Studies of identical twins show homosexuality is acquired, not genetic

Gay Pride Parade, Miami Beach, 2013

Gay Pride Parade, Miami Beach, 2013

For no scientific reason, we’ve all been brainwashed into believing that homosexuality is not by choice, that homosexuals are born that way.
But eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the United States and Scandinavia during the last two decades all have arrived at the same conclusion: homosexuality primarily and overwhelmingly (90%) is an acquired disposition, instead of genetic.
The findings of those studies are presented in Chapter 10, “Twin Studies: the strongest evidence,” of Neil E. Whitehead, Ph.D., My Genes Made Me Do It! – Homosexuality and the scientific evidence (Third edition, Oct. 2013). (You can download the book, free, in PDF format here; or buy a copy here.)
Dr. Neil Whitehead is the author of over 140 published scientific papers. His Ph.D. is in biochemistry, 1971, New Zealand. He was employed as a scientist with the New Zealand government for 24 years, at the United Nations for 4 years, and more recently as a scientific research consultant to Japanese universities on the effects of radiation exposure.
Before I present the findings in Dr. Whitehead’s Chapter 10, “”Twin Studies: the strongest evidence,” we first need to know the importance of studying identical twins.


Identical or monozygotic twins occur when a single egg is fertilized to form one zygote (hence, “monozygotic”) which then divides into two separate embryos that grow and develop into identical twins. Being formed from the same zygote, identical twins therefore have identical genes or DNA. Furthermore, being in the same womb, the twins also share identical pre-natal biological conditions.
As a result of having the same genes and prenatal conditions, identical twins are perfect subjects for scientific study to determine whether a disease, disposition or personality attribute is caused by nature (genes) or nurture (acquired). If homosexuality is caused by genetics and/or prenatal conditions in the womb, then identical twins will always be identical for same sex attraction. That is, if one identical twin is homosexual, the co-twin should also be homosexual. In other words, the same sex attraction (SSA) concordance should be 100%. 
(In contrast, fraternal or dizygotic twins usually occur when two eggs are separately fertilized by two different sperm cells, but are implanted in the uterus wall at the same time. The two eggs or ova form two zygotes, hence the term “dizygotic twins”. Fraternal twins have different DNA and really are two ordinary siblings who happen to be born at the same time.)

Identical twins and homosexuality

Twin registers are the foundation of modern twin studies. We now have very large twin registers in many countries, one of the largest in use is in Australia with more than 33,000 pairs of twins on the books, all of whom are prepared to assist in general research. A team of Australian researchers used that twin register and, in 2000, published their findings as:

  • J. M. Baily, M. P. Dunne, and N. G. Martin, “Genetic and Environmental influences on sexual orientation and its correlates in an Australian twin sample,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 78:524-536.
  • S. L. Jones and M. A. Yarhouse, Homosexuality. The use of scientific research in the church’s moral debate (Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP, 2000).

The Australian identical twins study found that for self-declared lesbians and “gays,” the pairwise concordance is 14% and 11% respectively. Five later and very large studies found very similar results.
A same sex attraction (SSA) concordance of 11% means that when one of a twin pair from a general twin registry is homosexual, his co-twin is homosexual one time in nine, or 11% of the time, which is not very much.

Note: Don’t confuse the 11-14% SSA concordance in studies of identical twins with the 2-3% incidence of homosexuality in the general population. 11% SSA concordance among identical twins does NOT mean that homosexuality was found in 11% of identical twins; it means if one of a pair of identical twins is homosexual, there’s an 11% chance that the other twin is also homosexual.

