I Will Not Be a Minion

In an ongoing series about grassroots politics and the RINO leadership of the Washington State Republican Party, Doug Parris wrote this cautionary warning to Tea Party members.    
We are being treated as  “minions.”    Is the Tea Party Movement “a servile follower or subordinate of  people and organizations in power?” 

Today’s Tea Party Crossroads: Unity, Principles, CONTROL

February 23, 2011 by Doug Parris

Walking past a radio tuned to KTTH, I heard the voice of David Bozé interviewing Nansen “Nan” Malin (pronounced to rhyme with “Hansen Saltine”), former minion of former Chair Luke Esser (R, Seiu). Bosé gushes over Malin’s “new media” expertise. Malin gushes back with the voice of a tiny pixie (I hadn’t noticed this super-soprano characteristic speaking to her face-to-face). They are both gushing about the rally in Olympia, Washington to support the Governor.
The Governor of Wisconsin. In order to pass budget-saving legislation he needs the AWOL Democrat legislators to come back from Illinois so they can be out-voted.
The concept of a Republican-generated rally on the steps of the Washington State Capital as a means of influencing Wisconsin Democrats reminds me of Chris Vance.
Following Dino Rossi’s first two victories over Christine Gregoire (on the first and second counts of the 2004 ballot) and his defeat on the third count with “new” ballots the Democrats liked better, Vance, who just happened to be facing the last (and toughest) Republican Chair election of his life, began grandstanding with a plan he called “REVOTE WA!”  The idea of the REVOTE campaign was to get enough Republicans enthusiastically jumping up and down and waving their hands, as it were, that the Democrats in the legislative majority would reverse themselves, change their story, admit they cheated,  throw away their “difficult-to-acheive” victory, dispossess their Governor and say, “Okay, let’s just forget this all happened and vote over again.”

  A State Senator with whom I shared the scheme was incredulous: “He can’t possibly think that would work!?!”  “No,” I said, “he has ulterior motives.” (It was, in fact, nothing more than grandstanding and had no higher objective than getting Vance re-elected.)

I quickly got  four emails related to the Malin/Bosé “support the governor” rally:

  1. from new GOP chair Kirby Wilbur urging our participation today, Wed. 2/23,
  2. from new GOP chair (still Kirby) urging us to notice that the day had changed to Saturday, 2/26,
  3. from a well-know Tea Party Leader adding her effort to grow the numbers, and
  4. the following, anonymously signed, from another Tea Party Leader who has figured out what is going on:


