“I kill white people like you”

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If a white person had threatened “I kill black people like you” in a passenger plane, which led to the plane discontinuing its flight, it would be all over the alphabet TV news.

But since it’s a black who menacingly said “I kill white people like you” to a white woman, this news appeared only on The Smoking Gun and an embedded link on Drudge Report.

Lashonda WilliamsLashonda Lee Williams, 43

The Smoking Gun reports that on June 1, 2014, as United Airlines flight 4205 was taking off from Nashville, 43-year-old Lashonda Lee Williams was yakking on her cell phone.

K. Colleen Coult, 50, who was sitting next to Williams, asked her to “turn off her cell phone due to the aircraft being in flight,” according to a court affidavit.

In reply, Williams allegedly said “I kill white people like you,” and further threatened Coult by saying she would follow Coult upon reaching Houston “and find out where she lived.” The comments “created fear in Coult for her safety,” the affidavit notes.

A United flight attendant told police that Williams’s statements “were causing anxiety and fear throughout the cabin,” which resulted in the plane returning to Nashville’s airport, where police arrested Williams for assault.

After being booked into the Davidson County jail, Williams, a Houston resident, was released on $3000 bond. She is scheduled for a June 25 County Court appearance.

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0 responses to ““I kill white people like you”

  1. One more whacko in our bizarro world….

  2. Reblogged this on Liberty Watcher.

  3. Lashonda
    Kinda just says it all doesn’t it.?

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. This is the attitude that has been fueled by the king and his administration, clear racism against white people.

  5. traildustfotm

    President Lucifer has been sending out green light signals to all the black racists since he got into office. This idiot feels empowered to issue threats.

  6. Are you sure this is a woman? Looks awfully mannish to me!

  7. This is part of the “eboneese” culture. While the desire to banish all traits of biased and prejudiced societies have long been a desire in the United States, it is actually the “Black” culture that continues to teach and proliferate the division between white and black. In some tribes in the Black communities if you are not speaking and acting “the part” you are severely ostracized. This woman evidently comes from one of those tribes. While I have not spent much time among all the different tribes in America, I have been fortunate enough to have some friends to “translate” enough of it to at least get the context of the interactions. Personally, I find it deplorable, and without merit to improving ones life. It only stands to decrease their options and opportunities to improve by continuing a violent and obvious biased to all other cultures.

  8. traildustfotm

    Time for some gratuitous humor:


    • This will be the norm in every city town and village in the former USA. The globalists of which Obunghole is a puppet, this is their dream, destroy western civilization. SO far they are succeeding unchallenged by whites or other non negroid races

      To be honest I never considered myself raycist but I see this behavior daily wherever negroes are present, they just do not act human and civilized
      Is it me or do I clearly see satan in the eyes and mouths of these creatures

  9. The loud mouths always try to provoke incite an incident. Notice the number of folks who stood by and did not get involved. These children received an abject lesson on how to behave toward whites and those in authority. The time to get this under control and teach a lesson had better come soon or many people many suffer the consequences.

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  12. Hey Steven! I looked up her name to see what it meant. I guess I might have expected it to mean something dark and foreboding… nope… God is gracious.

    …wow, did not see that one coming!

  13. I agree, pnordman–was going to say “she” sure looks like a guy.

  14. Dave ComeNGetSum

    Bring it.
    You might find not all “White People” (I don’t f’ckn care what color you think I am) Die too easy. Might be like thinking you was steppin on a cockroach and finding your foot knee deep in a Gators mouth…
    Follow me home – EVEN BETTER!
    I am extraordinarily well equipped to deal with you and ALL YO Homies… Out of the Gators mouth, into the Crocodile Pit –
    So please “miss I kill white people like you” – consider this an engraved invitation to follow us home…
    Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.


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