Since DNA and prenatal conditions account for 11% SSA concordance, that means the percentage due to genes or DNA is even smaller, less than 11%. Furthermore, identical twins usually also grew up in the same family environment. All of which means that “neither genes nor upbringing is very important” as determinants of homosexuality. Instead, something(s) else that was not shared by identical twins accounts for the SSA.
Put simply and bluntly, homosexuals are not born that way. (In fact, no homosexual gene has been found or is expected to be. See Chapter 9 of Whitehead’s book.) 
Nor do people become homosexual because of upbringing. Fuller studies, which include fraternal twins, show that for SSA the effect of upbringing is low and even less than that of genes. Results from twin studies for very many traits show family influence is less than genetic influence. In other words, parents are usually not directly involved in making a son or daughter homosexual, either genetically or through parenting.
Dr. Whitehead writes:

This degree of concordance [11%] now has the backing of half a dozen major twin studies so is very unlikely to change. So the following conclusion will not change in the future either: The predominant cause of SSA both in men and women is individual post-natal random reactions to biological and environmental factors.

Random events and homosexuality

Unusual random events, e.g., some early sexual experience such as pornography or molestation, can have extraordinarily powerful influences by impressing themselves on our memory, and affect our responses and behavior for years. If an event or feeling has been mulled over numerous times for years, it is important, possibly formative, and may even be a mind habit.
Whitehead writes, “There is a wrong but popular impression that SSA development is a great mystery. But in many ways it’s no more mysterious than the development of heterosexuality.” Many homosexual men and women, recalling incidents which they believe were instrumental in the development of their SSA, recount clear early memories of one particular thing done or said in families that deeply influenced their later choices. Otis and Skinner in a non-twin study identified some of them by sampling a group of SSA men and women who said the factors in the figure below had at least some influence on their orientation, such as positive same-sex experiences.
Otis & Skinner study on factors influencing SSA
So what are the random factors experienced by one identical twin but not another which play a greater role (89%) than DNA and prenatal conditions in developing same sex attraction? Here are some examples:

  • Sexual abuse (same sex for men, opposite sex for women).
  • Exposure to “gay” porn (mostly for men).
  • Parental preference.
  • Rejection by a parent.
  • Bad experience with or rejection by opposite sex.
  • Gender-atypical physical feature(s), e.g., slight body built (for men); obesity, physical unattractiveness or unfemininity (for women).
  • Fetishes.
  • Middle age (for women): note the Hollywood actresses who, in middle age, have come out as lesbians, e.g., Kelly McGillis (Top Gun) and Meredith Baxter (Family Ties).
  • Parental encouragement to be gender atypical, e.g., dressing little boys in girl’s clothes.
  • Single parent family (no male role model for boys).
  • Cultural approval/disapproval.

The Australian identical-twins study was of adult twins. A large ongoing study of tens of thousands of adolescent students in the United States found even lower SSA concordances in identical adolescent twins of only 7.7% for males and 5.3% for females—lower than the 11% and 14% in the Australian study. Moreover, not only is SSA concordance less in adolescents, it is also more malleable — adolescents with SSA generally change their attractions from year to year.


Given the scientific findings that:

  1. Homosexuality overwhelmingly is not inborn or genetic, but is acquired as a result of random experiences (and reaction to those experiences), which include pornography, broken homes, and cultural approval/disapproval;
  2. Sexual orientation in adolescence is very malleable.

And given the transformation of American culture and society into one of broken, single-mother homes; where pornography (including gay and tranny porn) is widely available online; where homosexuality and sexually deviant behaviors increasingly are not just tolerated, but accepted and celebrated; and where Christianity is on the wane, we can expect more young people to identify themselves as homosexual and transsexual. Already, 1 in 2 of young people in the UK identify themselves as not 100% heterosexual. That is America’s dismal future.
H/t FOTM Facebook reader Dianne Allyn-Fowler
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0 responses to “Studies of identical twins show homosexuality is acquired, not genetic

  1. My father was an identical twin born n 1926. Few people could tell them apart until they were out of college. The two had identical upbringing as far as I know, but their parents were very strict and very religious, almost to an extreme. Both joined the Navy as soon as they turned eighteen and served together. Here is where they went different directions. My father pursued a career in architecture and design, while my uncle went to law school at Tulane in New Orleans. It was here that he began a rather colorful and dangerous lifestyle, becoming one of the major lawyers for New Orleans’ mob boss. (no names needed, but very scary). Perhaps this wild and very dangerous life led to homosexuality–I have NO idea.

