I rest my case…

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0 responses to “I rest my case…

  1. Meat is essential, along with some fats and WINE…

  2. This is great news! I think I’ll go eat a Yodel and drink a beer.

  3. “Beef….It’s what’s for dinner!” wrapped in bacon.

  4. I, politely and respectfully, beg to disagree.
    Genetics (hereditary) account for a lot of how well we age. The gaunt woman in Pic #1 is an Anglo-Saxon with skin that doesn’t age well; the glowing woman in Pic #2 is a Mediterranean with more sun-protective melanin in her olive complexion.
    I can find other photos of vegetarian vs. meat-eating women which make the exactly opposite case. An example of the latter is the bloated and blowsy Paula Deen before she admitted she’s diabetic and before she went on a diet and lost weight. Here’s a pic of Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), a vegetarian, in 2009 at age 58:
    I’m a seafood-eating vegetarian for moral reasons, because of the corporate meat industry’s appalling and cruel-beyond-belief treatment of chickens, pigs, and cows, confined in cages so small their entire lives that they can’t even turn around. Just imagine the copious amount of stress hormones that these poor animals emit, which you are consuming along with the antibiotics and growth hormones that are pumped into their bodies. Those of you who’ve seen my pics know that I don’t look gaunt, sickly, or old beyond my years. I also take vitamin B-12 every morning. If you go vegetarian, make sure you take B-12!

    • Omg yes yes yes! My entire family is Celtic/Norwegian with very fair skin, 100% of us have blue eyes, most of us have blond hair, and I hate my blond eyelashes that no one can see unless I wear mascara! With makeup I get compliments on the size and color of my eyes, but seriously, without makeup they look washed-out and no different from boy eyes! I never understood the constant obsession people have with lighter coloring. Some oriental women bleach their hair and it ends up looking this atrocious brick color that clashes with their skin. Which is more exciting, a blank sheet of white paper or one that has been colored with crayons?! I was just looking at the Mediterranean lady with envy! I am however attracted to blond/blue-eyed men!

    • I get my B vitamins from Rockstar energy drinks!

    • Which is exactly why I’m liberating them by swallowing them! 😀

    • I love the strong taste of beef! Of course venison is an excellent substitute! It has the same type of strong taste, I think better, and is lean! My father and brothers and their friends hunt on my parents’ copious 286 acres. You think you would eat that? That way there’s no cruelty and you don’t get the nasty hormones and preservatives, right?!?!

      • Julia, what is your point? I thought America is a free country and conservatives champion individual liberty? If so, why is there such HOSTILITY against people who choose to eschew meat-eating, FOR WHATEVER REASON? I didn’t put up a post dissing vegetarians for no discernible reason. I merely reacted with a comment giving some of the reasons why I don’t eat meat, which is a very personal choice, nor have I ever preached vegetarianism or dissed meat-eating.
        The Hollywood crowd didn’t invent vegetarianism. A plant-based diet has a long history, stretching back to antiquity, and was embraced by many thoughtful people, including Saints. Are you (the collective “you”) going to pour your hostility and disdain on these vegetarians?:
        Plato, Pythagoras, John the Baptist, John the Divine (who wrote the Book of Revelation), Saint Matthew (Apostle and Evangelist), Confucius, Buddha, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Gustav Mahler, Leo Tolstoy, and since you say you’re a Protestant — Martin Luther.

  5. Weston A Price Foundation advocates a traditional diet. But the difference is that the meats do not come from CAFOs they are grass fed beef, pastured chickens and pork and such.. not all meat comes from those deplorable conditions. There are many small farmers that put their heart and soul into their farms and animals.. Many are Patriots and Christians. I recently have had the honor of talking to many of them in my state and praying with and for some of them while working on a volunteer project. This year has been especially hard on many with the drought. Sorry this got OT.

    • I’ve got the Nourishing Traditions book by Sally Fallon from Weston A. Price Foundation. It’s got a wealth of wisdom packed into it.
      The diabetes specialist, Dr. Richard Bernstein, recommends the Atkins Phase I low carb diet-high protein and good fats as the best diet to maintain blood sugar. He did a recent interview on the Peoples Pharmacy that’s available as a downloadable MP3 file at:

  6. I’m omnivorous ,myself….God certainly designed an amazing body
    that could thrive and adapt to just about any fuel we could stuff
    into it….I look forward to ‘angel food cake’ 🙂

  7. Either way I cannot live w/o my medium rare steak, Beef fajitas, fully loaded hamburger….I could go on forever! 😀

    • I love beef and was craving it for supper Wednesday of last week, but chose to eat at Chick-fil-A instead to support them on the Appreciation Day!

  8. No, actually there is one more item in the file that was not mentioned, a spirit of love.

  9. nuff said! lol! 🙂

  10. Great article, DCG! I agree that diet is somewhat important but there are a whole BUNCH of things to factor in too. When I was 51 and working I often had people tell me I looked 35; then when I was 52 life kicked me in the teeth, knocked me down, and didn’t let up. I don’t get compliments EVER now and when I pass a mirror it’s a scary experience. It wasn’t my diet that changed, it was my circumstances. Sooo…I guess my advice is don’t get too attached to your outer looks and spend more time improving what’s on the inside…that’s what gets you through the tough times.

    • You are a very wise woman, Moxie!

    • So true, moxie!
      Physical beauty is very very fleeting. Just look at some of the best looking movie stars, female and male, e.g., Gene Tierney, Rita Hayworth, and Peter O’Toole. All three were breathtakingly beautiful in their youth, but faded quickly. Their physical beauty was very ephemeral — in their 20s.


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