I love this billboard!

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H/t beloved Tina.

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0 responses to “I love this billboard!

  1. It’s on its way ’round the world!

  2. Clearly, as my departed mum would have told me, these clods were standing behind the door when God was handing out brains….

  3. brilliant!

  4. That’s what I have always said about obamas mother if she is his mother.

  5. Where’s Pelosi? Is that her sitting next to Holder, BEFORE surgery?

  6. …I’ve been tempted to make ONE exception to post term
    abortion,and that would be one it’s greatest proponents…
    how old is Barry ,anyway ?

  7. Seriously, it’s too bad conservatives can’t magically get a lot of power and then vacuum all their brains out like they have imposed on millions of innocent children.


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