I Saw It On The Internet So It Must Be True.

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You should see the Jackalope that got away!

You should see the Jackalope that got away!


My faith in Internet stories has been restored. Finally, some honesty in big buck hunting stories. Above is a picture of the new world record whitetail buck.
 It was taken by the cousin of a co-worker’s sister’s uncle’s best friend’s son-in-law’s niece‘s hairdresser’s neighbor’s ex-boyfriend’s oldest nephew.
Reportedly it will score 2603-1/8 by B&C standard and was shot in West Texas on a really windy day, 85 degrees downhill, around a curve at 900 yards with a .22 cal. rifle.
Supposedly, this deer had killed a Brahma bull, two Land Rovers, and six Jehovah’s Witnesses in the last two weeks alone. They said it was winning a fight with Bigfoot when it was shot.
It has also been confirmed that the buck had been seen drinking discharge water from a nuclear power plant. All this has been checked and confirmed by my friends at Snopes.con
Honestly and Sincerely, 

~Steve~                                  H/T  hujonwi

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  1. Say, that middle initial ‘H’, does it stand for ‘Honest’ or ‘Horse shit’?

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    nice antlers!

  3. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve seen around here in years!” Jim Morrison commented. “Elvis and Bruce Lee were floored, too!”

  4. Anon, now that was funny..

  5. very funny, your little story 🙂 have a great day!

  6. monicasicoe, glad you got a laugh. We try and do a little funny too..
    All work and no play makes for dull times. Cheers, Steve.


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