Nancy Grace says “F**king coons”

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Nancy Grace rails against Zimmerman’s “hatred” for Trayvon; insists Zimmerman said “F**king Coons.”

Guess what, Nancy? It does not say “Coons.”

Even CNN, not wanting to be sued, has brought in an audio expert to clean up tape. 

Pay attention at the 1:00 mark of this tape of the 911 call:

Zimmerman clearly said, “It’s fking cold,” not “fking coons.”

Nancy, you’re a race baiting pig.

~Steve~                Now I’m done on this topic. I think….


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0 responses to “Nancy Grace says “F**king coons”

  1. CNN couldn’t crowd in front of the camera fast enough in their desire to exploit this verdict. What weasels.

  2. Consider the source .

  3. I’m so disappointed in Nancy Grace. I had thought her to be a serious person.

  4. How soon they forget Zimmerman is Hispanic, Jewish, and black and the man tutored black kids for free on weekends. What a bunch of worthless slugs.

  5. Court + Jury + Verdict = JUSTICE!

  6. I love when I come across sites like these….bunch of barnyard inbred, cousin fucking, sheep’s asshole dwelling racist….I just LOVE it!

    • I love when trolls come across our site to spew hate instead of addressing the actual blog post…bunch of name-calling, swearing, and uninformed trolls. I just LOVE it!

    • I doubt your government “educated” ass could define the term ‘racist’ correctly if your miserable life depended on it.

      Normally, I would yank an intellectually deficient post such as yours just as soon as I saw it.

      But I think I will leave it up just so that people can see what true ignorance looks like.

      It’s functionally illiterate igoranuses like yourself that are the reason nobody with an IQ above freezer temperature takes the ‘racism’ charge seriously anymore.

      BTW: Your reading comprehension skills positively suck.


    • “The dumbest, most close-minded and mean spirited people in all of politics are inevitably liberals who are convinced they’re brilliant, open-minded and compassionate because they call themselves liberals.” –John Hawkins

  7. I’ve been a transcriptionist for decades. In the absence of anything more technical/objective than “enhancement” and what various people *think* they are hearing, NO ONE *knows* what is being said on the 911 tape. Let me tell you, in the medical profession, if you could possibly interpret that “CWOWZ” as coon, Coumadin, Coreg, Cozaar or “cold,” pick the wrong one and someone could be dead. You learn sure from not sure, fast. That word — and the “F” one — could be anything. Me, I don’t hear it. Anyone else?

  8. P.S.: I’m not saying it isn’t there, just that I don’t hear it. You wouldn’t believe what simple words get twisted into by bad pronunciation or garbled recording, or how different people hear different things. If the recording isn’t clear, it’s worthless as evidence. I can’t believe anyone would claim to *know* what that word salad was, much less use it as evidence in a murder trial.

  9. Too bad they aren’t using the same amount of energy looking into the history of Trayvon and his life of crime and thuggery and the exculpatory evidence withheld from the defense. Amazing. Then you have the crooked States General that fired the man that blew the whistle on her office’s withholding the evidence. He is a hero.

  10. I love that TM had burglery tools and booty in his backpack (at another time), but that was “irrelevant” to the jury, since GZ “couldn’t have known that.” No, but the man has good instincts; he sure knew something.

  11. Sorry, can’t help myself. Bill Cosby, who is usually right on the money, said if GZ hadn’t had a gun, he wouldn’t have been bold enough to approach TM. Right, he’d have been afraid of him in his own backyard.

    I wonder what would have happened to someone not as big or male or armed as GZ who stumbled upon little Trayvon and asked him what he was doing that night.

    • Well, since TM had a history of beating up a bus driver and he and his thugs beat up an elderly white man while filming it, I would say the chances of someone ending very injured or dead that night was in the cards.

  12. Nancy Grace was so obnoxious during the Casey Anthony case, but at least she was correct that Anthony was scum even while the delivery of the info was annoying. Now that she is attacking someone innocent I have such concept for her. Just because you used to be a prosecutor doesn’t mean you should agree with prosecuting anyone anywhere for any reason! What a stupid bitch. Trayvon Martin was a disgusting thug.

  13. Confusing that one race believes freedom of speech only applies to their musicians, comedians and people. FL is part of the USA and freedom of speech applies there. Our country is being lead away from Liberty and Justice for All and the Consequence =s Communism (Government Slaves for All).

  14. Why would George Zimmerman be racist when he is part black himself?
    It was reported once on a TV news show, so I looked it up. Turns out his Great Grandfather was black.

  15. Yep, ole DissGrace has been running off the rails (love that!) for quite a while. In fact, I can’t remember that she was ever nice. I truly believe she has been overtaken by a dark spirit. Who/what is giving her a free ride to run so roughshod over everything and everyone she doesn’t like? Paula Deen admitting that she used the N word 20 years ago, and she gets run over by the Aljesse train and is gone, career and reputation ruined, and there’s DissGrace doing her dirties every night for years, screaming at us and daring us to have our own thoughts….Yeah, something’s not quite right here!


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