I think someone had an Angel looking after them.


British police officer, Dan Pascoe, has become an instant celebrity after he was caught on tape getting hit by a suspect‘s stolen car, only to jump up and chase the suspect down on foot. ‘Early Show’ anchors Erica Hill and Chris Wragge chat with the officer now being playfully referred to as Robocop.

The famous crash footage rolls as Wragge explains, “He eventually stopped him with a taser.” When asked how he’s feeling, Pascoe replies, “Feeling pretty good. Thankfully I escaped with cuts and bruises, so [I] was back to work in just 7 days.”When asked what he remembers, Pascoe explains, “All I heard was a very loud bang and the next thing I new I was in the air looking down at the ground.” Pascoe says he was dazed for a few moments, but when he saw the suspect running he “clicked back into police mode.”

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Robocop done good!


Wow, definitely an Angel looking over him! Incredible…