. On the bright side, the presence of Obama, and the implementation of his satanic policies means the collapse of this country, as well as the Great Tribulation, is occurring sooner rather than later, which means the return of Jesus Christ is literally “at the door”(Mt. 24:12,33).

  11. There’s a classic example that evil is STUPID! Ezekiel 28 clearly out-lines satan’s potential fate: “will turn to ashes from within”! Yeah that pretty final, and brother Saul will be joining him in the ash pit!!

  12. Amen! Marc, very well stated. I hate to say it but many Christians are dumbed down just like the sheeple. The creator of the Universe and everything else gave the Sabbath to mankind not to the Jews. The Jews were not even in the picture for a couple of thousand years. I see the problem as simplistic as Christians read the bible but don’t believe it.
    As for the article it is good and needs to be said and while we are at it we should throw in slick willy’s worse half, billary. She wrote her thesis on her mentor alinsky.

  13. A TURD ?

  14. Sorry you all but I get a kick out of calling the devil Lucifer it is the title name for the last king of Babylon most likely Obama the devil has blinded the eyes of many and they can’t hear the word of God because they have believed the lie

  15. Preach it brother….

  16. Save your own soul while you still have time in this life to do so. It’s simple – https://howtosaveyoursoulandthoseofothers.com/

  17. This explains why obama practices sodomy – an ABOMINATION!

  18. Saul Jewinsky. Evil, leftist, progressive, white hating “chosen person”. Not unlike 80% of the “chosen people” out there.

  19. glendaleburbank

    Brother Manning, thank you for having the intestinal fortitude to speak the truth in a time when : “Those who call the Truth hate speech, are indeed those who hate the truth”. (apologies to coach Dave Daubenmire if I misquoted him). Amen.

  20. So the question asked—“What does that make Obama–Re: Alinsky–another Satan worshiper–? Would not surprise me in the least!

  21. I take that if O’bama’s mentor was a Satan worshiper, it makes him a saint in the Santeria worship, got it? O’bama!


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