Idiot Filmmaker to Hold Summit to Push Blame For Aurora Shooting from Hollywood to Conservatives

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Violent Movie Peddler Calls for Violent Movie Summit

by Christian Toto 26 Jul 2012

Harvey Weinstein knows a thing or two about film violence.

His name is attached to some of the biggest offenders in screen history, from the “Kill Bill” series to the recent “Halloween” remake and “Piranha.”
Now, Weinstein is calling for a filmmaker’s summit to discuss the impact movie violence has on society.

“I think as filmmakers we should sit down — the Marty Scoreseses, the Quentin Tarantinos, and hopefully all of us who deal in violence in movies — and discuss our role in that,” Weinstein said.

Naturally, Weinstein blamed lack of gun control laws for the violence that rocked Aurora, Colo. last week, ignoring the fact that guns aren’t permitted in the theater where the massacre took place.
Weinstein’s gesture is a typically liberal response, call it Feel Goodism 101. Does anyone think the likes of Tarantino or Scorsese are going to change their ways based on this horrific incident?
Of course not.
Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” influenced the mentally unstable John Hinckley, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan. Did the director throw in the towel on violent movies as a result? Just rent “The Departed” or “Gangs of New York” for a quick and brutal answer.
This is all just posturing, a chance to keep the heat off Hollywood and insulate filmmakers from future finger pointing.
This pompous ass has no intention of curbing violence in his films, his real intention is to blame Conservatives, the NRA and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution for the violence in America. He’s just ANOTHER America hating POS.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Idiot Filmmaker to Hold Summit to Push Blame For Aurora Shooting from Hollywood to Conservatives

  1. I feel safer already. They will make (and remake) any crap that sells tickets!

  2. Hollywood is a communist infested rat’s nest,boycott them.

  3. Something to know. Every time one of the above mentioned movies comes out there is an up tick in violence in the community. Victims of crime should be violently bringing legal action against those film makers each time. But this fact is always hushed up in the news when it comes to putting two and two together. The worst offender was a movie called Warriors. It was so bad the producer was demanded by government to pull the movie after the first few days in theatres. If someone made a movie showing the connection of these things I have mentioned it would help society turn against the creators of golly for Lucifer, the satanic men of show business.

  4. As far as the Colorado shooter, it’s known he was always popping Vicodin drugs. There has not been even one news report to put stricter controls on drugs, not even one. The second problem with the Colorado shooter is where did he get all the guns and gear and gas granades he had? This stuff is expensive. So far no one has mentioned where the money came from for all this stuff. My idea is he had help and there may be others involved financially.

  5. Weinstein produced LOTR. I think they used him as the model for the Orcs.

  6. The whole thing is an orchestrated hoax. Pathetic

  7. Weinstein is a second rate hypocrite. While harboring contempt & hatred for the public, he’s still willing to hornswoggle them out of their money. I’m sure it would be a real mind expander to hear what Weinstein & his ilk really say about non-Jews among themselves, in private. For Kissinger, U.S. soldiers are nothing but cannon fodder. For Weinstein, non-Jews are a projection of his own demented mental crud & self-loathing.
    Far beyond arrogance & self-adulating vanity, by-en-large, Hollywood is populated with a gaggle of psychopathic, self-serving & pretentious pyromaniacs, torch bearers who set fires & send out their emissaries of disassembly & darkness to take pictures, spin the message & do damage control – often “recasting” their victims (sensible & moral firearms owners) in roles of victimizers. Hollywood has been managing & directing America’s mental terrain long enough. To a large extent, the corruptions & violence in todays America, are largely an excretion of their handiwork. That’s why it’s called the “craft,” and why vetting actors for roles is referred to as central “casting” – as in a “casting” of spells. This is occult Hollywood, in which the normal is perverted & the perverted made normal, & in which the good guys are gratuitously defamed & slandered by moral imbeciles.

  8. i like sam peckinpah movies and they where known for their violence especially violent scenes filmed in slow motion with lots of blood and such and as i recall no one walked into a theatre and shot up a bunch of people he did not know.. plus there was the three stooges violent comedy, bugs bunny and wiley coyote violent cartoons tom and jerry more violence.. of course i would bet more people went to church in those days and weren’t yet brainwashed by the crap the liberal media has been dumping on us for the last 40 years or more.

  9. Hey, they forgot to blame Bush!

  10. Since I dumped my TV ten years ago, I can’t even watch these films anymore.
    I remember watching Reservoir Dogs with friends, a long time ago. Great show! Oh so funny, when that idiot (i forgot his name) tortures that guy sitting in the chair. ripping his ear off.
    Recently I saw that scene again. I lasted 10 seconds, than I HAD to look away: no longer desensitized, I was unable to bear the trauma.

  11. I know the Weinsteins are in the dictionary under “filth” (or is it “alleged human being”?) but we need to split a hair here…
    It’s not necessarily the violence portrayed on screen; It’s the nihilism. There is plenty of cursing in “The Exorcist,” and yet it is a good Catholic picture. John Wayne had plenty of punches and shootouts in his movies, and he is the quintessential American everyone wanted on his side in a fight. Even “A Clockwork Orange” has, despite its nihilism and cartoon-like violence, a Catholic message. (I spoke with Anthony Burgess when he came to Queens College years ago).
    We are repeating the harvest of nihilism sown in the 1960s by such illustrious moral cretins like Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, the ACLU, John Lennon and the like. Because their nihilism weaned the generations that followed, this is what we get—movie moguls like the Weinsteins, or directors like Quentin Tarrentino, whose “Kill Bill” was the WORST movie made since Jodorosky’s “El Topo.”
    But wait, there’s more: Just wait until this nihilism filters down to commercials and advertising. Why not? It’s not just in the movies. It’s in the news. It’s even in politics now!

  12. Blaming movies is stupid and pointless. The government is never going to tell filmakers how much blood, nudity, or profanity they can have in their movies. Sounds like something Fidel Castro would do. Don’t like American Movies? Move to Cuba!


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