Idaho Jumps on Union-Busting Bandwagon; Teachers Help Kids Cut Class

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What’s the biggest lesson being taught in public schools right now? Blowing off class is just fine as long as you do it to help the union’s agenda.

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Teenagers in Idaho put this to the test yesterday with infuriating results. As the state capital debates a sweeping reform bill to curb union power, students saw it as a chance to make their liberal puppet masters teachers proud.
First, it began inside the classroom with teachers using instruction time (paid by tax dollars) to indoctrinate their students on the horrors of union-busting:

“There’s been a handful of my teachers that have talked about it,” Nate Fisher said. “We’ve had classroom discussions about it, so I think that there is some understanding about the bill.”

No word on whether there have been classroom discussions about tea party concerns.
These lectures – er, discussions – prompted kids to feel justified in acting on behalf of their teachers. They organized a “walk out” Monday. Observe tax dollars hard at work in Idaho:

At 8:30 a.m. they walked out of class and met in the commons area where they discussed the bills, listened to speeches, signed petitions and wrote letters. Many of the students then drove around town honking their car horns, and later walked the streets shouting, “We’re tired of talking, now we’re walking.”

American High School Vice Principal Travis Hansen said he let students participate in the event as long as they signed out at the office before they left.

When local reporters asked if it was such a good idea for these kids to miss class, other principals made more excuses for them:

Principal David Ross said there is no way to stop students from leaving, and that most have only missed one class.

“They’re missing a class, an elective class that they don’t have a final in, and they’re just going out by period,” Ross said.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t remember my school having such a lackadaisical attitude about students disappearing in the middle of the day. I guess I just had the wrong principal.
Exit question: after witnessing just how important attendance really is to these principals, will parents still feel motivated to make them attend every day?

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0 responses to “Idaho Jumps on Union-Busting Bandwagon; Teachers Help Kids Cut Class

  1. Candance Moore

    Yep. And it’s criminal the way these teachers are using both their influence and public funds to get these kids to do what they want.
    If Sarah Palin had paid one of them 10 bucks to watch Trig during school hours, she would have been sued for ethics violations.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Civics is not included in the education curriculum; but, participating in a political demonstration meets an educational goal?

  3. This is out of control…school unions are nothing but obviously blatant with their tactics. So much for govt education…


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