After several events, especially the planning” of the counter-rally for the support of WI Governor, I think it is time to remind people about true TEA Parties.
Tea Parties all over our country rose, from every day Americans that hold basic American beliefs. 
Remember searching for a “TEA Party” at your location?  Remember setting up your first TEA Party? 
Do you remember the enthusiasm on all those faces that really believed that we could make a difference? 
I do.
We rose for Freedom, we rose for fiscal responsibility, we rose for the Republic, we rose for a variety of reasons.   Yes, we rose. 
Masses of Americans just showed up on April 15, 2009.  Some of us showed up weeks before April 15th to coordinate, not to simply participate and certainly not to lead.  Some of us simply “acquired” the job of coordinating without any thought of the responsibility it would become. 
Do you remember how proud we were when we explained that TEA Parties are truly grassroots.
Do you remember how we fought against the Lame Stream media’s description of “astro-turf”?
I remember. 
I think back to the days of squarely defining our TEA Party as a grass roots group of non-partisan Americans.  Yes we “had” to leave every door open so that Americans would get involved, get informed and support our Freedoms.  Yes, I know that some of you are truly entangled in the Republican political party – but many of us never were and continue to maintain the non-partisan stance.
Do you remember the days when we were shocked at the mischaracterization of this people’s movement – the lack of honest reporting? 
I do.
The excitement was there, the battle was on – we rallied, we set up web sites, we sent out action alerts, we organized officially, we organized informally,  some officially, some generally,   but we were ready to win this battle for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations.
I remember that honest commitment of doing something…..because we were right.
Then something crept in. 
Several organizations jumped on the “Tea Party” label to propel their diminished, stale organizations back into the lime light claiming their “solidarity” or their “alliance”.  They wanted the “fresh” start.
Some people incorporated and set up a national organization to “help us” organize.  Others just kept a list for average Americans to find a local TEA Party.
Entrepreneurs even jumped on the tea party name and directly attached it to PACs. 
Some espoused tea party rhetoric to gain admiration, power, and political office or to drive themselves into the limelight, into a paid position, or to demand their 15 minutes of fame. 
Others attached themselves as a way to sell books, DVDs, or to gain tea party support for “their” issue. 
Still even more wanted to capture the movement to simply solicit donations….yes it was clear, they wanted to tap into this fresh enthusiasm. 
Did you stop and ever ask yourself why? 
I did.
Remember when the Lame Stream media “told” us who our leader was?  Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, the Republican Party……
I do. 
Do you remember wanting those official/unofficial Tea Party groups in the ‘National limelight” to just work together and make a single date of action? 
Did you ever wonder why those groups could not get along – long enough to agree on simple top priority issues to work on? 
Did you ever wonder why we were waiting on the official/unofficial Tea Party groups in the ‘National limelight” to be proactive instead of “reactive”? 
Just think of how many times you knew that action was needed, yet you waited…….
I did.
Today I want to know, what happened to this genuine grass roots movement – the people’s movement?  
Leaders – Coordinators – Why is it that we cannot seem to coordinate any state-wide, or national anything without some type of “top-down” group, organization, or person telling us what to do, how to do it, and when to do it?  What happened to the days of knowing that “we” the American people could make a difference?
Some attempted a WA state coordinator telephone conference this year – the emails went out.  Some agreed that it was time – others, well others saw an opportunity to lead this effort.  Is this co-option?  Is this a hijack?
Some put out an email from a national group that called for a counter-rally in support of WI governor.  Some Coordinators sent out the message while others said wait; “we” are working with other state-wide groups to set a date.  So some Coordinators rescinded their first notices….yes we looked good with that mud all over our faces
Did you ask why?  Did you wonder why “we” can’t ever seem to pull off a simple rally without a major debacle?
I did.
Minions Maybe?
Yes, minions.  National organizations, State organization, lime-light individuals, and self-proclaimed leaders already know what this means. 
Maybe you do not know what this means by the word “minion” – but you know its meaning.
They want Minions. 
What are Minions?  Mindless robots that do not want the facts – they just want to know what to do. 
I would compare this to the “leftist machine” that puts out Action Alerts with no education included. 
They do not want to expose the facts.  They want minions, and those that question, those that think, those that take the time to educate themselves will not be useful.   
Today I am questioning those on the “right” as the latest “rally for the WI governor sure looks like they want minions…… Not proactive, freedom loving, self-educated Americans.
Did you ever think that you would be used as a MINION? 
Yes, you the Coordinator, the on-the-ground Leader……..mere minion. 
Don’t make a plan, don’t set up a rally or protest, don’t think…..let those self-proclaimed TEA Party, Political, Conservative organization “LEADERS” tell you what, and when.  Then forward “their” plan to your groups…….”notify the minions” ….yes, the not so new role for the TEA Party Coordinators on the ground.
Did any local Coordinator get asked for their input?  I did not. 
Why is it that we are conceding and being lead down the well-worn path to our own conservative demise? 
Why are so many of the decaying conservative organizations trying to harness the people’s movement? 
Do they help you to grow the local involvement – NO ! That is our job as TEA Party Coordinators to GET THEM MORE MINIONS!
I no longer buy into the defining lie that TEA Parties are “ground up”.  
We are co-opted, hijacked at every turn.   Until we – the bottom rung COORDINATORS – are fully aware of our role in all of this we will continually be used. 
For one, I am not a minion.
So today, I am stating this:
I am a coordinator of an issue-oriented, grass roots, educational, local TEA Party that is trans-partisan, that strives to leave every door open for the possibility of educating everyone that will take the time to listen.
I am an advocate for freedom, for my group, for my children, for my grandchildren.  
I will work tirelessly to maintain a truly grass roots people’s movement that is made powerful through individual accountability – including my own accountability. 
I will recognize that my duty as coordinator is never going to end, and elections will not restore the republic until the culture of being a proud American is restored. 
I recognize that the status of coordinator is merely a title for working diligently, as I fully understand that I must set an example for my group members to be fully educated to confidently address the multitude of issues that we face today. 
I will continue to seek the truth, to educate to this truth and take action every time my freedom is interfered with.  I will strive to empower every citizen through every means made available.  I do not have any illusions as to my power, I have none.  
I am only part of the people’s movement.   It is “We the People” that will rescue American freedom for future generations. 
I will not merely be a minion. 
I am sure that every Coordinator has ideas, information, and an understanding of what is needed – we are an outstanding group of Americans.  It is time to take action, instead of direction.   Yes, we want to set dates, themes, priorities, and above all else, communicate.  So let’s take the time to call it what it is – it is about growing this people’s movement, and not about being used!
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9 years ago

Way excellent! He could be the Tom Paine of our time.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

What appalling arrogance, so typical of elites elitists.
I’m no one’s minion. And woe to anyone who mistakes me for one.

Candance Moore
Candance Moore
9 years ago

I gotta say, we can’t criticize the unions for bussing out-of-state astroturf into Wisconsin if we plan on doing that exact same thing. Going to Wisconsin is none of my business.
Thanks to Doug Parris for keeping it real.