I Hope London is Ready

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I don’t know how many of you are aware that this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the 1972 Munich Olympics where the Munich Massacre took place. Palestinian terrorists took nine Israeli athletes, coaches and officials hostage, two were killed almost immediately and the others were killed later during a rescue attempt.
Here we are 40 years later and after doing some checking and a little investigating, I’m beginning to get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and things are starting to add up.
1. Olympic park is only about 2.6 miles from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets which according to the London census of 2001 had the largest Muslim population of all the London Buroughs at 71,389.
2. On July 7, 2005, the day after London won its bid for the 2012 Olympics, London suffered its first terrorist bombing and attempted bombings again in 2005 and 2007, this century. I don’t believe these were a coincidence but rather an early test of London’s security, granted these attacks took place years ago but what better way to lure their police and security forces into a false sense of security.
3. This year for the first time ever, Saudi Arabia is allowing its women to compete in the Olympics and seeing that more suicide attacks are being carried out by women recently, I believe this is just a little too convenient.
I sincerely hope I’m wrong and that this feeling I’m having  is just the result of an over active imagination.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “I Hope London is Ready

  1. “London suffered it’s first terrorist bombing,” translated, Tom, reads “London suffered it is first terrorist bombing.” I don’t know if that will help you in the future, but DO sound it out with what it would say without the apostrophe. The apostrophe, in this case, stands for the missing letter “i.” For some reason, in recent years, people are misusing this more and more, I suspect because it is not being taught in elementary school, as it used to be.
    Otherwise, an excellent post! Thank you so much. I think your insights and comments are spot-on.

    • I’m a conservative Christian and don’t see anything wrong with RESPECTFULLY pointing out the correct tense of “its” versus “it’s.”
      I know of people who think that math is the only concept that matters when it comes to intellect and level of education. I have an aunt who is a retired math teacher, and rightly complained when a therapist who was working with my Down Syndrome brother called a hexagon (six sides) an “octagon” (eight sides.) But this same aunt thinks we’re all silly for thinking good spelling and grammar matter. She pronounces a Christmas wreath “reef”, and complained about a male student showing up at school having holes in what she PRONOUNCED as the “crouch” of his pants (instead of crotch.)
      It gets under my skin to see people use possessive “your” for the contraction “you’re,” or vice-verse. Or the incorrect “to” versus “too” versus “two.” Or “their” versus “there” versus “they’re.”
      The whole point in the apostrophe is to combine two words, “you are” equals “you’re,” “they are” equals “they’re”, etc. There’s no reason to think that “you’re” is possessive when it’s obvious what the apostrophe is for, that you wouldn’t say “I like you are dress”, or “They are car is new.”

  2. Oh, and in case I wasn’t clear, the correct word would be “its.” Just in case someone couldn’t figure that out.

    • catscanner150

      My apologies, I forgot to do a spell check and I didn’t catch it when I went back through and reread it before I posted it.

      • Good for you! However, you still missed the other TWO misuses of “it’s” in your article! Spell-check is good, but the reasons I gave the “lesson” in usage was so it was in your brain as you typed from now on. It will take a while to retrain your brain to pause and think: “Is this ‘it is’ or ‘its’?” Until you do, spell-check won’t catch it. Unfortunately, especially on conservative sites, people WILL judge you by the words you use, and we know liberals will laugh up their sleeves about the Neanderthal conservatives and how they can’t even spell, let alone think. THAT is why *I* think it is important we get these things right. To others, they think I am nit-picking.

        • Laura Vale,
          How nice of you to come on FOTM and your first comments are about grammar.
          If you think fixing the “it’s/its” problem will stop the Left from calling Conservatives uneducated, stupid, ignorant, toothless, racist redneck Neanderthals, then you’re living in fantasy land. When has the truth or facts ever stopped them?
          And, yes, while I never make the it’s/its mistake myself and despite having been driven half-mad by too many of my university students making that mistake, I do think you are nit-picking. I choose to focus on and appreciate the passion in Tom’s posts, instead.

          • I am QUITE conservative and have been for some time, defending it against some very rabid “haters,” who happen to be friends. In some cases, over time, I HAVE swayed them to the conservative point of view, with great difficulty.
            In my dealings with liberal friends, who feel free to vent their hatred toward conservatives because I actually listen to them, I hear remarks that are totally illogical and fueled by hatred and venom. These are comments we’ve all heard, about how we are “mean-spirited,” etc. But also I hear comments about our stupidity, how we cannot even speak correctly, let alone even spell.
            So, yes, I nit-pick.
            What surprises me is YOUR reaction, YOUR hatred and YOUR venom toward me, when it is obvious what my intent was. As either a physician or Ph.D. (which I assume from YOUR usage of “Dr.”), your lack of kindness or UNDERSTANDING of my intent is appalling! What on earth did I do to deserve THAT? Correct someone’s misuse of a word so that that INTELLIGENT person would not appear ignorant to a liberal? Oh, heaven forbid!
            But thank you so much for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it.

            • I suggest you direct your “know it all energy-to a worth while cause”. cheese and crackers! put your negative B.S. where it will count. B.S. stands for Bull Shit-in case you didn’t know.

              • Oh, my! ANOTHER kind comment from a lovely person on this site! Are you SURE this is a CONSERVATIVE site? Hmmm. While my comments were constructive, yours are…what, exactly? Now that makes TWO comments from people to whom my original comments were not even directed.

                • lowtechgrannie

                  This is a CONSERVATIVE blog for a community of imperfect human beings, long out of school. We do not submit our posts as term papers for arbitrary correction by any dill pickle that lands on this site. If you require a community of Grammarian/Punctuationists, go somewhere else.

