If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Are Democrats Such Angry Extremists?

Whenever I hear the expression “Ignorance is bliss”, I think about a television sitcom, or the actors I see in television commercials or in print ads. They’re not just happy, they’re giddy. Indescribably giddy. All because they just saved 15% on their car insurance, or scored tickets to the latest concert. Life, filled with calamities, goes on all around them, but they’re oblivious. Their lives are laughter and mirth.
I can count the number of people I know like that in real life on one hand.
One was a girl I worked with. She was short and covered with tattoos. She smiled constantly. She had a witty mind and every verbal exchange was good for a laugh or a smile. She had no clue about politics or current events. She was nineteen-years-old with a two-year-old daughter, a live-in boyfriend, and she was sleeping her way through every male in the company.
The second was a girl I dated briefly. She also had a witty mind and a contagious laugh. In fact, she never knew when to stop laughing. Everything was a joke. I have no idea where she is now.
The last one was an actress I performed with. She knew nothing of current events, but thought she did. Of course, she was a leftist. Her whole existence was acting, singing and dancing. Last I heard she was a drunk.
So where are all these other giddy, blissful people? And how about this matter of ignorance? If we’re willing to be perfectly honest (and most people aren’t), then it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Democrats are ignorant.
You want proof, you say? Well, take a look out the window. Look at the economic policies that have destroyed our cities. Look at the tax rates and regulations that have strangled small business owners and forced corporations to outsource jobs and factories. Look at our education system. Look at your paycheck, for crying out loud, and how little money you have left after Uncle Sam takes his cut. All of these and more are policies introduced and put into law by Democrats. And yet voters continue to elect them.
Whenever there’s a deadly shooting, the alleged shooter is a Democrat. (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/06/11/sensible-gun-control/)
Whenever there’s a race riot, hate crime, or civil unrest, the people involved are Democrats. (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/black-racism-race-riots/)
Whenever our country’s morals are lowered through crass and vulgar “art” or cinema, the people responsible are Democrats.
We have entire cities that have been under complete Democrat control for decades (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore) or centuries (Atlanta), and they’re all hellholes, filled with violence, crime and anger.
I see a lot of ignorance, but not much bliss. And they all seem pretty angry to me.
Ignorance isn’t bliss. Ignorance is anger. Ignorance is hatred. Ignorance is violence. Ignorance is being a Democrat.

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5 years ago

Our “genuine” and “authentic” selves progressives left/liberals want us to be… so they can more easily rule over us to feel good about themselves for once in their miserable lives.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
5 years ago

This is, at once, a funny and thoughtful post, my initial laughs quickly replaced by an overwhelming sadness for our country.
Since God is Truth, this kind of willful, obdurate ignorance is of the devil, the father of all lies, and those who willfully are ignorant — in spite of all the information available with a simple keystroke on the Internet — are not just dupes, they are the devil’s willing accomplices.

5 years ago

Maybe they are blissful because they are too ignorant to be otherwise. They do nothing to educate themselves on any issues except on those that can personally help them.

Army Vet 4444 (@ArmyVet4444)

Ignorance is a democrat, is perfect placement of problem. When I run across a left slinging democrat, I have learned 3 things that everyone should know. 1) There is no point in arguing with them, they already know everything there is to know. 2) Never bring up facts. They will just yell louder and start calling you names. 3) ALWAYS compliment them on how intuitive they are, and tell that you want them to keep ranting because it’s GREAT for advertisement FOR the “Conservatives” of the world (and it is). The more they yell and rant, those people that haven’t… Read more »