Ice Cream Alert!

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This is just too sweet not to share:
Publix has a new ice cream that is just the cat’s a$$ of ice creams.
It’s called Publix Premium Limited Edition Coconut Road ice cream.
It is so new I cannot even find a pic of it on the Internet.
– And it is on sale this week for $3.50 for a half-gallon carton.
A partial list of ingredients is coconut, chocolate coated pralines, chocolate almond fudge, and dulce de leche caramel.
LOL – God bless the folks at Publix, because they have finally found a way to package unmitigated sin in a carton. 😀

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0 responses to “Ice Cream Alert!

  1. Minus the coconut and this would be yummy!

  2. Before I finished reading, I wondered if this was going to be a political joke relating to George Zimmerman with the “coconut” comment. Like I have heard of when people gripe about hispanics being conservative the label is a “coconut,” white on the inside, brown on the outside (like calling blacks “oreos.”) I wondered if it was gonna be a spin on this joke about Obama ice cream being half chocolate, half vanilla, and full of fruits and nuts.

    • Fret not, Julia, as this post was only about the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

    • Good joke, Julia!
      I would add pieces of broken glass to the Obama ice cream. If I had a bowl of the worst ice cream ever made, it would look just like the Obama Ice Cream.
      Obama Ice Cream contains broken glass

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Aw, Dave, you bad boy! Now you have me craving a dish of ice cream.

  4. No Publix here in the Great North Woods where we take our
    ice-cream so seriously that we have it trucked in….
    but it sounds good…
    and this from a guy with his picture on the Scwhans Hall of Fame

  5. you guys are funny! 🙂 your too easy Terry LOL.

  6. Terry,
    Yeah, Publix’s sales are a little strange, as not only do they vary from region to region, but sometimes from store to store around here.
    But they hit a home run with this ice cream. 😀


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