Idiota: Washington DC marriage clerk asks groom for his “passport” after he presented New Mexico driver license

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From NBC Washington: A groom encountered a surprising snag when trying to get a marriage license in D.C. last week: A clerk told him his New Mexico identification wasn’t acceptable because it was from outside the United States. 

“She was so sincere. She said, ‘I’m sorry, my supervisor says we can’t accept international driver’s licenses,’” recounted Gavin Clarkson, who went to get a license with his now-wife, Marina, at the D.C. Marriage Bureau on Nov. 20.

Clarkson said that when he first presented his license to the clerk, she looked at it, went to talk to the supervisor and then asked to see his “New Mexico passport,” he told NBC Washington on a phone call Friday.

He said the clerk was embarrassed and apologetic once the matter was straightened out.

After he informed her that New Mexico was indeed a state, she again went to speak with her supervisor, then told Clarkson, “‘My supervisor and I have verified that New Mexico is a state,'” he recounted.

“Basically, they went back and did a Google search,” he said.

At one point, the clerk also complimented him on his English, he said, noting that his now-wife, who is an immigrant, thought it was hilarious.

Leah Gurowitz, spokeswoman for District of Columbia Courts, wrote in a statement, “We understand that a clerk in our Marriage Bureau made a mistake regarding New Mexico’s 106-year history as a state. We very much regret the error and the slight delay it caused a New Mexico resident in applying for a DC marriage license.”

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8 responses to “Idiota: Washington DC marriage clerk asks groom for his “passport” after he presented New Mexico driver license

  1. Senor Clarkson, go back to Tijuana or your country’s capital, New Mexico City, and enter this country legally. I hate to admit it, but this time, President Trump is right. (Need it be said, Sarc.?)
    The Tavistock education program is working well. We have been dumbed down and we keep on digging. AI versus PI (Programmed Ignorance.)

  2. I don’t think New Mexico is one of the 57 States that Obama said the USA has… You know Barry Soetoro never told a lie…. Wanna buy a bridge??

    • Why, he was a Harvard graduate, don’t you know? Functionaries in the New World Odor don’t have to know geography. They will MAKE geography, just like they make “reality”.

      That guy was such a piece of poop it’s hard to think about him. It really says a lot to see the leftists get all warm and runny at the mention of his name. Lena Reifenshtal could have done miracles with him.

      • Amazing that nobody remembers being in class with him, teaching him or being taught by him….. He literally appears out of thin air to become a Senator…. He was a “community organizer” before his election to the Senate…. My 1st wife said he was the perfect con pulled on the American people…. I can not see things from such a Liberal stance because I can not get my head that far up my ass…

  3. Yes, never fear. Your government minions are hard at work 24/7. Sit back and relax. You’re in good hands. Move along.

  4. And that is what happens when we refuse to teach school children geography.
    The same for civics and history.

  5. I’m betting this woman employee came right out of a Mexifornia HS classroom or college or community college at some point in her life. My CA US History students used to ask me if Mexico was a STATE in the United States of America, and furthermore….even if they knew the USA and MExico were each different, sovereign, nations…..they didn’t know to which one “New Mexico” belonged.

    The West in particular has tested the most woefully ignorant of US Geography, government, and history. This has been on-going for decades….so this doesn’t really single out CA….but includes the entire Left Coast, the Intermountain West, and western parts of the plains…..and I don’t mean, they are just LOW….I mean, typically, when tested against national norms in grades 8 and 11, our Western kids score in the 10’s and teens percentile-wise, while the percentiles in the East sometimes soar up into the 80-percentile or higher. So, they are just not a “little low” in learning their US History and GEography and Government……they are functionally illiterate in it compared to their cohort.


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