                  • Well said, grannie!

                  • To GrouchY Fogie (and others):
                    Oh, that was SOOO difficult. It MUST have taxed your brain for you to ultimately be so pleased with the outcome! Having a few degrees and being a member of Mensa and similar groups, I can understand your glee! What accomplishment!
                    However, since this group really can’t get past grammar, I shall move on and not bother you any more. You obviously “don’t need no education.”
                    From the degree of venom my comment has generated (in spite of my compliment of and agreement with Tom’s statement), I clearly have stumbled into THE group of people that actually prove the liberals’ “conservative Neanderthals” comment correct. Imagine that.
                    And “Dr.,” (used in quotes purposefully) indeed, YOU are the one that can dish it out and not take it.
                    IF there had been an area to comment privately with Tom, I would have availed myself of that option – but alas, there was not.
                    I notice Tom has not entered this fray, and I don’t have the feeling he took it as an insult, only a help in making his article read more articulately. Indeed, he made the corrections without comment, and his delightful and accurate article is now even more powerful. But I doubt you naysayers would even notice that effect.
                    Do not bother even responding to this last comment from me. There are too many other conservative sites where I enjoy reading articles written by educated, literate people. There’s no further need for me to be slumming it with the likes of you.
                    Au revoir. (You MAY need to look that up, Grouchy Fogie!)

                    • “Au revoir. (You MAY need to look that up, Grouchy Fogie!)”
                      Thank you for proving the point I’ve been making that you are an insufferable supercilious prig. I pity your friends and family — the few who actually tolerate you.

                    • When we need an over-zealous English paper grader, we’ll hire one.
                      Now bugger off, troll.

                • “Now that makes TWO comments from people to whom my original comments were not even directed.”
                  We watch each other’s back and are very protective of our unpaid writers and long-time commenters who have become like family. An attack on one is an attack on all. But I don’t really expect you to understand that, as you are just way too perfect a being, living up there in the puffy celestial clouds.

            • My hatred and venom? Wow. Talk about over-reacting.
              I did not react to your first comment correcting Tom’s little error. I reacted AFTER he’d graciously accepted your criticism, but you then re-doubled your criticism and rubbed his face in it.
              You sure are good at dishing it out, lecturing to Tom like he’s a schoolboy still wearing shorts, but you can’t take even the slightest criticism of your schoolmarmish attitude. FOTM is not the California court house, and you are not a court recorder here.
              And pray tell, why were you expecting a “warm welcome”? Do you think you’re entitled to one? You really are funny! 😀

              • Thank you, Dr Eowyn, LTG and Grouchy for your support and coming to my defense. I have read Ms. Vales comments and I take them with a grain of salt. I know I make typos sometimes(probably more often than not) and I also know that liberals will nit pick spelling and grammar because they cannot debate the facts. If Ms. Vale is a Conservative as she says she is, then I welcome her to our blog and just ask that she be a little less critical of the patriots here.
                We are just average America loving Conservatives who have a passion for our country and we try to put that passion into words that attempt to sway opinion. Speaking for myself, I sometimes get so wrapped up in a post that I make mistakes and this might seem corny but I get excited knowing that complete strangers might read my posts and they might pass it on to others. Just the thought that something I wrote and posted might be read by someone that could actually have influence in the world is an exciting prospect.

  3. I’ve heard of major security issues with the Olympics. Lots of conspiracy stuff and possible false flag event. I guess we’ll see.

  4. Tom, you are not alone in feeling what you do. The scenarios are endless. The Cabal is evil, along with everyone associated with them.

  5. lowtechgrannie

    Thank you for posting this, Tom. It certainly could happen again.

  6. I have a bad feeling about the London Olympics, and have for some time – primarily because they are being held in a city the world will soon come to know as Londonistan.

  7. Rumor (on the internet) has it, that there will be a (nuke?) bombing in the closing ceremony of the Olympics and that it will be blamed on muslim terrorists. And then somehow Iran gets involved, Israel comes along and all hell breaks loose. Lets pray none of this will happen.

  8. when i read its i always hear the “the liberty bell march” and start to remember the beginning of the show “monty pythons flying circus”

  9. Dear Ms. Snotty Vale,
    Reading your initial introduction: “I am QUITE conservative and have been for some time, defending it against some very rabid “haters,” who happen to be friends.” I believe the “have been for some time” and “who happen to be friends” statements give you away. I recommend you confine your squeaky clean assumed superior grammar sleuthing skills to those liberal websites that are more deserving of your harassment. Oh, I think that last sentence was too long, don’t you? Goodbye.

  10. I think all will go along smoothly since the muslims have consolidated their presence in the U.K. as a result of the PC virus; therefore, it would probably not be in their interests, at this time, to disturb the status quo.

  11. The Olympics is an arena for the globalist serpent/sun worshipers to build their power base on. The best thing the people of this world could do, not to watch this pagan event. I googled 27/7 (the Olympics start on July 27) and it came up with a Bible Passage Matthew 27:7 “so they decided to use the money to buy a potters field as a burial place for foreigners” then google “olympics” & “potters field” and it says, “Head to the Olympic festival at Potters Fields to take part in all the buzz and excitement of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games” The potters field in Scripture is the field the evil pharisees bought with the BLOOD money for Christ returned to them by Judas, who then hung himself. WOW!! Chills. Something bad’s goin down soon.

    • Grouchy,
      I’m much more cynical than you are. The Left will just blame us — the West. It’s false flag! Jews are really behind it! The West deserves it because of Iraq-Afghan wars!


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