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For those of us 53% of Americans that do pay taxes, apparently it’s not enough.  There’s an individual in La Conner, Washington that believes we should voluntarily donate our money to pay off the over $14 TRILLION in national debt.
Ed Baker –  a former small business owner, teacher, and accountant – believes that if you have benefitted from the federal government during the past 30 years, you should be more than happy to cough up some more dough to them. He started a new website, “No U.S. National Debt“, in order to raise funds for our poor widdle federal government.  So far, he’s raised $1,000.  Here’s his plea:
After listening to the rhetoric and political wrangling surrounding the U.S. National Debt, and witnessing the political and social strife happening in debt-laden countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal, Ed Baker came up with an non-partisan idea:
Why don’t the people who have benefitted from the past 10,20, 30 years of American government policies and spending simply give back? “It seems logical that if you have benefited as I have from our federal government over in the past 30 years, it should not be a problem for people to actually pay for the goods and services received by them rather than ask the next generation to pay for our benefits.”
“After all, the debt exists due to money that has already been spent directly on U.S. citizens through federal social programs, infrastructure creation, and other spending such as military campaigns, and foreign aid.”
Non-partisan? Not buying that… Ed Baker agrees with Bill Gates Sr., who supported an income tax initiative for the wealthy in Washington State, I-1098 (which failed by 64% in 2010). Gates feels the wealthy can and should help reduce the burden and cost of government on the poor and struggling middle class.
Even though Gates was proposing a new income tax for the wealthy in Washington State, Baker feels the exact way about the National Debt. “We do not need to have a tax to pay the debt off; those that can, should,” Baker says. Here’s what should be happening Mr. Baker – the government should be cutting their addiction to spending!
Hey Ed, I got a suggestion for you.  Why don’t you start a website entitled, “cutgovtspending.org”? I’d be more than happy to support that effort!


This afternoon I heard local talk show host Dori Monson interview Ed Baker.  It was rather lengthy and Dori challenged him on giving money to a corrupt political and financial system that wastes $0.80 of every dollar.  Couple things Ed said: “You have to give back to your communities. You can’t take that attitude that you’ve paid your fair share so you don’t have to give. Frankly you haven’t. They’ve spent more than you’ve paid (wow, he’s a genius).” Feel free to contribute if you want.  I’ll pass…

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Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?

Ed Baker:”If Our Government had a flock of geese that laid $14 trillion Dollars worth of Golden-Eggs, (per-year), Our Government would still be Short of Money , and would Still would want the Rich to Pay More and More!”
“There is No-Limit to How Much Money Our Government Needs or How Much Our Government Can Spend!”
“History Ed!”…….”Look At Our Government’s Spending History!”


The only problem with mental midgets is they have no concept of what a trillion dollars is. $1000000000000.00 – A trillion is a million million dollars – One million seconds comes out to be about 11½ days. A billion seconds is 32 years. And a trillion seconds is 32,000 years.


Ed is exactly the sort of useful idiot (read dumbass) that government had in mind when it took over education in this country.
I wonder how much of his own cash Ed has coughed up to the IRS voluntarily.
I bet not one red cent.
And the really scary part is that this guy was a teacher.

Jim Satnan

Isn’t Ed Baker the guy who sings “If I only had a brain….” He doesn’t have a problem with government overspending? He doesn’t see himself as a victim of government corruption? What hole did he crawl out of?


Hey Ed! why don’t you take a flying leap off a tall building. Why don’t you go find all the money the govt. has squandered from the taxpayers. Why don’t you go find all the money the past 4 presidents and all of their men have stolen. Bet you might be surprised,we could pay off the debt. It is coming you just wait. While your at it,check all the big bankers Ed. You will find it.