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I can’t believe Seattle residents keep re-electing “Baghdad Jim McDermott“.  Well, actually I can but they are stoopid.  About as stoopid as the things Jim said about the jobs stimulus program in this interview with Neil Cavuto.

“We have no way to get groceries to our people who are up in the space lab…” (around 2:00 mark).
What a moron.
h/t Gateway Pundit

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  1. I expected much worse from McDermott. I don’t think he sounded like an idiot. He is a progressive; a union guy. He’s promoting that agenda. We don’t agree with it but we need to accept where people are coming from and persuade them they are wrong. Neil Cavuto is a great example of how to treat those you don’t agree with. Just my opinion, of course,

    • Well, trying to persuade a lib like Baghdad Jim, so stuck in his progressive ways, is impossible. Cavuto was polite, as he always is, yet knows he’ll have no impact on Baghdad’s opinions.
      This wasn’t the worse from McDermott? Econ 101 was never this tenured public servant’s forte….

  2. Looks as though Baghdad Jihad Jimmy Jr. forgot his turban.
    I guess Dick “The Turban” Durbin failed to loan him a freshly laundered one.
    I hate and despise traitors.


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