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  3. Ridiculous. Scientific fact – the mind boggling mixture of myriad genetic traits produces a continuum of male/female characteristics in the embryo. These characteristics may be influence in some manner by life experiences

    • Is that the extent of your rebuttal to the 20 years of work and studies, as outlined above? Because it’s not convincing me.

  4. Oh no, Lady Gaga will be upset… deal with it.—Ugm9m7T–/1865u5x4blp2zjpg.jpg

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  6. The lesbian social commentator Camille Paglia has said, in words to this effect that, “Procreation in nature is the one single relentless rule. Homosexuality is an adaptation.”
    Whatever her precise quote, and whatever her orientation or preference, she is correct. (Fine Point: I cannot remember if she said “adaptation” or “maladaptation.”) In nature, procreation is the “one single relentless rule.” It is not necessary for the individual’s survival, but it is necessary for the survival of the species.
    From what little I do know of the Old Testament, God does not resort (to my knowledge) to psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or dialogue. He calls the males “sodomites,” men who prefer this to natural relations. He endured their evil for a time. Then he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. (Archaeologists believe they have located the remains of these towns; The stones left in them are burnt black).
    Evil is defined as a privation. It has a pathology, but no nature or essence of its own. Why do some people acquire “same sex attraction” (which may be a more precise term, biologically or psychologically, than the politicizeable term “homosexual”)? Especially since a lesbian herself, Ms. Paglia, has (correctly) identified the condition as an “adaptation” or a “maladaptation”? I do not know. I do not know if the answer can ever be known, in the sense after which Jesus Himself (in another context) asked the question, “The heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can fathom it?” But it is obvious—especially since a number of studies have been done, as has been cited in this article—that same sex attraction is a privation, either in its intent—if it freely chosen—or in the results that follow from a misinformed choice.
    This is not to suggest that people with this condition be persecuted: Far from it. We are to “judge righteously,” which means to love (or respect, as a person) the sinner, while, at the same time, detesting the sin or privation. For those persons who identify as homosexual or lesbian to insist upon moral equivalence with heterosexuality is to deny the privation their condition obtains—and this can only be done by politicizing the issue (which, corporately, they have proved willing to do). I see the Master Plan, given all that has devolved since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s: The goal is to invert reality and declare the normal to be equal to a state of privation: Deviance has become the norm. It is nihilism—a word whose meaning we had better become well-familiarized with as our society descends into madness.
    Friedrich Nietzsche, I have read your books.

