I hate brown rice cutlets too…

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I prefer pizza too!

LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu

CBS Los Angeles: The revamped school lunches at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) have won awards, commending them for improving the menu at the second largest school district in the nation. Too bad the students don’t agree.
Rejecting healthful alternatives like vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles, students are throwing them in the trash by the thousands, bringing junk food from home and buying instant noodles and other decidedly unhealthy fare from the “black markets” that have begun to thrive at campuses across the district, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Now, cartons of plain milk are being thrown away en masse, unopened, along with uneaten entrees. Participation in the school lunch program has dropped by thousands of students, who are ditching lunch and are suffering from hunger-related ailments.
The complaints have been heard and LAUSD is planning changes to the menu, the Times reports. Burgers and (healthy) pizza are coming back, and dishes like quinoa salads and brown rice cutlets are out.
L.A. Unified serves 650,000 meals daily.
Ruh, roh…what is Queen Michelle going to say about this? Wonder if she’ll be okay with them serving french fries since that’s one of her favorite foods.
Just when is the government going to realize you can’t change people’s behaviors?  Shoot, parents have a hard enough time doing that with their own kids!  Thankfully the LAUSD will bring back food kids want to eat so they aren’t starving.  And you know LAUSD will be happier too when there’s more cash coming in from a higher lunch program participation!

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0 responses to “I hate brown rice cutlets too…

  1. me thinks “wide load” michelle has no business telling others what to eat,every time she steps back an alarm goes off.

  2. they are gonna make “an angry black woman” yeah! there should be a lesson in this for the commies.#1 Get out of America,#2 Mind your own business.

  3. Let the Children be Children. That phase of life is so short and they should be allowed a certian amount of love, and play. They must not be made ‘Wards of State’ via ‘Communist Mandate’!

  4. Political correctness meets kids…

  5. I grew up in poverty, so few things anger me as much as seeing good food being just thrown away. Taxpayer-paid school lunches should be abolished. Period.
    Having said that, I like brown rice. 😀

  6. I like brown rice too; but children’s palates are not as developed as ours; and many children who are not accustomed to these foods at home; are not great candidates for eating this at school either. There are ways to make typical lunch fare more healthy; without going to such crazy lengths.
    What concerns me is a child who will go without rather than eat something they really hate at school; when that might be the only substantial meal of the day for the child. Children need their calories for energy, most especially the protein from meat and cheese for brain food, during the day when they are most active. People can disagree with me all they want; but I think the radical choices the powers that be made were ridiculous; and they wasted their time, our tax money; and put the kids off. I wish those with the power and nutritional expertise woudl use some common sense.
    Further, for most people, children included; it’s the after school and late night snacking, processed foods; that are the culprits in most obesity.

  7. Psst! Hey, kid, wanna buy some Doritos?

  8. I was reading (somewhere!) that the embiggening of America
    might be due to the habit of “eating poor”…that is to say :
    eating habits of consuming cheap and filling “junk” food isn’t
    easily changed because “good food” just doesn’t taste right
    or familiar to the palate ( if it doesn’t come out of a can or isn’t
    the inexpensive brand like mama used…it just can’t be good)
    and that it’s more the resistance to change than the lack of
    alternative nutrition that chains us to over processed convenience

    • All the healthy foods are being shipped out of country. Quality/healthy foods raised in America are so expensive that 80% of Americans cannot afford them. A friend in Beijing, China buys leg of lamb (raised in Oregon) for 1/3 of what it costs in Oregon. Prime ribeye steaks from Texas are are sold for 1/3 what they cost in America. Some one is striking some real fine deals with China. Maybe this is some kind of international money laundering.
      This situation has been created to make the American public to blame for their cheap food consuming practices?
      Washington is milking us like a herd of cows!


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