The Kissing Magic Trick

Ok, this guy is good. His name is Stuart Edge, and his magic looks good and has fun doing it.  LOL


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0 responses to “The Kissing Magic Trick

  1. Very good Steve . This guy is sly .I thought I had him figured out a couple of times . It’s probably easy and I’m putting way too much thought into it. It’s got to be a slight-of-hand thing going on .
    Gotta hand it to him in one respect . Nice way to introduce yourself to lovely young ladies . If you have to work for a living , might as well enjoy it .

  2. japoa, I’m sure it’s a simple sleight of hand and palms the card.
    I hate magic cause it makes me crazy trying to figure it out…LOL
    Good clean friendly way to get a smooch and introduce yourself. I’m sure with his confidence he’ll go far in life. LOL


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