    • Fantastic post, Steven B! Most riveting observation: ” For those persons who identify as homosexual or lesbian (& my insert—or all those other “alternatives offered up in today’s social stream) to insist upon moral equivalence with heterosexuality is to deny the privation their condition obtains—and this can only be done by politicizing the issue……..”
      Of course LGBT!@#Z whatever, could ONLY have become a “class of protected citizens” in the eyes of the court, by politicizing what they prefer to do with their sexual organs. I am so mind-boggled over this ruling b/c, the lawful precedent set for protected classes has ALWAYS been based on conditions over which persons are BORN with….genetically…such as race, disability, BIRTH gender….and NEVER EVER about unproven science…or about BEHAVIOR of any sort, let alone sexual behavior due to whatever gender someone MIGHT identify with……on any given day. Activist court-much?????
      I really have no beef with my homosexual or lesbian friends…or other….Because of my present public teaching job, AND my past arts studies and a career in which one of my children ended up working…I’ve had present/recent students and since the 70’s I’ve also had long-standing friendships with those who have identified with opposite gender orientations, whom are quite often found in more “artistic” fields….or at least….in the past were most often more willing to “be themselves” with their peers in the field (less “judgmental” artsy-fartsy people?) In heart-felt talks with one or two with whom were closest, and still are—we’ve expressed the sorrow that we feel that no matter how it “all shakes out” for them, it was not then, is not now, and never will be, a comfortable life for them….no matter how many court rulings or social awarenesses/acceptances come about. The discomfort in their lives largely arise out of their OWN dis-ease with their lives, regardless of evolving acceptance in the general society and, certainly, with law. (And, PS……this is not a “study,” but….I’ve never ever had a gay or lesbian peer with whom I’ve discussed this….who was NOT sexually mollested as a young child or young teen by a same-sexed pervert….Pretty much this was the first shared “variable” I was able to identify without a huge multi-million-dollar linear multi-year government twin study behind me.)
      Finally, my REAL “beef” with this small slice of society is that the POLITICIZED court, at their behest, ruled that they could “marry.” I resent the court “crossing over,” in the sense that the word “marriage” pertains to a MAJOR sacrament in the Christian Church (as well as the Judeo-Christian ethic that first evolved/ identified this concept within their tenants and their relationship with God). I would not be peeved over the court ruling that they could establish legal CIVIL unions. But these are NOT “marriages.” So, maybe I am quibbling over semantics….but to Christians and most Jews….this is a HUGE sticking point…..but our courts have not bothered to differentiate their language as separate from Judeo-Christian verbiage …..even though they most times go OUT OF THEIR WAY to separate these language differences in OTHER rulings….such as in rulings over public displays of nativities or the 10 Commandments…or etc….it becomes “free speech,” and therefore, NOT religious. BUT…..upon ruling that sexual preference is a CIVIL RIGHT ( a wholly DIFFERENT set of rules within our ammended Constitution)….they include the church SACRAMENT of “marriage” as the outcome of this “right.” I am just a stupid average American, but THIS TRULY FLUMMOXED me.

  7. I know of three sets of adult female “identical” twins of which one is left-handed and the other is right-handed. This tells me that all “identical” twins are not exactly identical. To the best of my knowledge, genetic studies haven’t yet found a gene or genes for handedness. Of the various reports on the identical twin studies that I have read, none have mentioned handedness. But since all six profess to have been their current handedness since being small children, I have to assume that it is a genetic trait and not something that is learned. All six claim to be straight and not homosexual.

    • In Chapter 10, Dr. Whitehead did allude to left-handedness — that studies of identical twins show a concordance of 13% for left-handedness, i.e., if one twin is left-handed, there’s a 13% chance the other twin is also left-handed, which suggests left-handedness is only somewhat genetic.

    • Dan….medically, you can’t base differences in monozygotic twins on “handedness.” There is a common condition of twinning called “mirror twinning” where everything is still the exact same, except, in one, what is “left” is “right” in the other. This means all features, not just handedness…. like where the hair parts, the way the teeth or nose or other features express themselves. So, handedness is a non-starter in twin studies.

  8. the fact that our sick society is pushing so hard to disprove God’s natural order should show SSA is simply propaganda…against Jesus.
    Any “christian” who believes SSA is a “natural” phenomenon or is genetic has been fooled by the devil.

  9. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that, just think about it, have you ever seen one baby want to have a go at another baby in the rear.. never, have you ever seen a baby trying to prostitute itself…never, have you ever seen a baby tryin’ to murder somebody… never, have you ever seen a baby trying to steal something…never, so nobody is born homosexual sodomite, it is acquired, if they claim that they are born like that then prostitutes, murderers, thieves and more can all claim they were all born like that, then that would then free them from their guilt if they were born like that, no they as babies did not know about such matters, they acquired such SIN later in life.
    If I were to have affairs outside of my marriage, could I claim that I was born that way… never because I never would have known about it as a baby, then and would only have acquired it later on and I never would have been married when I was born, it is therefore an acquired SIN, brought on by entertaining such thoughts!
    We all get tempted by various thoughts, but the thing is not to entertain such thoughts. If I entertain the thought of sex outside the marriage, or entertain the thought of murder or entertain the thought of theft or any other sin, and do not push it out of my mind when it arrives, then I would eventually go over into the sinful deed as I get more comfortable through entertaining wicked thoughts!
    So no… nobody is born that way.

  10. What about the fact that in the last fifty years or so everything that touches our food supply or skin at some point is made out of plastic. They can make anything into a plastic with some of the seven basic chemicals. One of those chemicals is BPA. All seven chemicals at a molecular level look identical to synthetic estrogen and affect our hormones. They have over feminized women and feminized men over the last few years. Do to this gradual affect of these chemicals They have changed the way we think and act as a society for a reason. They want to control us and make us more docile. No Thanks

  11. I am sure female hormone mimickers in the environment could have an influence on people’s sexual preference.

  12. Took some Genius with a good eye to figure this out!!!
    No one is born gay like no one is born a child molester!!!
    Most of them are made that way by their wayward MOMMIES!!!!

  13. Great post.
    Global Homogeneousity?
    (too big a word for a bumper sticker or Al Gore)
    Continuum is libspeak.
    I do not think gender can be put into the same conversation as sexual preference or handedness.
    How can you base a society on genetic aberrations or emotional maladaptations induced by trauma?
    Turn main street into a succession of freak shows in the name of diversity (libspeak)
    You can if you are a communist posing as a nihilist.
    I write left handed throw a baseball and bat left handed, but play piano and guitar as a righthanded person. My guess why is that there is no such thing as a left handed piano, and the nuns didn’t correct me for holding the pen in my left hand; and maybe mild dyslexia The theory once was handedness was the consequence of birth trauma caused by forceps.
    Because of Western social changes, the pedophiliac rape culture muslims are predicted to overrun our societies in a few generations.
    BHO was going to explain all this to us last night in the SOTU, but he got bored up there telling us how it is, how it ain’t and who we were.
    Besides He had to go home and work on his acceptance speech as Secretary General.
    Will the oath keepers show the same respect for the Office of the UN Secretary General as they have the POTUS?

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  15. Don’t say we all have been brain washed to believe being gay is
    genetic, it is by choice like any other sinful act@

  16. I cannot take this article seriously as they completely failed to acknowledge the connection between confused sexual orientation and exposure to a chemical such as BPA in the womb. Google it. Combine that with the possibility that a genetically acquired predisposition to chemical/hormone sensitivity most likely exists…..well there you go……environmentally triggered genetic predisposition…..and since you’d share the same genes with your twin, you are both at an equally elevated chance of being effected. I wouldn’t be surprised if this study was funded by the National Association of Plastics Producers or something similar.

  17. Once we have a constitutional convention and stop homosexual marriage,
    put the bibles back in the classrooms, stop NAFTA & GAT, break-up the
    Big Banks & Big Corps, make English the only language of our country,
    pull out of the U.N., the Build the boarder walls, send the Muslims home, send the illegals home, then we’ll have our country back.
    Let the $billionaires in Mexico pay for their own people.
    STOP GLOBALIZATION, & the carbon taxes paid to AL GORE.
    End the EPA/ Dept of EDUC/let states do their own regulations.
    TRUMP 2016

  18. well of course it’s acquired… it’s demon possession, the work of satan.


  20. In total agreement with Bob Smith and Mr. Anderson !

  21. Yes, something happened to them when they grew up. I believe most can be attributed to a lack of a REAL father or an overbearing mother.

  22. Thanks for this.
    There are people out there who actually want, not just need, to be told the truth, people who live a whatever-sexual lifestyle. They are becoming disillusioned, waking up and realizing they’ve been had, and are looking for the way out. If these are people who have acquired their lifestyle, say due to traumatic experience or toxic overload of their hormone system (I understand, been there, with respect to the former), etc., then doesn’t it stand to reason that for those truly seeking out change and are willing to walk out their salvation with fear and trembling, should be supported and given the help they so desperately need? People, those who sincerely want and ask for it, need to be made aware of the causes and consequences of their actions (thus able to own it), in a manner they can receive it, so they can repent, return to Abba’s standards and break free. It is not an easy walk out, I won’t lie, but with great persistence, the help of committed supporters who tell the truth who are even more persistent and tenacious (no matter how ugly it gets because of the struggle), the finished work of Yeshua (Jesus) through the cross, the unfathomable love of our Heavenly Abba, the declaring of His Word daily, and by the power of His Holy Spirit, it is possible. This is an excellent, powerful article to present to those who want and need to know the truth. Many thanks again.
    Political correctness seems to be Satan’s ace card these days, in so many ways and in so many levels, and it is working very well, especially in churches, increasingly. I wonder if this is what Yeshua (Jesus) had in mind when He taught about the salt that lost its saltiness?

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  25. This would be a great conversation to be had on Speerty ( They allow you to discuss politically correct/incorrect issues anonymously, within your circle of friends that reside on Facebook or Twitter – you can also create private or public groups to bring them into the discussion. By speaking with them anonymously, no one feels the attribution bias associated with particular people. Give it a shot.

  26. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most incredible post, in which you meticulously set forth documentary evidence in this matter to support your truthful conclusions. I will copy this post and study it again, as it is so in-depth and significant.

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  29. You’ve presented a lot of important research findings, and I plan to read that Australian twin study. Thank you!
    I’m not sure about this statement though: “the twins also share identical pre-natal biological conditions.” I could be wrong, but I read somewhere that twins don’t necessary experience the same conditions in the womb. Can you confirm this?
    I also think you could improve this statement: “we’ve all been brainwashed into believing that homosexuality is not by choice, that homosexuals are born that way.”
    In my view, a sexual desire for a person of same sex is not a choice. A person cannot choose who they are attracted to.
    btw; I wrote a short essay (500 words) called “What Causes Sexual Orientation: Nature and Nurture.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

  30. This is an EXCELLENT piece. Right after Vatican II and continuing to today, the acceptance of “gayness” was almost as prevalent as “Liberation Theology”. It has now become as much a fixture in “conventional” lib-think as “global warming”.
    Just like we are no longer ‘allowed’ to discuss obvious anecdotal evidence related to genetics, we must not dare challenge the “get of of jail free” card of queer sex. “I can’t help it, I was born this way” is simply NOT true.
    Think of the implications. Instead of advising these deviants to seek help, we are encouraging them to embrace their insanity. Now they’ve taken it a few steps further with this “gender compendium” idea.
    Besides the simple bad science that led to the feverous embrace of the concept (biological predestination), we further confuse the issue by addressing all deviant sexuality as if it were all the same. As an example, many women (more so than men) embrace homosexual behavior as a sort of political statement. It is especially disingenuous to suggest that they were “born that way”, when many had long-term, successful heterosexual marriages.
    It is very difficult to argue with this research. The response to homosexuality should not be “acceptance”. It should be the sympathy shown to a cancer sufferer and assistance at all costs.

  31. People of this mindless media age (MMA) are confusing sex with love: love may include sex but having sex or being sexually attracted to someone or some things–animal (disgusting–where’s the DNA gene for that) or human–is NOT love. I have many things and people I love that I do not want to have sex with. Many people have sex with people they do not love–prostitutes, one night stands–you name it. The finding in this article is absolutely correct and our fetishism (it could be good or bad, useful or useless, etc.) is not limited to just sexual orientation. Look back into your life and seek that non-thinking moment that stirred your emotion strongly (without judgement) and that thing will be the most pronounce imprinted preference in your life.


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